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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 34,425
How would i start to solve this problem? x^2 + 1 == 0 (mod 5^3). Find all solutions. How do i know how many...
Dec20-04 10:15 PM
2 10,578
I have been thinking about this for a week and I simply can't get anywhere. consider a 4x4 diagonal matrix such...
Dec16-07 09:48 PM
1 10,483
I'm trying to learn linear algebra by myself from a book called "Introduction to linear algebra" by A.D. Martin and...
Dec31-03 11:29 AM
4 10,477
Hello, It is known that a system of linear equations is considered overdetermined if there are more equations than...
Feb27-12 04:23 PM
14 10,435
How do i find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the linear operator T defined as T(w,z) = (z,w)??
Mar5-08 09:37 PM
6 10,420
What is the last digit of 2222^{50}~+~7777^{16}? I know how to do these kinds of questions, but this time around I...
Sep9-09 07:42 AM
11 10,401
Hey, A while ago i hear about finding the division number theory . And i am wondering if there is a theory...
Oct28-04 11:18 AM
3 10,396
Hey, I need help with thris proof.. :) Say A is a skew-symmetric matrix. Is B=A^2 skew-symmetric, symmetric or...
Oct23-06 12:37 AM
1 10,355
I'm just beginning my study of rings, and I'm wondering if there are some standard ways to show that two rings are not...
Apr23-09 01:16 AM
matt grime
11 10,350
I find it rather tedious to calculate the eigenvalues of a 3x3 matrix. For example The \emph{characteristic...
Apr17-09 03:12 AM
matt grime
2 10,334
There are 2 issues I want to talk about in this post. (1) General algorithm for gauss-jordan elimination computation...
Apr4-09 08:06 PM
0 10,292
In the "origin of zero" thread, I saw the following remark: I had heard a different story, in a pythagorean mood:...
Apr16-05 01:34 PM
6 10,256
I assume everyone who saw this thread first rolled their eyes. Sorry for that. My question is an innocent one, as I...
Jan25-11 10:58 AM
39 10,219
HI, I am taking linear algebra this semester, So i wanted to know..what does linear algebra deals with? Is it really...
Jan14-06 04:28 PM
Kouros Khamoushi
17 10,182
I have the second printing of the first edition of Herstein's 'Topics in Algebra', published 1964. On page 58 near...
Aug30-08 01:05 PM
6 10,177
Hi all! I was working on some homework for the linear algebra section of my "Math Methods for Physicists" class and...
Oct14-09 03:00 AM
2 10,172
I don't really understand why it hasn't been numerically added into modern math. I mean, we make all kinds of...
Mar17-09 05:27 AM
66 10,159
Hi. Do you know of any package to draw Coxeter graphs and Dynkin diagrams in LaTeX directly? Currently I'm...
Dec19-07 05:00 PM
2 10,154
How is measure theory associated with number theory, if at all. If they are connected, can anyone give a link?
Nov21-07 04:02 PM
18 10,150
We have two nxn matrices with non-negative elements, A and B. We know the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of A and B....
Nov7-10 04:55 PM
2 10,132
I'm reading the Wikipedia article, trying to understand the definition of the tensor product V\otimes W of two vector...
Jun18-08 11:43 AM
33 10,126
hi, i don't really understand whats the difference between vector product and dot product in matrix form. for...
Apr27-10 11:42 AM
6 10,105
How do i get the point of intersection of a line and a circle.. I got lots of information on this topic, but my...
Aug7-09 07:26 AM
3 10,087
If I have a set of numbers from 1 to N, I want to know how to count sets such that the highest number in the set is...
May26-12 09:17 AM
102 10,085
right now, my concept for their difference is that linear transformations are 1 to 1, where as nonlinear...
Nov5-09 04:04 AM
2 10,069
Hi, I'm a grad student in pure math and I'm trying to re-learn my linear algebra from scratch because I never learned...
Nov17-09 06:25 AM
7 10,065
Any explanation would be great. Also, are there any examples of finite Integral domains that aren't fields?
Feb4-11 09:03 PM
Spartan Math
7 10,062
Hi all. I'm having a really tough time figuring out how to solve this problem: Suppose that {v1, v2, v3} are...
Apr23-11 08:00 PM
6 10,035
How do I take the cross product of Two 3x3 Matrices. For example what is cross product of: x
Dec4-09 09:09 AM
5 10,009
how to plot the irrational number pi on a number line. i know the procedure for square roots of differant non-perfecr...
Nov18-05 04:07 AM
7 10,006
Proof: 1. why you need at least m vectors to span a space of dimension m. 2. If m vectors span an m-dimensional...
Mar20-08 10:42 AM
8 9,996
Hi, has anyone else seen this news item on how to...
Mar17-11 05:26 PM
12 9,984
While reading text, I had a question which I can not resolve by myself. Please Help me! it reads, The empty set( a...
Sep29-05 01:35 PM
33 9,971
Wikipedia details the technique for converting from toroidal coords to cartesian. How do you convert the other way? ...
Feb26-08 04:47 AM
22 9,953
Hello, I have searched through out the internet but I couldn't find any information about the origin of Pascal...
Jul12-08 03:20 AM
7 9,940
Hi. I have a question. I know the rule of the hightest power of 2 dividing n!, the highest power means if 2^{k}|n!,...
Oct21-07 01:40 AM
4 9,934
simple problem... 3x = 1 (mod 16), find all possible values of x mod 16 so this is what i've come to: 3x = 1 +...
Mar1-08 04:41 PM
7 9,904
Hey all! I am working on this and got confused. Any help at all would be much appreciated! Determine the kernel...
Dec14-09 10:50 AM
6 9,899
Hello, I noticed that it is possible to define an inverse for the convolution operator so that a function f convolved...
Jul4-09 07:14 PM
7 9,894
Can you help me with this problem: if a^2 divides b^2, show that a divides b. This was a homework question that I...
Oct24-09 05:42 AM
23 9,867

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