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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 35,138
Hi guys, Let's say I have a 6x6 matrix A whose Jordan form J has 3 Jordan blocks. It means that this matrix (matrix...
Dec3-12 10:24 PM
18 3,104
How are orbits and cosets related? Are all orbits cosets? Are all cosets orbits? Also, what exactly are G-sets and...
Nov30-12 10:09 AM
1 1,130
Hello, I want to find a family of functions \phi:\mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{C} that have the property:...
Nov28-12 03:30 PM
14 1,759
I thought it would be obvious, but I can't find a series representation of the Laplace transform. I'm looking for...
Nov29-12 08:48 AM
2 995
I have two 3d applications and when an object(a cube for example) is transferred between them, the rotation values of...
Nov28-12 08:06 AM
3 801
It's very difficult for me to find any simple literature to explain this idea. J\inMn(ℂ) is a coninvolutory (or a...
Nov29-12 01:42 PM
4 914
Hello, let's suppose I have two functions f,g\in L^2(\mathbb{R}) and I consider the inner product \left\langle f,g...
Nov29-12 06:54 PM
Stephen Tashi
7 1,398
Given two systems, Ax=b and Cy=d, for nxn matrices A and C, and n-dimensional vectors b and d, each of which has at...
Dec1-12 12:21 PM
1 889
The following problem was given on a test of mine and I got it completely wrong. If anyone can help me with solving...
Nov29-12 06:09 PM
1 765
After solving some problems about matrix invertibility and learning some theorems (and proving them), I have developed...
Dec1-12 01:22 PM
2 817
Hi guys I wonder if you know any linear algebra formalism or something to solve the following question...
Dec3-12 10:37 AM
3 996
I now know that inverses are only defined for square matrices. My question is: is this because inverses for non-square...
Dec2-12 06:57 AM
8 1,092
let A_i be an odd integer, s_i be the square of a_i and t_i be the triangular number, (s_i -1)/8. Same for a_j , s_j,...
Dec1-12 10:25 PM
2 1,375
At first I thought that there is no square matrix whose square is the 0 matrix. But I found a counterexample to this....
Dec2-12 12:37 PM
5 1,080
Bocard's problem asks to find the solutions to the Diophantine equation n!=m^2-1. The only known (n,m) pairs are...
Dec9-12 05:46 PM
3 1,754
I am trying to find a way to generate solutions to 5b^2*c^2 = 4a^2(b^2+c^2) Can anyone offer some insight? I...
Dec13-12 06:26 AM
55 7,188
the question is , if f(n)= 1+10+10^2 +... + 10^n , where n is integer. find the least n s.t. f(n) is divisible by 17...
Dec5-12 09:33 AM
3 1,301
Hi, If A is some nonsquare matrix that is possible rank-deficient, then am I right to understand that (A^T)(A) is a...
Dec5-12 09:16 AM
1 1,791
Hi. There is a polynomial f = (x^3) + 2(x^2) + 1, f belongs to Q. It will be shown that the polynomial is irreducible...
Dec5-12 06:36 PM
1 744
I am curious about the proof of the fact that the value of a determinant computed using the Laplace (or cofactor)...
Dec6-12 12:09 PM
1 692
I need some help understanding the following definition: Definition: Let A\inMn(ℂ) the complex vector space ...
Dec8-12 09:11 PM
4 823
Hi Can anyone help with understand a basic idea, I have a matrix A in MATLAB which is 100x3000. I have checked...
Dec6-12 08:04 AM
2 708
If I have a matrix valued function A(x) of some scalar x, how do I compute the derivative of the square root of A with...
Dec9-12 09:35 PM
4 1,834
3.5036799918564934004113 I need help identifying this real number. The closest I have gotten is e+pi/4. But I...
Dec9-12 11:53 PM
9 1,925
I recall a post previously where the Op was wondering if any circle about the orgin having an irrational radius could...
Dec8-12 09:43 PM
4 1,356
I'm not a mathematician of any sort so excuse me if my question is stupid. I just realized that I could not define...
Dec10-12 10:52 PM
3 1,429
on page 261 of this paper by J. Vermeer ( he writes The...
Dec9-12 09:38 PM
4 819
Is anyone interested in learning some algebra? I was planning to go through Dummit and Foote (I have some basic group...
Dec9-12 01:56 AM
0 660
The proof goes as follows: For contradiction, assume there exists |s|< ∞ such that s = {e1, e2, ... , en} and...
Dec11-12 07:51 AM
1 561
Ok I promise this time it is not a homework type question. If someone could direct with a name of a theorem here,...
Dec12-12 08:54 PM
3 762
I've been reading a few mathematical definitions and I'm still not sure I grasp their significance. If Ax = b, then...
Dec13-12 04:42 AM
9 1,413
I'm still confused about L U matrix factorization. I'm trying to understand how to do it and why doing so is...
Dec11-12 03:00 PM
4 1,027
Hi All, I've been following a group theory course which I am struggling with at the moment. I'm from 3 different...
Dec11-12 07:36 AM
4 863
Hey! I am studying group theory for particle physicists right now and I came across the following general question...
Dec11-12 01:24 AM
0 639
So this is a pretty dumb question, but I'm just trying to understand homomorphisms of infinite cyclic groups. I...
Dec14-12 09:34 AM
10 1,239
I am not sure which rubric this belongs to, but since the zeta function is involved, I am putting it here. I noticed...
Dec12-12 11:15 PM
0 1,122
Can someone please explain to me, in as simple words as possible, what a quotient group is???? I hate my books...
Dec13-12 08:05 PM
2 744
A 3x3 symmetric matrix has a null space of dimension one containing the vector (1,1,1). Find the bases and dimensions...
Dec14-12 01:21 AM
3 621
Hi guys, I am not a physicist but saw that you guys are actively discussing math problems in this forum. I have the...
Dec14-12 04:34 PM
1 709
Suppose we have a dynamical system x_{t+1} = Ax_{t} where A is matrix, x is vector. We suppose that $x$ always grow as...
Dec15-12 08:29 AM
1 683

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