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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,727
Would anyone be able to help me with a problem involving martingales and another problem dealing with Poisson...
Mar13-13 12:56 PM
1 552
I am trying to understand the relationship between p-values and Type II error rate. Type II error occurs when there is...
Mar13-13 10:25 AM
Stephen Tashi
9 1,387
I actually have no idea on how would we conduct our statistical analysis for our design project. We will be creating a...
Mar12-13 10:47 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 832
If we have a set of two elements, say S={0. 1} and we defined 0 to be less than 1, would this obey the transitivity...
Mar12-13 09:44 AM
3 681
Good everning! I am currently working on problems related to turing machines. Lets say we have a turing machine...
Mar12-13 07:32 AM
1 738
Repeat 4 times the following experiment: We pull 3 cards from 3 normal decks (one sheet each), we note what some...
Mar11-13 03:43 PM
3 704
I am confused by the labeling of the (only) graph in The...
Mar11-13 11:03 AM
2 731
Hi Any considerations when to use Shapiro-Wilk vs Moment tests for testing normality ?? If I calculated β_{1} test...
Mar11-13 10:28 AM
Mark J.
0 551
I'm looking through my statistics notes and on the page thats giving examples of cases where you can use a binomial...
Mar10-13 11:04 AM
7 849
I've read the article in wikipedia but I can't understand it. Can someone point me to a good explanation of what a Q-Q...
Mar9-13 11:11 PM
4 866
I've been using this MATLAB function a guy gave me to crunch numbers on some EEG data from patients. If you have any...
Mar9-13 02:57 AM
0 574
Hi, Are there any restrictions on what a design matrix can be? I have no background in this area, I'm just...
Mar8-13 08:55 PM
2 622
Hello, I looking for some advice for a simulation. I know that when an electric car arrives at a destination there...
Mar8-13 11:51 AM
3 694
Are there any online sources that would note (and define all variables, especially on how to calculate standard error)...
Mar7-13 06:16 AM
5 1,986
I am getting lost in the proof in the 5th line when it says there are 10 numbers that have the same kth digit as x....
Mar7-13 01:54 AM
1 537
I am having trouble understanding how the indexed union of ln in the first picture is equal to a subset of the plane;...
Mar7-13 12:30 AM
2 668
Hi everyone, Im running the KF to learn parameters of a model, the log likelihood of the p(Y_{k}|Y_{k-1}), however...
Mar5-13 11:00 PM
2 647
When I read the AC, "that the ∏ of a coll. of non-∅ sets is itself non-∅" I understand its meaning, yet I come short...
Mar5-13 01:04 PM
8 1,278
hi everyone! I wanna doing a survey about life insurance, I have an base article, but I dont' know how to start...
Mar5-13 08:34 AM
0 431
Hi! I'm struggling with the bellow truth tables: P = I live in Paris Q = I live in France A B ...
Mar4-13 03:28 PM
4 804
How many numbers of 6 digits which have exatctly the digit 1 (2 times), digit 2 (2 times), without zero, are there?...
Mar4-13 12:42 PM
3 588
Hi, Are there any sources where to find arguments why use Anderson Darling vs KS test or Lilliefors? In other words...
Mar3-13 12:54 PM
Mark J.
0 448
Hello, I'm hoping I might be able to get some help in creating a forecasting model (in sports) looking at 2...
Mar3-13 12:29 AM
8 627
I am learning interesting topics in set theory class. I believe that there is a straight proof of Axiom of Choice II...
Mar2-13 11:36 PM
10 1,577
lim(∫λu du) when limit T tend to infinity and ∫ between 0 to t
Mar2-13 09:31 PM
4 672
Two bags of M & M chocolates are within: the first 20% yellow, 20% red and 60% green, and the second 40%...
Mar2-13 01:36 PM
1 517
Hi everyone! I just discovered this new branch of statistics/informatics called "data mining", and I was wondering if...
Mar2-13 06:06 AM
5 867
If X is a r.v. that follows that Gaussian distribution with mean μ and variance σ^2, how do I find the distribution...
Mar1-13 10:46 PM
2 582
Hi, Thank you in advance if anyone can answer this question. How any stationary distributions exists in below...
Mar1-13 09:56 PM
2 875
Is it possible to combine statistics from two distributions for the same parameter. For example I have one...
Mar1-13 10:46 AM
4 673
i am studying real analysis from terence tao lecture notes for analysis I....
Mar1-13 10:35 AM
6 849
really basic trick, i'm quite tired and can't wrap my head around how it works out to 2/3 chances
Mar1-13 07:21 AM
Saad Khan
9 1,123
Hi, I'm reading a paper which calculates the probability of an electric car re-charging. Data has been recorded...
Mar1-13 06:53 AM
1 1,705
Hi all, Can anyone gimme any clues to solve the sum below (or solve it outright :D)? \sum_{i=k}^{n}...
Mar1-13 05:52 AM
8 783
I have to prove that the cardinality of the set of infinite sequences of real numbers is equal to the cardinality of...
Feb28-13 08:43 PM
12 1,898
Can you help me to construct a 1-1 mapping from real numbers onto non-integers? thanks
Feb28-13 03:13 PM
7 828
Is it true that the following definitions of completeness are equivalent? \mbox{For theory } \Sigma \mbox{ and for...
Feb27-13 06:54 PM
5 655
If I am checking whether my data fits a curve C1, I have to check to see whether the residues R1n are normally...
Feb26-13 09:41 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 818
Hi all, I want to learn Game-Theoretic Probability. I have found few examples of computing conditional probability...
Feb26-13 01:00 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 645
how are cdf and pdf related in statistics? plz help i have a test tomorrow
Feb26-13 12:58 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 618

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