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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,677
I was just playing some solitaire (the card game version) and realized that I come across the situation where the game...
May3-13 12:44 AM
12 5,319
If we commonly draw a distribution of data, we should be careful to chose appropriate classes, for instance, 1-2, 4 ...
May2-13 02:57 PM
6 562
Okay I got to wonder about this: Why is the multinomial coefficient independent of if you start by taking out n1, n2,...
May2-13 01:50 PM
1 376
What's the difference between convolution and crosscorrelation? I read the answer below, but I don't know enough...
May2-13 01:39 PM
5 473
Suppose there are two urns: in urn A, there are r red balls and w white balls. In urn B, there are b black balls. ...
May2-13 01:37 PM
1 341
Let X1, X2, X3 be three random variables. Suppose all three have mean μ and variance 1. The sample mean is Y = (X1...
Apr30-13 06:13 PM
5 662
So, as far as I know, there are two χ2-tests: "test for fit of a distribution" & "Test of independence" How big of...
Apr30-13 02:07 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 517
I need some advice, What could it possibly mean, in an article I am studying, where the results of a test...
Apr30-13 06:06 AM
8 596
I have N random variables (x1,x2,...,xN) following a Dirichlet distribution with parameter vector (1,...,1). That is,...
Apr30-13 04:37 AM
0 340
Hi friends, I have an idea what a markov chain is. But when it comes to HMM (hidden markov model) I...
Apr29-13 10:24 PM
2 421
came up with a different answer than someone posted on this, what do you all think? Say you have one bacterium now....
Apr29-13 01:17 PM
11 573
I have a hard time understanding/justifying the proper usage of "vacuously true" starting points in set theory...
Apr29-13 10:44 AM
Stephen Tashi
16 901
Where do numbers come from? What is the logical basis for the existence of numbers? Are numbers defined in...
Apr29-13 08:53 AM
24 1,432
I need your opinion/help, guys. Well-know American logician H. Curry once expressed the opinion that in spite of...
Apr28-13 07:48 PM
58 3,358
Hi, I am new here, and my name is Jonas. I'm a CS major at a university in the Northeast US. I'm a senior and wrapping...
Apr28-13 03:21 PM
8 444
So I am looking for some insight one how I might go about solving this problem. I have two equations f and g where ...
Apr28-13 01:33 PM
5 473
Hello, could somebody please explain to me how 1-exp(-μt) ≤ μt and similarly (1-exp(-μt))exp(-λt) ≥...
Apr28-13 10:40 AM
2 305
This is (perhaps) a tricky question regarding the moment of normal distribution. Let f(x) be the pdf of normal...
Apr28-13 10:38 AM
9 727
Hi there, So regular i thought that the procedure was F(s) = ∫s0 f(x) dx However i am doing a problem with a...
Apr27-13 06:25 PM
4 373
So I"m doing a lot of probability problems with CDF and although I know how to calculate it, I dont quite know what I...
Apr26-13 11:27 AM
Stephen Tashi
2 609
Let v be a random variable distributed according to F(.). Let X be a set containing the objects x1 and x2. Suppose ...
Apr26-13 02:31 AM
4 436
Hello everyone. I am trying to determine the Shannon entropy of the string of letters QXZ, taking into consideration...
Apr25-13 08:45 PM
2 535
Statement: If every right triangle has angle defect equal to zero then the angle defect of every triangle is equal to...
Apr25-13 04:56 PM
2 439
fXY(x,y)=2 if 0<x<1 and x<y<1, 0 for other intervals I have to calculate: P((x>0.5)π(y<0.5)). I think it 0 but im...
Apr24-13 02:42 PM
1 464
I hope this is in the right place, it feels like calculus, but it's the last part of my analysis problem. ...
Apr24-13 03:53 AM
1 402
Hello, i have the following conditional distribution fXY(x,y)=2, of 0<x<1 and x<y<1 When i calculate the marginal...
Apr24-13 03:50 AM
11 438
Alright so I posted a picture asking the exact question. Here is my best attempt... According to my professor's...
Apr23-13 12:20 AM
3 525
Hi, I'm trying to find a probability distribution (D) with the following property: Given two independent...
Apr22-13 03:13 PM
3 517
Dear all, I am using some software to perform a two-sample Kolmogorov–Smirnov test. Specifically, I am testing the...
Apr22-13 01:58 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 610
Hi all: The inequality here involves abs, and max functions, how to solve for the interval as show below?...
Apr22-13 12:38 PM
1 374
Hi Usually I'm used to dealing with symmetric distributions with mean at 0, but one has come up that cannot take...
Apr22-13 07:57 AM
1 384
I'm having trouble conceptualizing taking the difference between the empty set and itself. There is no element x where...
Apr22-13 02:08 AM
3 567
The expositions for a normal probability plot (aka normal quantile plot) (in which observed probabilities are plotted...
Apr21-13 02:06 AM
5 465
Hi everyone, I have the following exercise. Fx(x)=0, x<-1 or x>1 Fx(x)=1/2, x= g(x)=x^2+1 --- this is the function...
Apr21-13 01:24 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 464
In an exposition about the modal logic system K4, after introducing the box "necessity" quantifier \Box (where \BoxP...
Apr20-13 11:02 PM
5 507
{x\inZ|x=2m+1, m\inZ} Is this saying that x is apart of all integers and because of that x=2m+1 where m is all so...
Apr19-13 08:19 PM
2 454
First let me apologise for the improper use of 'groups'. I'm not a mathematician but I know that 'groups' means...
Apr19-13 07:37 AM
4 451
The differences in the following versions of the Church-Turing thesis 1) any algorithmic process can be simulated on...
Apr19-13 01:06 AM
Simon Bridge
3 471
This is a question out of model theory. (This preamble is due to the fact that "model" and "theory" are used in...
Apr19-13 12:07 AM
8 620
For some time now I've been trying to figure out probably for a problem of the following form. Say a criminal...
Apr18-13 03:54 PM
3 382

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