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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,407
Well heres the question: Find 'X' where 'AX = ' 6 8 4 and 'A = ' 1 2 4 3 1 2 0 2 4 Now i would go...
Apr15-04 04:29 AM
matt grime
3 1,620
Have you seen this argument? If sqrt(2) = p/q is in lowest terms, then also 2/1 = p^2/q^2 is in lowest terms. Since...
Mar12-05 06:21 PM
11 1,620
hi,i got 2 question about vector spaces : 1. Do the set of all n-tuples of real numbers of the form (x, x1...
Apr27-05 04:18 AM
8 1,620
Hey, i stumbled across a math problem thats got me stump and I was wondering if anyone can help me out. What we have...
Nov3-06 03:17 PM
2 1,620
Say I have (a+b+c)^n and I want to split it apart into a^something + b^something + c^something. Is this easily done?
Nov16-11 02:45 PM
1 1,620
Hi, I have the following \underset{\|\mathbf{x}\|^2=1}{\text{max...
Mar14-12 02:24 AM
0 1,619
Dear All, I have a linear system of equations such as Ax = b where A is a m-by-n matrix and m < n and A is a full...
May26-12 07:52 AM
1 1,619
Suppose that M and N are natural numbers, such that N>M-1. Prove that N≥M The problem above is a rather minor...
Nov14-12 09:28 AM
6 1,619
Hello! This question may seem silly. I'm a first year engineering and computer science student, not a mathematics...
Feb10-13 07:14 PM
6 1,619
I have a trouble proving that a finate (nonzero) commutative ring with no zero divisors must have an identity with...
Oct27-07 04:54 PM
1 1,618
Oh guys, I'm asking for explanations here, a little lesson. If something could explain vector dot product...
Nov10-07 07:25 AM
1 1,618
Hi guys! I need to solve a matrix. I have 3 equations, 3 unknowns, straightforward stuff. And I know it's...
Oct18-11 07:14 PM
3 1,617
Let G be the group of 2x2 invertible upper triangular matrices and H be the group of 2x2 invertible lower triangular...
Oct10-10 06:26 PM
4 1,617
I found in page 225 of this article that the endomorphism...
Aug23-11 09:13 AM
0 1,617
Dummit and Foote Section 4.1 Group Actions and Permutation Representations, Exercise 4 (first part of exercise) reads:...
Oct29-11 01:58 AM
Math Amateur
4 1,616
Hi. I need to find a base for the subspace V in R3 which has the equation x+2y+3z=0 Can someone please tell my if...
Oct24-04 01:07 PM
2 1,615
Ok, maybe a dumb question, but anyway: if I have some matrices equation like this: AB = BC if I want to...
Apr27-05 05:22 PM
2 1,615
Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. :smile: In a discussion we're having on our compsci forums at uni, about...
Aug24-05 11:06 AM
4 1,615
Does anyone know a theorm in number theory or mathematics that could be used to prove the following problem: Given a...
Sep9-08 10:18 AM
1 1,615
Question: Show the set of all differentiable functions on (-infinity, +infinity) that satisfy f′ + 2f = 0 is a vector...
Mar5-12 09:34 AM
3 1,615
I know it may sound idiotic to ask questions about definition of something, but I'm gonna do that now. I've seen the...
May19-12 10:56 AM
15 1,615
A graph can be represented by an adjacency matrix but how is that a real mathematical matrix and not just a table? A...
Oct2-11 10:07 AM
3 1,614
I'm just learning linear algebra, where we are taking a set of basis vectors and then using gram schmidt to convert...
Apr8-10 06:53 PM
2 1,614
I am weak in this topic but I am certain that the following is has a solution in integers A,B,C,D. Find A,B,C and...
Jul9-08 01:09 AM
5 1,613
ok, i'm in first year coolege and we're doing some review from highschool work.. but i can't for the life of me...
Oct5-04 01:04 PM
5 1,612
I have 2 questions. 1)what is the remainder with 100! is divided by 103? explain your answer 2)a = 238000 =...
Mar13-05 04:24 PM
4 1,612
I am having a very hard time with a general concept of proving something. If I have some arbitrary function mapping...
Oct2-07 09:53 AM
4 1,612
Let V be the variety of the ideal (f) a singular point is a point where all the partial derivatives of the f are...
Dec3-07 08:22 PM
4 1,612
Prove, that if (m,n) = 1 // m and n are two different primes then (2m -1, 2mn -1/2m -1) = 1
Nov19-10 08:40 PM
Bill Simpson
1 1,612
How to calculate following integral?: {lim}_{t→∞}\int_{0}^{t} \exp (A(t-s)) B B^{T} \exp (A^{T}(t-s))ds where...
Oct14-11 11:17 AM
0 1,612
sorry im new and posted instead of currently writing the post
May16-11 09:26 AM
2 1,612
Is saying \existsx, \existsy the same as saying \existsy, \existsx?
Jun17-11 10:54 PM
2 1,612
Hey folks, I am trying to generate the Pauli matrices and am using the following formula taken from...
Jul27-08 01:27 AM
1 1,611 Who discover that?
May3-11 02:58 PM
4 1,611
I am pretty rusty/unknowledgable when it comes to linear algebra, so when I was given the problem. Find the limit...
Oct13-04 05:45 AM
matt grime
1 1,610
A man cashes a cheque for d pounds and c pence at a bank. Assume that the teller by mistake gives the man c pounds and...
Mar8-04 04:59 AM
2 1,609
Hi everybody, In vector spaces we define two operations, addition and scalar multiplication. Scalar multiplication...
Feb13-05 02:03 PM
2 1,609
if u have 3 primes: x,y,z then prove its sum m=x+y+z is unique ? Thank you
Jun22-06 06:56 PM
8 1,609 This is along the lines of what I have suspected about the...
Nov17-06 04:06 PM
7 1,609
I'm struggling with the meaning of inner products between vectors and covectors. Consider dual space V^{\ast} of an...
Oct29-11 10:04 AM
8 1,609

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