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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,750
I came across this Proposition in my book, and I know it's something really simple that I'm missing, but I can't seem...
Aug7-09 08:51 AM
1 1,464
Hello, Problem, let B={a_1,a_2,a_3} be a basis for C^3 defined by a_1=(1,0,-1) a_2=(1,1,1) a_3=(2,2,0) Find the...
Jul26-12 03:12 PM
0 580
Hey all. I'm not too sharp on linear algebra. I've done a first year university course on it, but that was a couple...
Jan10-11 01:15 PM
1 753
everything i have to prove seems impossible then i see it done and it seems so easy any help on starting a...
Feb22-06 04:03 AM
matt grime
7 1,575
I don't know if the book or I'm the one is the problem . Last day, I borrowed a book titled Linear Algebra, 2nd...
Sep24-09 05:39 AM
10 4,980
I just finished Differential Equations, and I know how to find eigenvalues/eigenvectors, and I understand how to use...
Mar1-11 03:19 PM
29 17,029
It's like a riddle thinger.. If 9 times 9 is 7 10 times 9 is 9 10 times 8 is 8 8 time 8 is 2 What is 9 times...
Mar23-04 01:09 PM
3 1,776
I don't know how to make a thesis, how to present it, and my mathematical expression may be terrible. But who...
Nov22-10 08:35 AM
2 1,197
i dont get the point of pseudovectors. the only example I ever see is the cross product, and their reasoning is that...
Aug21-09 11:47 AM
7 4,102
Let V be a complex inner product space and T a self-adjoint linear operator on V. I'm trying to show a + iTa = b +...
Dec12-09 01:10 PM
2 1,171
I was studying (yet another) number theory problem, described here: Prove that the equation x^3+y^3+z^3+t^3=1999...
Feb17-12 02:58 PM
24 3,640
i am puzzled about the method of finding the Im in one axample i see the method of thaking the column withound the...
Feb9-08 09:06 AM
0 1,387
alsalam alekum hi i need a help in some question i try but i can not solve it i have a final exam...
Dec10-06 02:07 PM
9 2,291
rank(A+B)>=min{rank(A),rank(B)},which holds for allA,B in positive semidefinite matrix
Apr3-09 09:01 PM
0 1,040
Let be PI(x) the prime number counting function ,i have discovered an integral representation for it the integral is...
Feb12-05 03:07 PM
21 6,143
hi, i have only basic knowledge of number theory, but would like to know a hell lot, like maths major level or...
Mar9-11 10:53 PM
6 2,100
Every prime number > 3 could be written as a sum of a prime number and a power of two. p,q are primes, n is...
Nov11-08 11:28 PM
93 10,827
Apr30-05 03:29 AM
21 2,262
So, I'm trying to self-teach myself Abstract Algebra, and this idea of cosets is killing me, and I'm not completely...
Sep12-11 09:24 AM
9 2,801
Hi, I've spent dozen of hours searching by my-self and dozen of hours searching on the Web. Now I need help. Who...
Nov30-04 05:39 PM
6 2,649
First and foremost, let's get something straight before I post my proof: I'm not enrolled in any classes. I don't...
May7-09 09:17 AM
14 2,723
I thought the definition of a field was the set of all real numbers plus addition and multiplication (or whatever the...
May8-12 04:58 PM
7 1,520
Hello, I need help in this two quetion. Please, show me all the steps to solve them. 1- Find the distence from a...
May18-09 02:57 PM
2 1,084
I need help proving if a + a = 0 then a = 0. Thanks!
Jul13-04 04:08 PM
1 1,451
Hi i need help to prove this theory: GCD(n.m)=1 <=> GCD((2^n)-1,(2^m)-1)=1 n,m real numbers
Dec17-08 10:33 PM
robert Ihnot
3 1,603
Hi, can somebody help me out with this question: A car is stuck on the side of the road and the driver has only a...
Sep22-04 02:12 PM
2 1,064
what are the range of values of k that gives the equation (k+1)x^2+4kx+9=0 ...I work it out :confused: ...please help
Oct5-04 07:52 PM
34 2,663
The Farey sequence F_n (F subscript n) for any positive integer n is the set of irreducible rational numbers a/b with...
Apr13-11 02:17 PM
Bill Simpson
5 2,088
Alright. As stated in the title above. So, a subspace is a set of vectors that satisfies: 1) It contained the zero...
Mar8-09 04:24 PM
8 9,319
We have: z = (2^(mn) - 1)/, where (2^m - 1) and (2^n - 1) are prime numbers. Prove that (2^m - 1) and (2^n - 1) are...
Nov21-10 05:50 AM
1 972
I know how to use determinants to solve a system of linear equations, I know I can use them to find the rank of a...
Jul18-12 06:51 AM
5 1,136
For an exercise, I want to axiomatize sudoku. I've came up with the definition of the sudoku puzzle in mathematical...
Mar18-11 07:23 PM
1 978
I have the following equation: (k(x)*g(x)')'=p*g(x) where k(x) = k(x+T) -- k(x) is a known periodical function...
Mar10-10 07:47 AM
1 945
i was reading simon singh's the code book. it describes different systems of cryptography. but what i wanted to know...
Feb6-06 02:37 AM
7 3,758
I was searching for the definition of localization of a ring . I came across the definition given at ...
Mar9-08 05:05 PM
1 1,120
I was wondering what Q/Z, or the rational numbers modulo the integers. I am struggling to visualize what the cosets...
Apr22-09 09:18 PM
2 1,188
I wont to learn the logic behind a determinant, the math isnít so hard you do that then you do that, you donít need to...
Sep5-04 11:00 AM
4 2,408
You can find many texts and web pages that teach elementary algebra and say they are only dealing with the real...
Mar31-11 11:29 AM
10 2,570
hello. I'm creating an ifc importer. I'm creating some simple beam with rotation about X , about Y and about Z....
Mar5-12 05:26 AM
0 708
This is an interesting type of number series I found. I have no idea if it's good for anything, but somehow it's...
Dec18-10 11:39 AM
1 1,921

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