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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,148
Hello, I'm looking for an appropriate rotation representation for the following situation. I have two (always...
Mar26-12 05:08 PM
0 1,115
Hi all, I've been fiddling around with this problem for a while. I intuitively understand that the parallel...
Mar26-12 03:39 PM
1 1,266
Does anyone know if there is a non-Euclidean geometry(or something like that) where the circle becomes a line or a...
Mar25-12 05:44 PM
9 2,196
Hello everyone! Could someone tell me how to evaluate the integral \int_{B_{\delta}(p_0)}{\frac{1}{(1 + d^2(p_0,...
Mar25-12 04:12 PM
0 968
Hi guys, I have questions about algebraic functions and not sure where to ask. Hope it's ok here. Given the...
Mar25-12 03:35 AM
4 1,351
(X,\rho) is a pseudometric space Define: x~y if and only if ρ(x,y)=0 (It is shown that x~y is an equivalence...
Mar25-12 03:13 AM
2 1,482
Hello all I was hoping someone could help me with the following problem. I work on the railroads and my task is...
Mar24-12 12:28 AM
1 1,671
Ok, so I don't have much of an intuition for frame bundles, so I have some basic questions. A frame bundle over a...
Mar23-12 07:41 PM
39 4,036
How do I show that Maslov index satisfies the next property (product property). Let \Lambda : \mathbb{R} /...
Mar23-12 09:56 AM
2 1,173
Given the complete classification of finite simple groups, can one say that the number of all conceivable 2D/3D...
Mar23-12 06:21 AM
M Quack
3 1,154
I am struck in a place where i have to find length of a line(a in fig i.e between P1 and P2) in the form of r and...
Mar23-12 03:32 AM
1 1,385
I find that group structure of n-sphere is SO(n+1)/SO(n) (at So I want to find...
Mar22-12 10:12 PM
7 1,508
I have a question about terminology. Suppose we have a space X with the property that: for all x, x' in X and...
Mar22-12 07:44 PM
3 1,432
Nevermind- Found my own answer
Mar22-12 10:15 AM
1 1,171
Hi, I am am currently taking a second course in geometry, the first part of the course concerns projective...
Mar22-12 08:20 AM
4 1,348
Hi, I have a bilinear form defined as g : ℝnxℝn->ℝ by g(v,w) = v1w1 + v2w2 + ... + vn-1wn-1 - vnwn I have to show...
Mar21-12 09:37 AM
6 2,066
Hello I have been thinking about dimensional analysis with respect to computer systems. It has become obvious to...
Mar21-12 09:30 AM
31 3,436
Dear Sir/Madam, i am doing GR just for fun and have not any degree in neither physics or mathematics. My question is...
Mar20-12 03:32 PM
Dom Claude
0 856
Hello, Am working on a model that involves heat conduction in a semi-infinite solid. I have been using linspace()...
Mar19-12 06:22 AM
1 1,235
If a line segment of size L, is made up of an infinite amount of points. Then divided into half, and then half again,...
Mar18-12 07:20 PM
5 1,749
One of the definitions of the tensors says that they are multidimensional arrays of numbers which transform in a...
Mar18-12 12:51 AM
11 1,462
My question is about a general comment made in differential geometry books: There cannot be a single chart for the...
Mar18-12 12:38 AM
24 2,458
We all are familiar with the kind of differential geometry where some affine connection always exists to relate...
Mar17-12 07:59 AM
9 2,943
Pre-requisite: Protractor Requirement: Both the measurers and the object should be perpendicular to the ground ...
Mar16-12 08:38 PM
0 1,839
Hey guys, I am confused about the concept of sections of vector bundles. Mobius band is nontrivial line bundle over...
Mar16-12 04:40 PM
2 1,005
I am not sure if this is entirely possible, as my spherical trig skills are lacking. Would it be possible to...
Mar16-12 08:19 AM
2 1,313
Hi all, I've been wondering about this for some time. While I am only familiar with the basics of differential...
Mar16-12 05:30 AM
16 2,482
I need any help with the next question I posted in math.stackexchange, thanks....
Mar14-12 12:36 PM
8 1,066
The vanishing divergence(s) of the stress-energy tensor, which proves/demands (not sure which) the conservation laws...
Mar13-12 10:17 PM
0 998
I have made a geometry, see first attachment, I call the “Torbus”, from the two geometries of a Toroid and a Mobius...
Mar13-12 02:40 PM
Ray Fischer
13 2,528
Or perhaps there is a more general function that sends to the next hypervolume? Can it be bijective? Continuous?
Mar13-12 01:31 AM
7 1,166
Hello all I work in railway transport. I am trying to re-design an existing railway curve; the existing...
Mar12-12 08:48 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 886
I'm just learning manifold geometry and tensor analysis.From the things I've understood till now,an idea came into my...
Mar12-12 09:45 AM
3 1,032
I've been trying to find an algorithm for finding a line passing through any 2-dimensional polygon that will divide...
Mar11-12 09:49 AM
0 1,223
For you math people who like to express objects in a coordinate-free way, how would you denote the Riemann and the...
Mar11-12 09:01 AM
3 931
Hi, We are using a radio interferometer to measure the angular diameter of the Sun. An in depth description of...
Mar11-12 04:55 AM
2 954
Dear all, I am sorry for making a rather useless thread, but could you please guide me towards any relevant...
Mar10-12 12:39 PM
0 970
Hi, I can't find any picture of a two-torus T˛ in the net after much searching. Does anyone have a link or can draw...
Mar8-12 10:55 AM
4 1,433
Hi, I was wondering whether it's possible to define a rotation in 3 dimensions about the origin. Is it necessary to...
Mar8-12 10:52 AM
3 1,412
Hi all, I am trying to make sense of a paper involving differenital geometry and Lie algebras. Here's the part I am...
Mar7-12 01:20 PM
1 1,151

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