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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,746
(I hope this question is in the proper place.) I am confused about what effect the universal quantifier has on a...
Aug12-13 12:35 PM
4 633
Hi all, I have an all time doubt here. We know that if r.v z = x + y where x and y are 2 random sequences...
Aug12-13 09:59 AM
Stephen Tashi
7 564
A set x is well-ordered by < if every subset of x has a least element. Here < is assumed a linear ordering, meaning...
Aug11-13 02:10 PM
1 438 "90 students are split randomly into 3 groups of 30. What is the chance for 3...
Aug9-13 07:09 PM
6 869
Hi, I'm comparing different measurement methods. I listed and derived an equation for each error component per...
Aug9-13 01:51 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 848
I'm casually working on determining the probability of a team in a given sport (let's say football) reaching at least...
Aug9-13 09:49 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 685
Hi. I'm studying calculus in high school right now, and I became really interested in how calculus could be developed...
Aug8-13 06:35 PM
133 11,735
Hi all, I have a dataset of 3 continuous variables and 1 binary (YES/NO) variable, I am trying to establish a model...
Aug8-13 04:54 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 405
Suppose you flip a fair coin 10,000 time how can you characterize the distribution of the occurrence of head? From...
Aug8-13 04:45 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 631
and (~q or ~s) ] --> (~p or ~r) I know all basic theories in Logic and I want to know the correct way/correct steps...
Aug8-13 01:06 PM
2 482
Hey guys, I am currently working on a personal project, and I've run into a dilemma. I need to determine the...
Aug8-13 12:34 PM
6 715
The problem: Let \mu_{n} = \frac{1}{n} for n \in \mathbb{N}. Let X_{n} \; \mathtt{\sim} \; \textrm{ Poisson}\left(...
Aug8-13 12:19 PM
0 364
Hello: I've three circles as seen in the image.
Aug7-13 05:22 AM
4 538
I had a problem that said "I throw nine balls randomly in five containers. What's the probability any container will...
Aug6-13 05:18 PM
3 518 A detailed discussion and comparison of (δ,ε)...
Aug6-13 03:47 PM
0 390
P(B/A) = P(A/B).P(B) / P(A) Later we expand P(A) as P(A/B).P(B) + P(A/B).P(B) ... B is complement of B I don't...
Aug6-13 12:11 PM
4 1,138
Hi Everyone, I am a newbie in probability theory and following is my question: ...
Aug5-13 06:35 PM
Simon Bridge
3 393
Can I have a non-trivial example of where \forall x P(x) \rightarrow \exists x P(x) fails?
Aug5-13 03:15 PM
4 521
Hi to all, I have the following problem: I want to characterize two lots of detectors in order to retrieve their...
Aug5-13 02:06 PM
1 372
Hi, I understand the transformations of variables concept, getting the Jacobian and so on, but I am having...
Aug5-13 07:31 AM
0 300
So there is a proof that the sum of any two even numbers is an even number. 2k + 2l = 2(k +l) We have written...
Aug4-13 07:09 PM
4 605
For example, if we had an arbitrary event that could either yield the result a or b, we might naively assign a...
Aug4-13 04:23 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 488
My question is what is the the meaning of the T(as a power) in the following line? ...
Aug4-13 05:19 AM
1 850
Hi, friends! Since this is my first post, I want to present myself as an Italian who is trying to teach himself...
Aug3-13 01:38 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 576
1) For the normal distribution it seems that the integral of the propability density function from \mu-\sigma to...
Aug2-13 03:53 PM
9 1,294
We have for two random variables X and Y (one sum runs over j and one over k): E(X+Y) = ƩƩ(xj+yk)P(X=xk,Y=yk) =...
Aug2-13 03:37 PM
2 415
Hi math gurus . I have probability modeling question. There are 5 coins A, B, C, D,E,F . Each coin has 2 outcomes...
Aug1-13 08:12 PM
5 821
The book states that ##P(x|y,t)## represents the probability density that the potential has a value x at time t,...
Aug1-13 10:42 AM
2 1,736
Axioms are: - 1) P(E) >= 0 2) P(S) = 1 3) P(E1 U E2 U ...) = P(E1) + P(E2) + .... if all are mutually exclusive ...
Aug1-13 08:24 AM
7 672
Ok so maybe this will take some work to wrap your heads around. Maybe not. I sure know that I have had some real...
Aug1-13 04:37 AM
6 631
When I was very young, I read a book from the 60's about classical mathematics. I was far too young to understand...
Jul31-13 12:17 PM
2 675
(a) Is it true (and provably so) that for every real number r > 0 there exists a natural number n such that there...
Jul31-13 11:14 AM
0 404
What is a good test for hypothesis testing of a complex deterministic model? What I'm doing: I have a complex...
Jul30-13 08:10 PM
19 1,216
I have always wondered: Is the product rule and addition rule for that matter axioms of the probability theory or...
Jul30-13 08:07 PM
2 501
Hi all, i got a set of negative values ranging from -0.0001 to -0.3. How do i effectively make them easier to compare...
Jul30-13 05:13 AM
1 441
Hi all a quick question regarding ARMA models. If a time series has an upward trend (or any trend), and it then...
Jul29-13 04:22 PM
Darth Frodo
0 478
I imagine myself flipping a coin repeatedly and recording the outcomes. With only the WLLN being true, I expect to...
Jul28-13 11:36 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 542
Hello, I have a simple question regarding changing variables in a conditional distribution. I have two...
Jul28-13 12:39 PM
5 543
Hi everyone, Suppose I have two samples that can be described by an observable. Call it x. x can take on any...
Jul28-13 12:04 PM
7 583
Hi, I would like to know, how do I evaluate the quality of correlation? Specifically, I have a set of N...
Jul26-13 08:55 PM
1 711

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