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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,174
If we consider a number 9999999. infinite times then no other number that can be represented bigger than that...
Nov24-12 08:04 PM
9 2,493
Hi, I just need help understanding one line of the...
Nov26-12 01:20 PM
0 729
So I was working through some problems in Herstein's Algebra on my own time, and I came across something I wasn't so...
Nov15-12 11:00 PM
8 2,303
Let k\in\mathbb{N}, and q be a prime factor of F_{k}=2^{2^{k}}+1. Deduce that gcd(q-1,2^{k+1})=2^{k+1}. ...
Nov15-12 11:49 AM
1 1,603
Hi all, I have a linear algebra question relating actually to control systems (applied differential equations) ...
Nov16-12 09:07 AM
1 822
I'm doing my senior project about Compressed sensing, I have some problems with some algorithms. 1)Can any body help...
Nov16-12 09:14 AM
1 830
Hello, Would it be correct to say that if for every two different vectors x and y, A*x ≠ A*y (where A is a...
Nov16-12 03:57 PM
8 1,167
I have created a program in javascript that has tested integers on the collatz conjecture. Recall that the collatz...
Nov17-12 12:26 PM
1 1,973
hi , I met lot's of binary operation which is associative and commtative and I also met lot's of binary operation...
Nov19-12 07:10 AM
Dead Boss
5 1,195
Hi! I just need a "yes" or "no" answer. If i have to show that two lie algebras are isomorphic, is it...
Nov18-12 06:54 AM
2 807
Hey, here's a simple question. I have been reading some materials and, for the n-th time in my life, there was a...
Nov20-12 11:19 AM
15 1,636
I have this problem: 1. θ is 0, θ1]T and θreplicated = 0, θ0, θ1, θ1]T, further θ is a gaussian with mean mθ and...
Nov18-12 05:31 AM
0 635
let P(n) = n^4 + an^3 + bn^2 + cn M(a,b,c) returns largest m that divides P(n) for all n then let function S(N)...
Nov21-12 07:32 AM
2 1,844
In your opinion. Or feel free to quote some people on their views of the answer.
Nov18-12 07:56 PM
17 3,437
I am curious about under what conditions the powers of a square matrix can equal the identity matrix. Suppose that...
Nov19-12 01:26 AM
3 1,242
For any A \in \mathcal{R}^{n \times m}, does A^T A have an inverse? From the wikipedia article for transpose (...
Nov19-12 12:09 PM
5 916
Hello, This is not a homework exercise, so I decided to post it here. Hopefully one of you could help. I would like...
Nov19-12 03:03 PM
1 886
Hi We have a matrix A (picture), the eigenvalues are λ1 = 4 and λ2 = 1 and the eigenvectors are λ1 :...
Nov19-12 04:05 PM
7 1,301
This is not a homework question ..... If two vector spaces, say V and W, have equal cardinality |V|=|W| .... do...
Nov21-12 07:41 PM
2 1,239
It is defined that for any matrix A, A^{0} is defined as being equal to the identity matrix, I My question: Does...
Nov21-12 05:32 PM
18 2,098
Matrix A= 2 1 2 1 2 -2 2 -2 -1 It's known that it has eigenvalues d1=-3, d2=d3=3 Because it has 3...
Nov22-12 02:16 PM
6 2,795
I have Theorem 1 from a research paper. Theorem 1. Suppose that G is a finite non-abelian simple group. Then there...
Nov20-12 01:04 PM
0 857
Why is that Nullspace of A is subset of nullspace of A^T*A let's say that A is m*n matrix
Nov20-12 09:54 PM
2 949
if A is a tridiagonal Matrix , what does this mean ? what does tridiagonal mean in matrix ? what is the property...
Nov22-12 11:40 AM
2 1,032
How do you find matrices a,b,c satisfying a=b*c*b^-1 b=c*a*c^-1 c=a*b*a^-1 ?
Nov22-12 03:33 AM
2 890
If I have (for simplicity) a vector ( A, B) where A and B are matrices how does the transpose of this look, is it (...
Nov21-12 06:14 PM
6 1,287
I have a vector (1,i) and need to normalize it. I am being told that the answer is 1/(sqrt(2)) (1,i) but it seems...
Nov24-12 05:21 AM
3 980
Ok there is no way I am writing out all the work of this question using a keyboard, and my scanner chose today not to...
Nov25-12 06:33 PM
4 1,572
I have solved the roots of a quadratic equation and want to "test" them by putting them back in for x. I am having a...
Nov23-12 08:30 PM
5 1,282
Hi. In Apostol's book "Introduction to analytic number theory", Teorem 3.2(b), Apostol proves (1) \zeta (s) =...
Nov24-12 08:11 PM
1 1,168
Hey! Let M and N be two natural numbers and N>M. I want to build a set A with N vectors of size M such that each...
Nov27-12 08:37 AM
2 1,384
Hi, if we suppose x and y are two elements of some vector space V (say ℝn), and if we consider a linear function...
Nov27-12 12:01 PM
2 1,035
Is there a nice closed-form for this?
Nov26-12 06:05 PM
3 1,936
wrtie down the possible isomorphism types of abelian groups of orders 74 and 800 then for 74=2*37 then Z(74) is...
Nov25-12 06:09 PM
2 1,628
Linear transformation f:C^∞(R) -> C^∞(R) f(x(t)) = x'(t) a) I have to set up the eigenvalue-problem and...
Nov27-12 08:16 PM
2 1,020
Hello, I want to find a family of functions \phi:\mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{C} that have the property:...
Nov28-12 03:30 PM
14 1,821
I am having trouble understanding a section in these notes: . It is on page 3. Section 3 -- Discretization of the...
Nov25-12 07:07 PM
0 1,009
Sorry about the long title. I recently had a few homework problems which were similar to the title of the post. I...
Nov27-12 02:46 PM
1 705
Ok I understand the concept of infinite countability and that say the set of all rational #s is infinitely countable,...
Nov27-12 05:43 PM
1 1,679
I have two 3d applications and when an object(a cube for example) is transferred between them, the rotation values of...
Nov28-12 08:06 AM
3 818

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