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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,350
I am attempting to teach myself differential geometry (being bereft of creditied educational institutions in my area)...
Nov7-06 01:41 PM
89 9,665
This is an example from Bott and Tu 's book DFAT(page 125).The example is in the image.I don't understand why can we...
Nov22-11 08:49 PM
3 1,585
Could someone shortly summarise the essence of Stone's theorem ? What is the difference between Stone's theorem and...
Jun16-13 04:22 PM
5 2,075
(E, B, V) a vector bundle.EndE is the set of endomorphisms of E, then if g belongs EndE therefore g is a linear V-> V...
Oct12-10 06:21 AM
1 753
Well really.... how do you figure it out? Thanks for your help.
Apr24-05 03:28 PM
1 1,546
Since there are some equations in my question. I write my question in the following attachment. It is about the...
Jan24-05 04:09 PM
4 4,530
I'm looking for help understanding the coordinate ring. The definition I have roughly says There is a surjection ...
Apr7-10 12:30 PM
0 1,420
Hi, I'm trying to understand the fiber bundle formulation of gauge theory at the moment, and I'm stuck on the...
Nov29-12 09:07 PM
2 1,039
This may seem like a foolish question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Also, please forgive the question...
Nov10-10 11:56 AM
4 1,130
Unless I'm mistaken about something, the Bing metrization theorem is more or less only a corrolary of the...
Dec31-10 10:50 AM
2 1,570
Let $$(M,g)$$ be an oriented Remannian surface. Then globally $$(M,g)$$ has a canonical area-2 form $$\mathrm{d}M$$...
Oct18-12 08:34 AM
4 993
In considering the shortest paths between two points on a sphere I came across the following interesting problem: ...
Sep9-14 04:15 AM
14 476
Hi I do 3D modeling and lately i have been trying to make some more theoretic diagrams about the whole thing....
May10-11 01:29 AM
3 1,340
Hi! I'm perusing fractals out of personal interest. Although I come from physics, I have a background in math-major...
May20-09 05:29 PM
1 2,054
Hi. I was wondering if you guys can refer me to the best possible text that teaches the computations in tensor...
Jan5-07 02:02 PM
31 13,131
Hello All, I'm programming an applet and run over a problem I can't solve (hope this is the right place to post...
Apr19-12 04:47 AM
10 1,971
Howdy all! I've been wracking (or wrecking) my brain trying to figure out how one might stack tesseracts. If I...
Oct12-08 10:33 AM
0 1,546
Hi forum, I was having some difficulty in understanding how time as a fourth dimension allows a cube of three spatial...
Jun25-10 03:10 PM
13 3,624
somebody know some link or ebook about tensor with examples solved and execises
Nov16-07 06:12 PM
1 1,684
Hello, can anyone explain simply what is a tensor, using the language of Geometric Algebra? Thanks!
Jun10-09 06:03 AM
SW VandeCarr
7 2,499
Can anyone recommend good introductory texts for self-study? I want to teach myself about tensors and about topology....
Nov12-05 06:07 PM
2 1,549
Greetings Gurus, I'm sure this has been asked before, so feel free to redirect me. What is the connection...
Jan8-06 10:56 AM
7 4,276
Do any of you have the book Tensors & Manifolds, by Robert H. Wasserman? I was looking for another good book on...
Jun20-07 10:57 PM
0 1,897
I've heard alot about "lie groups" on this section of the forum, and was wondering what they are and if someone could...
Feb6-05 12:54 AM
9 2,983
I'm currently researching a 3d tensor, where certain combinations of terms can cause the principal values...
Dec7-06 05:29 AM
2 1,813
I am having trouble understanding how to tell if a matrix is a tensor, a pseudo tensor or neither or the above. Given...
Feb21-11 03:26 PM
2 1,940
Definitions like this one are common in books: For all ##k,l\in\mathbb N##, a multilinear map...
Jun13-13 08:13 PM
11 2,598
Hello, I would very much like someone to please clarify the following points concerning tensor summation to me....
Jul15-13 09:31 AM
11 2,563
I have been trying to learn and visualize a bit of tensor algebra recently, and have been confused by the...
Jan9-11 11:19 PM
0 1,755
1. When can I contract a tensor? Is that an option to contract for example a (1, 1) tensor to a real number or has...
Jan24-06 12:14 PM
16 3,598
I've been wracking my brains trying to answer this but it's just really hard. If some one could help me out I would...
Nov27-08 02:10 PM
1 1,462
Hi all, What is a good introductory book on tensor products and tensor algebras? For motivation, I have found Tom...
Mar20-07 07:06 AM
George Jones
1 12,397
I've searched everywhere about tensor products but I just can't understand them. Can anyone please explain this...
Apr24-11 01:23 AM
10 2,428
Hello, I have an exercise where we have to pullback a metric g^{ij} \, \mathrm dx_i \, \mathrm dx_j under a...
Feb25-08 02:53 PM
3 3,060
It's possible to do the tensor product of two contravariant vectors? It's possible to do the tensor product of two...
Aug10-04 01:43 PM
5 3,137
Could someone tell me what the tensor product is and give an example?
Feb18-07 08:28 PM
1 2,203
what is the tensor product's physical significance? I know what it does mathematically, but what does it mean. I have...
Dec4-07 07:03 AM
17 5,832
Hi, I have a quick question about a derivation that has annoyed me all day. I am trying to prove, from the definition...
Dec11-07 09:48 AM
3 1,784
Excercise Exercise 1.6 of Roger Blandford and Kip Thorne's online textbook Applications of Classical Physics: "In...
Nov7-09 12:18 AM
2 1,065
Hello everyone! I finished school 2 months ago and at the moment I'm looking forward to my study in physics :) ...
Jul26-08 03:48 PM
3 9,952

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