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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 26,493
Hi, I want to rotate vectors through 120 and they are unit vectors so they lie on a unit spheres. So basically the...
Mar4-12 11:01 AM
4 1,555
I am trying to calculate the covariant derivative of the Ricci Tensor the way Einstein did it, but I keep coming up...
Mar3-12 06:29 PM
0 1,089
I don't know anything about Unitary Ball what is a Unitary ball? how make a unitary ball consider to a metric...
Mar3-12 02:37 AM
7 1,148
Assuming that we are working with an infinitessimally small region of a manifold so that we can consider only first...
Mar3-12 01:19 AM
14 1,855
Continuity equation is dj+\partial_t\rho_t=0 where j and \rho are a time-dependent 2-form and a time-dependent...
Mar2-12 01:10 AM
2 1,535
Hi Let D be an anisotropic tensor. This means especially, that D is traceless. \mathrm{tr}(D) = 0 Apply...
Mar1-12 12:42 PM
5 2,440
Greetings, I wonder if a proof of the relation between the directional cosines of two vectors and cosine between...
Feb29-12 12:37 PM
5 1,443
Here is my maths seminar video:Visible Fibre Bundle,discussing the vivid picture of fibre bundle which is the basic...
Feb29-12 07:52 AM
1 1,251
Hi Everyone! Somewhere I read <:uhh:or possibly I think so and am wrong> that christoffel symbols correspond to...
Feb29-12 03:43 AM
1 1,125
I've been looking in various books in differential geometry, and usually when they show that a smooth manifold has a...
Feb28-12 09:28 PM
7 1,604
Hey guys, I'm looking for a good treatment (good = concise, and clear) of affine geometry. Connections, parallel...
Feb28-12 11:10 AM
4 1,339
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this....if it isn't if I could be redirected/if a moderator could move...
Feb28-12 01:05 AM
2 1,499
Hi everyone: How is the following derived? Just for example: ...
Feb27-12 07:31 AM
5 1,449
How does one compute the modular group of the torus? I see how Dehn twists generate the modular group, and I see how...
Feb26-12 09:17 PM
2 1,379
By continuity I mean an unbroken fractal. With certain variants, one ends up with sharp gaps in the fractal. ...
Feb26-12 06:58 PM
Matt Benesi
4 1,302
I would like to study the path components (isotopy classes) of the diffeomorphism group of some compact Riemann...
Feb26-12 08:20 AM
2 1,318
Hi All, I am an idiot but I donot understand the parallel transport: Parallel transport should be in surface...
Feb26-12 05:30 AM
3 1,039
Wikipedia gives the relationship between a cartesian and curvlinear coordinate system as gi=(partial)x1/(partial)zi...
Feb25-12 05:26 PM
0 1,059
Hi all, I am a little stuck on a problem I'm trying to solve for something I'm programming. I'm trying to find the...
Feb25-12 04:11 PM
2 1,643
Hi friends !! Let E be a holomorphic vector bundle over a complex manifold M . We identify M with the zero section...
Feb24-12 10:19 PM
2 1,317
i am trying to figure out how to calculate the circumference of a circle in the Poincare Half Plane. I know that...
Feb23-12 02:54 PM
1 1,310
Hi can anyone help me out with finding the interior angles of a pentagon on a sphere. I know two of the interior...
Feb23-12 01:59 PM
2 1,600
I don't understand the fibre bundle structure of the Mobius band, described by my textbook. "The base space ##X## is...
Feb23-12 01:26 PM
11 1,872
Hello Everyone, I'm currently working through a differential geometry book that uses Clifford's algebra instead of...
Feb22-12 05:07 PM
6 1,540
Hi English is not my native language and I have these type of questions all the time. I would like to know if the...
Feb22-12 07:57 AM
2 1,028
Get latitude/longitude coordinates for NSWE corners from a center point 800ft out to each NSWE corner. For example...
Feb22-12 02:09 AM
0 1,306
Let M and F each be the set Z^+ of all positive integers.So the de Rham Cohomolgoy H^0(M) and H^0(F) is infinite...
Feb21-12 08:14 PM
4 1,331 It is known that simple perfect squared squares exist, with the lowest...
Feb21-12 03:53 PM
6 1,429
Please, anyone tell me how to proof this equation: {R^\rho}_{\sigma\mu\nu} = \partial_\mu\Gamma^\rho_{\nu\sigma} ...
Feb20-12 07:49 AM
1 983
Hello all. To define Borel Moore homology (, one can allow...
Feb20-12 07:03 AM
1 972
When reading other threads, following question crept into my mind: When given a manifold, why shouldn't I give it...
Feb19-12 03:36 PM
17 2,390
Hello Everyone, I am just wondering what the difference in these is. Could someone please give a brief example of...
Feb19-12 11:16 AM
6 1,638
Hi, I know that the mean curvature at an extremum point where the function vanishes must be nonpositive.can this say...
Feb18-12 01:29 PM
10 1,419
I read somewhere that a Geometry is a non Empty set and a subset of its power set which has subsets with at least two...
Feb17-12 10:06 PM
3 1,204
Hi I'm having trouble to fully understand the concept of Genus: ...
Feb17-12 01:57 PM
3 1,131
I'm trying to come up with a way to order 'random' (poly) lines, knowing only the coordinates of the vertices (and,...
Feb16-12 09:09 PM
8 1,699
Here is the situation I am concerned with - Consider a smooth curve g: \to M where M is a topological manifold...
Feb16-12 04:39 PM
9 2,183
I am currently looking at constructing a model of a 3D printed item based on a sequence of images of each layer of the...
Feb16-12 11:03 AM
0 1,013
Hey, I'm wondering, what is an ouroboros formed as a ball instead of a circle called? That is, a ball 'eating...
Feb16-12 09:14 AM
4 1,810
Feb15-12 02:22 PM
0 822

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