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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 34,882
Title says it all really. But basically I'm looking for online info about creating the Leech lattice from the E8...
Jun19-11 03:03 PM
0 844
My understanding of Lie groups is non-existent. But I'm trying to understand if the Leech lattice is a 'lie group?"
Jun20-11 02:55 PM
4 1,553
Why is the Trace of a projection is its Rank. Thank you
Jun21-11 03:21 AM
3 2,975
Limiting ourselves to N... Conjecture: (sqrt (16x + 9) - 1)/2 = y | 2y^2 + 2y - 3 = z^2 for x = a Sophie...
Jun23-11 02:23 PM
25 7,865
Hello all, I'm a freshman undergraduate (UCLA) and have finished my study lower division calculus (multivar, diff...
Jun22-11 01:07 AM
Bill Simpson
9 3,237
I just read an article ( saying that multiplication is not repeated...
Jun19-11 06:22 PM
93 15,832
I am doing my Extended essay about the maths involved in calculating your position using the GPS. I am reading a very...
Jun22-11 03:36 PM
4 4,676
Hi all, I have been trying to gain a deeper insight into quadratic forms and have realised that my textbook makes...
Jun19-11 12:43 PM
14 2,688
I need to understand physics (and other) concepts but I'm having trouble visualizing what the equations mean. One...
Jun22-11 10:13 PM
3 2,128
Hello, I am trying to solve a Pell's equation X2 + 2Y2 =1 I understand that the (3,2) is a fundamental...
Jun19-11 10:47 AM
6 2,528
The matrix giving the relation between spherical (unit) vectors and cartesian (unit) vectors can be expressed as: ...
Jun24-11 05:29 AM
4 1,488
I was hoping you guys could help me in understanding some vector spaces of infinite dimension. My professor briefloy...
Jun21-11 12:11 AM
7 4,381
Other than the Eucledean method (1+p1p2p3...)and so on other than this, how do we prove that there are infinte...
Jun20-11 11:46 AM
10 2,974
Sorry if this is a well known thing, but I've noticed this and decided to see how well known it is, also if there is a...
Jun19-11 10:14 PM
2 2,654
Is it true that every matrix is similar to its transpose? A claim in Wikipedia... (field is alg. closed)
Jun20-11 10:27 PM
4 1,811
A non-zero alternating tensor w splits the bases of V into two disjoint groups, those with \omega(v_1,\cdots,v_n)>0...
Jun20-11 02:18 PM
1 1,222
Hi, All: Could someone please tell me or give me a ref. on the basic properties of Gl(n,R) ; R a ring;...
Jun20-11 08:34 PM
2 1,493 It's actually proof of finding...
Jun23-11 09:37 PM
1 1,681
Let q be an odd prime power. Let n be the multiplicative order of q modulo t, where t is even and t > 4. What are the...
Jun21-11 02:29 AM
0 1,236
I have noticed something strange when you take the value of sin(pi*10^-n). It approaches pi*10^-n. I have attatched...
Jun21-11 10:53 AM
3 2,457
Let q be an odd prime power. Let n be the multiplicative order of q modulo t, where t is even and t > 4. What are the...
Jun21-11 09:24 AM
0 1,345
In this field, computer algorithms may produce false continued fraction expansions because of the limited accuracy...
Jun27-11 02:56 PM
6 3,637
I have two questions and I hope it is acceptable...Seemingly unrelated, though I came to wonder about the first while...
Jun21-11 02:42 PM
3 1,928
So Sylow's second theorem tells us that if G is a group, p a prime, and H,K are both p-Sylow subgroups, then \exists...
Jun22-11 11:36 AM
2 1,317
In some exercises I've stumbled upon a function which is denoted \gamma_{m}(n) with m,n natural. I've no idea what is...
Jun23-11 04:36 PM
3 1,691
Hey there I would just like some help in rearranging the formula: z=\frac{1+\frac{v\cos...
Jun24-11 02:52 PM
Pretty Pony
2 1,468
I'm curious why people develop these objects. Although I've seen some proofs of theorems using coset(or quotient space...
Jun26-11 01:04 AM
6 2,035
Reading about the general rotation of a single qubit, a rotation of \theta in the horizontal plane and \phi) in the...
Jun23-11 01:06 AM
0 1,919
I don't understand how order 1 alternating tensors fit the definition of alternating tensors. I think the order has to...
Jun23-11 04:20 PM
2 1,370
I know that the nth Fibonacci number is defined as: \frac{{1+\sqrt{5}}^{n}-{1-\sqrt{5}}^{n}}{{2}^{n}\sqrt{5}} ...
Jun23-11 07:35 PM
4 6,574
I wanted to make clear just a quick technical thing. If G is a group, N is a normal subgroup, and \phi_g \in...
Jun24-11 01:30 PM
2 1,415
Hi all, I'm trying to find the integer solutions for 6n^2 -18n +16 = m^2 using pell equation, any idea ...
Jun26-11 03:28 PM
10 2,202
According to duality principle, a bilinear function \theta:V\times V \rightarrow R is equivalent to a linear mapping...
Jun25-11 07:42 AM
3 1,735
Is it true that any linear map between two arbitrary finite-dimensional vector spaces is continuous? Is it...
Jun26-11 09:57 PM
4 2,579
A lattice is a partially ordered set such that every finite set has a least upper bound and a greatest lower bound....
Jun26-11 09:26 AM
3 1,201
So a number of mathematicans showed that an odd perfect number is not divisble by either 3, 5,or 7. I tried really...
Jun27-11 11:26 AM
3 2,756
I've already post this, but i've done it in the wrong section!! So here I go again.. I've a doubt on the way the...
Jun28-11 08:44 AM
12 3,688
Hi, we know that for all interger m, n_1!\cdots n_k! divides m! where n_1+\cdots+n_k=m. Now I want to show that m!...
Jun27-11 03:06 PM
5 2,147
I am trying to solve a problem with spacetime metrics and a change of coordinates for my research project. I have...
Jun27-11 07:12 PM
1 955
Hi, the following linear algebra question is causing trouble for me: For which values of k does the following...
Jun28-11 08:11 PM
6 4,504

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