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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,147
Not much. Im not sure where to put this so mods move it as need Anyways here is the back story, We have been...
Jul31-12 12:31 AM
3 1,269
For example, finding the properties of an n dimensional figure. Is this called something in math, or do I just refer...
Jul30-12 12:15 PM
3 1,140
note:The tensors in the new coordinates system are represented by X'. I have a question about the coordinate...
Jul28-12 10:45 AM
0 1,110
sorry if i posted this topic here..let P1 and P2 be a path partition of a it possible that P1 and P2 to have...
Jul24-12 10:26 AM
2 1,155
Hi, All: I am trying to better understand what happens at fibers of critical values: Specifically, I had the...
Jul23-12 03:48 PM
0 754
Can somebody provide a solution for creating a nonregular icosahedron whose facets are sized in such a way that, when...
Jul22-12 05:22 PM
2 1,087
Working on another problem here with varying results. I have three line segments in 3D and am looking to find what...
Jul21-12 08:53 PM
1 1,112
Hi All, I am currently reading Menzel's "Mathematical Physics" and one part in particular confuses me. When he is...
Jul20-12 05:28 PM
7 1,725
There is an Exercise in a book as following : Given a Manifold M , if N is a sub-manifold , an V is open set then...
Jul20-12 12:17 AM
2 1,265
I'm interested in the crossover of Lie groups/differential geometry and I'm a bit confused about the relation of Lie...
Jul17-12 05:21 AM
5 1,725
Hi everyone, I am having a little trouble with the difference between a covariant vector and contravariant vector. ...
Jul16-12 04:36 PM
1 1,471
Hi, I am not very strong in maths, so sorry if these sounds simple. If I have a 3D geometry of a pipe which has its...
Jul16-12 08:26 AM
3 1,359
reading that the commutator of rotations on two orthogonal axes is i * the rotation matrix for the third axis but...
Jul15-12 01:57 PM
2 1,016
Hello everybody, i am new to this forum, i am not a physist not a mathematician, just an architect and i have a...
Jul15-12 12:06 PM
32 10,003
I'm trying to give an answer to the following problem, I hope someone could come in help! Consider a smooth...
Jul15-12 09:00 AM
4 1,086
Hi all, I'm currently writing an iPhone application where I'm taking the following ellipse which I created in Adobe...
Jul15-12 03:10 AM
6 1,569
Hi everyone, What is a co-variant derivative? I have looked online but the explanations are not clear. I just...
Jul14-12 11:00 AM
4 1,686
I've been scratching my head over this one. I'm trying to find a system of equations to solve for points R and S. The...
Jul13-12 08:52 AM
3 1,382
So as I have read in Schutzs book on GR, and I'm finding his section on tensors and one forms very confusing. ...
Jul11-12 09:47 PM
15 1,971
I'm trying to work out the mathematics of this for a school project. Say you have 4 beacons arranged in a square (I...
Jul11-12 07:25 PM
4 2,412
This might be more of an algorithm question than a math question: how do I go about distributing n points as evenly...
Jul11-12 09:18 AM
4 1,405
What mathematics are necessary for understanding and using minimal surfaces particularly in quantum field theory? As...
Jul10-12 04:27 PM
5 1,105
I can't seem to find on the web a site that gives the Z cohomology of the infinite dimensional Grassmann manifold of...
Jul9-12 06:22 AM
4 1,314
On a bipartite graph a game of cat vs mouse can be played, with say both the cat and mouse starting on a "red" vertex....
Jul8-12 10:35 PM
2 1,409
I am reading Munkres book on Topology, Part II - Algegraic Topology Chapter 9 on the Fundamental Group. On page...
Jul8-12 05:04 AM
1 933
Hi all! It's already a couple of days that I'm trying to solve this problem. I've been given the following Kahler...
Jul8-12 04:37 AM
3 1,119
On page 333 in Section 52: The Fundamental Group (Topology by Munkres) Munkres writes: (see attachement giving Munkres...
Jul7-12 09:06 AM
3 1,213
This thread asks for help calculating the Z2 cohomology ring of the Klein bottle using intersections. This is what...
Jul7-12 08:07 AM
3 1,758
Can someone explain to me in detail, why the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is not equal to pi...
Jul5-12 05:46 PM
11 1,763
I'm not sure if this is the right section, but what the hell. I've been looking to buy a blu-ray of fractal zooms,...
Jul5-12 02:55 PM
0 756
There is a part in the proof of sard's theorem where we restrict our discussion to a point x such that Df(x)=0, and...
Jul5-12 02:53 PM
1 982
I am reading Thurston's book on the Geometry and Topology of 3-manifolds, and he describes the metric in the Poincare...
Jul5-12 02:25 PM
4 1,561
Hello, In R^3, the surface of the parallelogram determined by two vectors u and v is given by the norm of the cross...
Jul4-12 02:24 PM
26 1,947
Hi! Does anyone know which is exactly the map of groups (2,3,∞) → (2,3,n) (from modular group to triangle group) as...
Jul4-12 07:25 AM
0 694
Hello, I want to ask for a verification of something I did. Lets say I want to compute the m-th cohomology group of...
Jul3-12 08:35 PM
3 1,611
I think this a map of the Klein four-group geometry. Comments?...
Jul3-12 07:36 PM
57 9,247
Dear all, I have a problem that I need to solve. (I have made posts previously about this as well). Quite simply...
Jul2-12 11:28 PM
1 1,370
consider we have n dimensional manifold,N at point p we can define a vector this vector is independent of our...
Jul1-12 06:07 PM
1 600
{(a_i)_j} is the dual basis to the basis {(e_i)_j} I want to show that ((a_i)_1) \wedge (a_i)_2 \wedge.... \wedge...
Jun28-12 03:16 PM
1 816
Desargues' theorem: Two triangles are in perspective axially if and only if they are in perspective centrally. I...
Jun26-12 05:10 PM
0 809

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