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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,967
The opposite of a great truth is also a great truth - T. Mann For example, the opposite of empty set {} is a...
Jul17-11 01:23 AM
2 1,909
Hey, I am trying to find the probability that exactly two people out of m have the same birthday. I know that the...
Jul15-11 02:12 AM
15 15,283
Hi everyone, My data consists of road accidents and spatial covariates. Originally i wanted to apply an...
Jul13-11 02:53 AM
7 2,162
I've been trying to figure out how to do a linear regression on data with asymmetric x and y error bars (different for...
Jul13-11 06:53 AM
11 5,487
I don't even know how to start this question: I have 6 pairs of socks (12 socks) of different colors. If I...
Jul14-11 07:56 PM
4 2,990
If all the exams have normal distribution will the average grades to student also be normal distributed? I have...
Jul11-11 08:45 AM
4 1,582
Let X be a non-empty set, and let S contain all countable subsets of X. Partially order S by inclusion. Let C be a...
Jul11-11 09:19 AM
Josh Swanson
11 4,103
Hi, it will be a very silly question, excuse me plz. I am wondering whether 3/(sqrt(2pi delta^2))...
Jul11-11 08:07 AM
4 2,442
suppose i have 2 bayesian networks.... a->b and c->d ie b depends on a and d depends on b now...
Jul10-11 05:41 PM
SW VandeCarr
3 1,170
Olbers' paradox states that if the universe is infinite, static and homogeneous then why is the night sky dark. Of...
Jul9-11 08:35 PM
3 1,798
I believe that it is correct, and it concisely represents a concept I have never understood. It seems obvious to me...
Jul9-11 07:40 PM
3 1,176
In a box with 80 tickets, 10 people buy 10 tickets each. If there are 4 winning tickets drawn at random find the...
Jul10-11 05:40 AM
1 1,053
Hi there, I am thinking a question of finding the expectation of duplicate numbers (how many time any pair could be...
Jul10-11 07:35 PM
1 784
Guys, I'm taking real analysis starting with open, close, compact sets, and neighborhoods. Now I'm addict to rely...
Jul11-11 10:58 AM
2 1,364
Is there a way to calculate/estimate how big a sample from a parent distribution would need to be for the distribution...
Jul11-11 08:33 PM
2 1,485
Could someone please advise me how to put the integral from + to - infinity notation used $ exp{-1/2(y-x)^2(A^-1) +...
Jul13-11 01:54 PM
34 3,020
I'm wondering how conditional probability relates to concepts of sample space, observation space, random variable,...
Jul15-11 08:18 AM
6 1,666
Hey all. I have some data, approximately 6 months worth. It is values that do not depend on time but are...
Jul18-11 10:48 AM
13 1,942
Hi, I will thank If somebody help me solving this problem. Consider a random variable k_1 with the given pmf...
Jul14-11 05:01 AM
2 1,921
I have a set of data points {xi,yi} where each yi is a Gamma distributed variable where both the shape k and scale...
Jul14-11 11:13 PM
6 1,152
What is the function that I get when I take a large sample from an exponential distribution (many values from the same...
Jul15-11 08:22 AM
7 1,208
A random variable is defined as a function from one set, called a sample space, to another, called an observation...
Jul15-11 06:19 PM
9 1,105
Here, to further test my understanding, is an attempt to apply the measury theory definitions of a probability space...
Jul15-11 07:02 PM
5 2,611
Given 4 axioms in real Nos: 1) 1x = x ,for all x 2) x+0 = x ,for all x 3) (x+y)z = xz+yz ,for all x,y,z 4)...
Jul16-11 08:04 PM
2 885
Does every infinite set contain an infinite, countable subset? If so, why? (I'm assuming this depends on the Axiom...
Jul22-11 03:27 PM
25 5,464
Hello all, I'm currently working on a problem in which I'm attempting to characterize a centered Gaussian random...
Jul17-11 08:32 AM
1 1,838
These three quotes talk about the use of the Poisson and normal distributions as approximations for the binomial when...
Jul17-11 11:01 AM
3 2,271
prove the following equivalences: 1)\neg\forall x\neg Fx\Longleftrightarrow\exists xFx 2)\neg\forall x...
Jul17-11 07:58 AM
0 838
In an ANOVA experiment, you have, group mean \overline{y}. overall mean \overline{y}.. Are they independent? ...
Jul18-11 04:23 PM
20 2,173
Hello, Let X be a set of N lognormal prices (in dollars), meaning \log(X) = Y \sim MN(\mu_Y , \Sigma_Y) , i.e....
Jul20-11 11:31 AM
6 1,486
Hi, could someone possible make something clear for me - I have come across this notation for a binomial PMF formed...
Jul20-11 07:56 AM
9 1,888
If the set of real numbers is considered as a sample space with the Borel sigma algebra for its events, and also as an...
Jul19-11 01:51 PM
7 1,639
Here's the issue. I have two curves that are dependent on each other (part of a bigger solution set). The logic of...
Jul19-11 05:14 PM
0 671
What book or course would you recomend to a beginner in Probability and Statistics? That is my question. However I...
Jul21-11 08:50 PM
5 2,012
Hello, I am trying to figure out what test to use in order to solve a fairly basic concept. I am not sure if this is...
Jul21-11 10:23 AM
Stephen Tashi
5 1,008
My course notes and textbook express this differently: To construct the confidence interval for diff. between...
Jul22-11 11:02 AM
1 1,320
I'm reading a stat textbook and it says the following: Let a discrete-time random walk be defined by Xt = Xt-1 +...
Jul21-11 08:52 PM
11 4,928
Hi, All: The standard way of approaching the birthday problem, i.e., the problem of determining the...
Jul22-11 07:49 AM
2 1,326
I have read that the statistic computed for the unpaired two sample t-test is: t = \frac{\bar{x} -...
Jul22-11 02:05 AM
2 1,766
I am intrigued by the idea of changing/dynamic transition probability matrix instead of the assumption of constant...
Jul22-11 02:18 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,999

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