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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 30,960
I apologize if this is the wrong forum but I need access to mathematicians who know what's happening with polygonal...
May4-14 10:19 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 839
Hi all, I have a few questions on the two spaces S^1/Z_2 and T^2/Z_2. Am I correct in saying that the first space...
May4-14 10:19 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 830
Hi, I have a faced a research problem where I would need to recover a frame field given its connection forms. More...
May4-14 10:19 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 829
Hi Let's consider the three body problem. The motion of all bodies is a manifold of dim 18. But I will consider...
May4-14 10:19 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 801
Now this is a bit of a mix of a math and a physics question, but I think it is best asked here. Assume we are...
May4-14 04:13 PM
7 928
I have: dVμ = (∂Vμ/∂xη)dxη where Vμ is a contravariant vector field I believe the () term on the RHS is a...
May1-14 07:37 PM
2 610
Hello, I am having a problem about the nature of the measurements of the intervals ds's forming out of...
Apr29-14 04:24 PM
2 743
For someone who does not already know Lie group and bundle theory, the formulation of covariant derivatives through...
Apr28-14 09:51 PM
1 738
Hello, i don't know if my question is well posed, if i have a symmetric tensor Sij = (∂ixj + ∂jxi) / 2 with xi...
Apr21-14 07:23 PM
1 848
Hello, I've been struggling with the so often spoken idea that a metric tensor gives you all necessary information...
Apr16-14 08:55 AM
7 1,017
My knowledge on this topic is a bit sketchy. I realize that there is a whole branch of math out there devoted to...
Apr14-14 07:46 PM
2 941
When I take the differential of y wrt t (being t a parameter (time)) I get the velocity of the y-coordinate, if take...
Apr14-14 08:02 AM
5 802
If a vector field can be decomposed how a sum of a conservative + solenoidal + harmonic field......
Apr14-14 07:29 AM
2 750
What means: ? This guy, ##\vec{\nabla}_{\hat{\phi}} \hat{r}##,...
Apr13-14 04:38 AM
11 918
1st which is the math definition for circulation (##\Gamma = \int_s \vec{f}\cdot d\vec{s}##)? And 2nd, what means...
Apr11-14 08:51 AM
6 1,005
After read this stretch, my doubts...
Apr10-14 03:59 PM
5 1,015
Given a vector field f, I can compute the rotational tendency in the direction n (∇fn), the translational tendency...
Apr10-14 03:42 PM
1 646
If the direction of the gradient of f in a point P is the direction of most/minor gradient, so a direction of the curl...
Apr10-14 09:58 AM
1 742
I'm just learning this theory and the maths is really trivial but the theory is slightly confusing me. I...
Apr9-14 08:08 PM
1 682
Hello, I'm reading the book Geometrical methods of mathematial physics by Brian Schutz. In chapter 3, on Lie...
Apr9-14 10:55 AM
George Jones
7 877
Hi, I would like to understand the left-invariant vector field of the additive group of real number. The left...
Apr8-14 03:42 AM
2 677
If the gradient of f is equal to differential of f wrt s: \vec{\nabla}f=\frac{df}{d\vec{s}} so, what is the curl of f...
Apr5-14 04:33 PM
7 847
Every conservative vector field is irrotational? Every irrotational vector field is conservative? Every solenoidal...
Apr4-14 01:55 PM
4 749
According to Isham (Differential Geometry for Physics) at page 115 he claims: "If X is a complete vector field then...
Apr4-14 02:50 AM
center o bass
2 683
What do you think, might be generalized the helix in the manner that I propose in the attached material?
Apr3-14 03:45 AM
5 693
As I understand it, Felix Klein sought to classify geometries with respect to what groups G that respected the...
Mar31-14 12:02 AM
1 798
Let's say that ##\vec{f}## is an exact one-form, so we have that ##\vec{f}=\vec{\nabla}f##, and ##\vec{F}## is an...
Mar30-14 10:41 AM
3 762
Vector, by definition, have 2 or 3 scalar components (generally), but the curl of a vector field f(x,y) in 2D have...
Mar29-14 01:35 PM
5 930
I am reading up on principal bundles and currently I'm trying to get to grips with the definition of a connection on...
Mar28-14 01:55 PM
8 1,006
The ##\vec{\nabla} \cdot \vec{\nabla} = \nabla^2## so, ##\vec{\nabla} \times \vec{\nabla} = \vec{0}## ? I think that...
Mar28-14 04:01 AM
6 1,083
A Lie Subgroup is defined as follows: A Lie subgroup of a Lie group G is (i) an abstract subgroup H that is (ii) an...
Mar27-14 05:17 AM
3 766
If given an one-form like: ##\omega = u dx + v dy##, dω is ##d\omega = \left ( \frac{\partial v}{\partial x} -...
Mar24-14 04:09 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 813
I found what might be the worst written book on Lie Groups. Ever. Until I find one I like better, I'm going to see if...
Mar23-14 11:17 AM
1 807
In some books, when discussing the relation between partial/directional derivatives and tangent vectors, one makes a...
Mar22-14 02:25 PM
4 916
I've been trying to prove that the closed unit ball is a manifold with boudnary, using the stereographic projection...
Mar22-14 12:25 PM
2 693
Hello, I am looking into finding geodesic distances for an ellipsoid. I will designate two points then find the...
Mar16-14 01:00 PM
0 920
Suppose we measure and plot the polarization of the Cosmic Background Radiation on a spherical plot. Could the data at...
Mar14-14 08:53 PM
0 695
I have a curved surface which I know the (x,y and z) coordinates for 5 separate points on it and I was wondering how...
Mar14-14 06:57 PM
5 853
We call originary curve the curve for that at baseline the Frenet trihedron TNB coincides with the cartesian trihedron...
Mar11-14 04:32 AM
5 885
There are two theorems from multivariable calculus that is very important for manifold theory. The first is the...
Mar9-14 11:52 AM
1 778

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