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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,378
Hello everybody, How do you prove that,given an n-dimensional manifold with constant curvature , i.e. the...
Apr22-11 11:39 AM
1 854
How can i define the polar coordinate on D^n? I want to prove the theorem which is sometimes called Alexandre trick:...
Apr22-11 05:26 PM
0 655
When you are modelling elements like tubes, the local x-axis is defined along the tubes length. If a unit vector...
Apr22-11 06:43 PM
1 1,343
I am told that the set of positive definite quadratic forms on R^2 has a metric that turns it into H x R where H is...
Apr23-11 03:36 PM
7 2,120
I've searched everywhere about tensor products but I just can't understand them. Can anyone please explain this...
Apr24-11 01:23 AM
10 2,431
Hi all >> :blushing: plz i want answer about defnition of affine hypersurface ?? thank u :smile:
Apr24-11 11:20 PM
Ms Mrmr
6 1,924
Is the atlas for the sphere consisting of the stereographic projections from north and south pole is an orientable...
Apr26-11 04:51 AM
2 1,218
hi friends :) is there someone who has studied the spectrum of a Riemannian Laplacian? I have a question on this...
Apr26-11 08:39 AM
2 1,496
On a closed surface in 3 space, there is an orthogonal coordinate system around every non-umbilic point that is...
Apr26-11 09:15 AM
0 878
Hii all :smile: What is Fuzzy manifold ??? and what is deformation ??? thank u >>
Apr26-11 07:33 PM
1 1,241
A right circular cone with height H and a radius r, is cut by a plane in such a way that the cutting plane cuts all...
Apr26-11 10:25 PM
0 2,012
the instantaneous axis of rotation of a body rolling on a stationary surface must pass through the instantaneous point...
Apr27-11 12:39 AM
7 2,113
I've been looking through my notes for the last few weeks and i still do not see the reason for this use of notation...
Apr28-11 07:36 AM
5 1,086
I would welcome advice on the practical issues of manipulating tensor indices, in particular how to determine the...
Apr29-11 01:32 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 1,763
Given is a surface embedded in Euclidean 3 space whose Gauss curvature is everywhere positive. Its metric is...
Apr29-11 07:05 PM
1 1,562
if the first 3D object has 4 points. why use x,y,z to describe 3D? am i confused about one or more concepts? does a...
Apr30-11 02:42 PM
35 4,085
I have the result that any 1 dim topological manifold is either R or S1. And I have the fact that every 1-dim...
May1-11 02:08 PM
4 1,189
So this is a pretty specific question, and one that has been puzzling me for a while. Either I'm missing something...
May2-11 06:03 PM
0 939
Hi, Everyone: Sorry if this is too simple: I guess the intersection for for CP^2 (complex projective 2-space)...
May2-11 09:08 PM
3 1,152
I've been studying tensors and GR for awhile now, and I've read a lot of tensor discussions in this forum, but I still...
May2-11 09:18 PM
1 937
Hi, Does anybody know the equations for the Lawson Klein bottle ? I am trying to construct it in a maths graphic...
May3-11 03:41 PM
3 1,502
Using vector methods: The figure ABCD is a quadrilateral; P,Q,R,S are the midpoints of the sides AB, BC, CD and DA...
May3-11 11:41 PM
1 2,017
Can someone please try and explain the Hodge Decomposition for me? I understand the Helmholtz decomposition just...
May4-11 10:07 AM
0 882
I wanted to see how many proofs we could compile on the nonexistence of the titular embedding. Here's one:...
May4-11 09:56 PM
0 824
Hi all, I am working on a problem from Chaos theory, I have to find the box counting dimension of the set...
May5-11 08:18 PM
14 1,992
1) Let e, e' be two orthonormal bases(not necessarily the standard basis). Prove that the matrix S = e-e' (direct...
May6-11 04:50 AM
1 852
Suppose you have a circle with a diameter of 1. If you draw a square with all four sides touching the circle, the...
May7-11 06:46 AM
4 1,227
According to the preceding paragraph, x^i(t) \equiv x^i (\gamma (t)). For now, I have the lowly ambition of...
May7-11 09:18 AM
4 1,315
given an 1-form i know how to calculate the exterior derivative 'd' however how could i calculate the...
May7-11 07:44 PM
2 1,820
Hello everyone, I need your help in this "simple" geometry problem. I need to find the delta angle, knowing...
May8-11 06:34 PM
20 1,962
Hi, All: Just curious as to the definition of the "mod2 reduction of a homology class". The context is that...
May8-11 09:10 PM
6 1,730
Hi i want to see why the fundamental group of lens space L(p,q) is Z_p. Can you help me?
May9-11 08:24 AM
2 2,026
I'm not sure this question goes here, but I'll post anyway. Is it possible to express the problem of solving...
May9-11 01:20 PM
2 1,245
I am curious what the wikipedia page <> is referring to when it...
May9-11 02:56 PM
1 1,454
Hi I do 3D modeling and lately i have been trying to make some more theoretic diagrams about the whole thing....
May10-11 01:29 AM
3 1,341
can somebody give a solution to wat the image of x(u,v)=(cos u*cos v,cos U*sin v, sin u) is? where x:U ->R^3 u,v...
May10-11 12:34 PM
I like Serena
5 1,192
Guys please help me with this: 1) Show that the slice z=c of the sphere x + y + z =1 has the same area as the...
May11-11 06:14 AM
1 1,008
Hello I'm having problems with actually proving this with some mathematics. Let A, B, C be sets. Prove that if A is...
May12-11 07:16 AM
2 1,130
The following question may be trivial, but I just can't get it figuered out: Consider the real numbers R with the...
May12-11 07:59 AM
4 1,213
I recently came across the four-colour theorem, and found it so interesting that I spent hours trying to find a...
May13-11 05:09 AM
11 1,619

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