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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 26,565
Feb15-12 02:22 PM
0 825
Can someone please describe to me how Euclidean Geometry is connected to the complex plane? Angles preservations,...
Feb14-12 08:29 PM
4 2,231
I have some questions concerning the nine geometries of the plane and their physical significance. (Euclidean,...
Feb14-12 06:47 AM
2 1,579
Hi! Im trying to get an intuition for these concepts and was just playing at home. My thought was to start with a...
Feb14-12 12:29 AM
23 5,844
I've seen many a 4-D 'tesseract' projected onto a 2-D planar surface, even rotating ones projected onto 2D, but I...
Feb13-12 09:45 PM
7 2,401
Consider the (physics) situation of a sphere of radius R rolling without slipping on a plane. The configuration of the...
Feb12-12 12:19 PM
1 1,009
Dear All, I am simulating a random walk on a sphere with unit radius. I want to move from current location p_t to...
Feb12-12 11:22 AM
2 1,662
Suppose we have either a massive or massless complex field in 3 space and one time dimensions. Suppose we force (or...
Feb12-12 04:29 AM
1 982
Picture of the problem: As seen by the...
Feb12-12 02:43 AM
3 1,587
Hello, i got a question which i posted in Calculus&Beyond forum few days ago but no one answer in yet. So i think it's...
Feb11-12 10:22 PM
0 1,314
Are there any similarities between 1/r and exp(i/r) where r = (x^2 + y^2 + z^2)^.5? They both kind of go crazy as...
Feb11-12 05:29 PM
0 1,277
Hey all, How is it that f(f^{-1}(E))\subset E for some induced metric E\subset Y, can be a proper subset of E,...
Feb11-12 03:26 PM
5 1,830
Hi folks, I have a basic question I would like to ask. I ll start from the Euclidean analogue to try to explain...
Feb10-12 11:58 PM
4 1,560
Ok, I've been stewing on this problem for a couple weeks now, and it's primarily due to my lack of practice with...
Feb10-12 09:39 PM
5 2,781
What topic in mathematics would something fall under if you assumed a complex shape to be a more simple shape? Such as...
Feb10-12 10:52 AM
2 1,491
please i want to know what is geometry image and what is the difference of 2d image thank you
Feb10-12 12:05 AM
0 888
I'm working with 3D geometry, and I've been at this for days. I'm beating my head against a wall, because I'm nearly...
Feb9-12 06:09 PM
7 2,168
So I'm studying projective geometry and I'm confused about duality. In particular, I'm confused about drawing dual...
Feb9-12 05:11 PM
0 1,168
Hi everebody, I want to clear something.An n-dimentional differential manifoled is locally endowed by topologies...
Feb8-12 02:51 PM
8 1,674
Differential Geometry Library includes over 580 objects for differential geometry and its applications. Moreover here...
Feb8-12 11:10 AM
2 1,437
How to show: Tabc = \Gammaabc - \Gammaacb is a Tensor of rank (1,2) Attempted solution: 1. Using...
Feb7-12 05:24 PM
6 1,558
This is a proposition from Euclid that I want to prove (see attachment). AD and EF lie on a line parallel to BC. I...
Feb7-12 02:40 PM
1 961
I'm currently studying abstract algebra from Herstein's interesting book "Topics in algebra", I've learned different...
Feb7-12 02:36 PM
4 1,876
Hey guys, I've often seen in the definition of a Fiber bundle a projection map \pi: E\rightarrow B where E is the...
Feb7-12 12:43 PM
17 2,185
In my notes, the following two functions are defined: Suppose M^m and N^n are smooth manifolds, F:M \to N is smooth...
Feb6-12 02:57 PM
9 1,350
My question have been post elsewhere, but since no one answer, please help me prove: Every planar domain of...
Feb5-12 05:39 PM
0 970
Hello, I'm having a problem finding the minor and major axsis lengths of an ellipse from three points, the...
Feb4-12 05:31 PM
2 1,881
Hi everyone. I hope I've found the right place for my first post here. I have a geometry problem which I need to...
Feb3-12 07:44 PM
12 2,345
We are given that ABCD is a rectangle and AE is the diameter of the circle, and BFGH is a square. I want to figure...
Feb2-12 08:21 AM
2 1,426
Hello, I'm having some problems. So for geometry class today, the teacher taught us this COS, SIN, TAN stuff. I got...
Feb2-12 08:18 AM
5 3,807
CD is a perpendicular from C to AB. Prove that triangles ACD and CBD are both simlar to triangle ABC. (See attached...
Feb1-12 10:00 PM
8 2,134
Let's say a city planner plans to place a fountain that is equidistant from where people will want to walk toward a...
Jan31-12 07:28 PM
1 1,183
Hi everyone, First of all I am not sure if I have chosen the right category for this posting but this looked the...
Jan31-12 02:38 PM
1 662
I'm studying Bondi's work on gravitational radiation. He applied axial symmetry and reflection symmetry to a source of...
Jan31-12 02:35 PM
0 1,028
I have learned a lot of formulas for converting trigonometric values, but when I looked up sin(pi/10) I got the exact...
Jan29-12 11:51 PM
8 1,125
Hi, Why R mod 2pi is a Compact Manifold? Isn't this like a real line which is not compact? How should we prove it...
Jan28-12 07:51 PM
6 1,551
On a 4 or 3 wheel vehicle with the front 2 doing the steering, both wheels need to track concentric arcs of different...
Jan28-12 06:49 PM
0 2,098
Hello everybody, I have a shape (polygon) made up from pixels (squares) similar to the image below. I need an...
Jan27-12 09:45 AM
5 1,940
Cheers everybody, I have a question regarding the Lie-Algebra of the SO(3,1), i.e. the Lorentz group. The...
Jan26-12 06:02 PM
3 2,409
suppose I got a projective camera model. for this model I would like to back-project a ray through a point in the...
Jan26-12 10:16 AM
0 1,181

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