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Linear & Abstract Algebra

- Vector spaces and linear transformations. Groups and other algebraic structures along with Number Theory.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 36,237
If A\in\mathbb{C}^{N\times N} is some complex matrix, is there anything we could say about the determinant of the...
Dec22-12 08:15 AM
2 5,380
I am reading the paper In equation (2), the author write the determinat as...
Dec18-12 04:26 AM
1 1,063
hi if F is inner automorphism , what does this mean ? I think that if F : G to G then we can write F(x) as ...
Dec16-12 04:55 PM
Maths Lover
2 829
Suppose we have Asec(x) on the right hand side in a non-homogenous ODE and in a Euler equation. How do we solve it? (...
Dec15-12 07:51 PM
3 943
Im looking through old exams for a course in Cryptography and have beaten my head against the wall for a long time on...
Dec15-12 02:55 PM
12 2,303
So Munkres, on page 424 of Topology (2nd edition) says that "...two free groups are isomorphic if and only if their...
Dec15-12 10:53 PM
9 1,227
Hi, I was playing with Riemann zeta function on mathematica. I encountered with a quite interesting result. I iterated...
Dec22-12 09:48 PM
Jeff Cook
10 2,118
If I have a point (x,y) and I rotate the axises by some amount. Why is x' = xcosθ+ysinθ and y'=-xsinθ+ycosθ?
Dec15-12 09:35 AM
6 900
Suppose it is known that A is singular. Then the system Ax=0 has infinitely many solutions by the Invertible Matrix...
Dec15-12 01:09 PM
4 1,280
Let B={b1,b2} and C={c1,c2} be basis. Then the change of coordinate matrix P(C to B) involves the C-coordinate vectors...
Dec19-12 10:20 PM
2 1,044
Apart from simplifying matrix powers, why do we want to diagonalize a matrix? Do they have any appealing application...
Dec22-12 06:03 PM
4 1,295
Suppose that \textbf{x} = A\textbf{x} + B\dot{\textbf{x}} where \textbf{x} is vector of economic output level, A is...
Dec15-12 10:52 PM
0 694
Hi, I have a quick question, when should one use RREF in finding eigvenvectors? I've read through some books and...
Dec17-12 08:06 AM
2 899
Given a group G acting on a set X we get an equivalence relation R on X by xRy iff x is in the orbit of y. My...
Dec17-12 01:42 PM
2 803
I know that we say two representations R and R' of a group G is equivalent if there exists a unitary matrix U such...
Dec21-12 07:51 PM
2 827
Hey! Is there an infinite ring with exactly two maximal ideals. Thanks in advance LiKeMath
Dec19-12 11:29 AM
4 1,260
Eigen values of a complex symmetric matrix which is NOT a hermitian are not always real. I want to formulate...
Dec19-12 12:00 PM
14 2,209
Hello everyone, first time poster, long time reader here! I'm an ex-math major and while I'm no longer pursuing a...
Dec21-12 04:15 PM
5 1,110
Hello Could anyone give an intuitive explanation of the determinant? I know mostly what the determinant means and I...
Dec19-12 12:26 PM
4 1,080
Homomorphism is defined by ##f(x*y)=f(x)\cdot f(y)##. One interesting example of this is logarithm function...
Dec19-12 06:36 AM
4 833
Hey all, I have been playing around with a special type of matrix and am wondering if anyone knows of some literature...
Dec30-12 11:21 PM
4 1,500
Hello, If we have two vectors u,v then in an inner product space, they are said to be orthogonal if <u,v>=0. ...
Dec19-12 11:11 AM
1 974
I am reading linear algebra by Georgi Shilov. It is my first encounter with linear algebra. After defining what a...
Dec21-12 06:23 PM
5 1,243
Getting ready for linear algebra exam. One question that I got right but not exactly sure why is this: ---...
Dec21-12 03:38 PM
4 1,114
I have been trying to prove the following result: If A is real symmetric matrix with an eigenvalue lambda of...
Dec22-12 04:54 AM
2 1,066
What is the best way of introducing singular value decomposition (SVD) on a linear algebra course? Why is it so...
Dec22-12 03:19 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 778
Imagine we have two operators A and B on a complex hilbert space H such that: \psi = (AB-BA) \psi=c \psi \ \ \ \...
Dec22-12 10:42 PM
6 1,129
Prof. Hugh Montgomery has been quoted as saying that it appeared that, if the Riemann hypothesis is true, the...
Dec23-12 10:37 AM
0 882
Hello, I was wondering, why is the vector projection useful in the way that it is presented? Why isnt just the...
Dec27-12 03:30 AM
Stephen Tashi
12 2,265
Question is : If m,k,n are natural numbers and n>1, prove that we cannot have m(m+1)=kn. My attempt : Using...
Dec27-12 12:16 PM
16 3,034
I have an equation (constraint) which I wish to solve explicitly in terms of gd (or more precisely a scaling factor of...
Dec25-12 02:42 AM
1 871
Video illustration Hello, Me and a friend, David Barrack, are non-mathematicians but we've been having fun...
Dec25-12 11:34 AM
2 2,073
I was looking for a hint on a problem in my professor's notes (class is over and I was just auditing). I want to...
Dec28-12 06:42 AM
12 1,322
I've got a general question about Lie algebras, which is basically this: Q: What is there to be said about the Lie...
Dec27-12 01:10 AM
0 774
This may be a very silly question, but still apologies, I read in Sheldon Axler, that the inner product of two...
Dec27-12 07:31 AM
3 869
The book I am going through says this : The below proposition is false for real inner product spaces. As an...
Dec28-12 06:46 PM
3 1,012
Is there any algorithm to form a magic square of any size with a desired magic sum ? Also can we make a magic square...
Dec30-12 08:09 AM
6 2,167
Hi All, I have a hard time answering the following. I need some help. Let Z={a,b,c,d,e,f} and let X denote the...
Dec30-12 01:31 PM
1 759
Suppose that a = aBc where a and c are vectors and B is some matrix that changes as time "continuously" goes on -...
Dec31-12 04:20 AM
0 813
Hello everyone, I found that you're actively discussing math problems here and thought to share my problem with...
Jan1-13 03:33 AM
0 1,038

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