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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,580
Hi, Thank you in advance if anyone can answer this question. How any stationary distributions exists in below...
Mar1-13 09:56 PM
2 865
Is it possible to combine statistics from two distributions for the same parameter. For example I have one...
Mar1-13 10:46 AM
4 656
i am studying real analysis from terence tao lecture notes for analysis I....
Mar1-13 10:35 AM
6 843
really basic trick, i'm quite tired and can't wrap my head around how it works out to 2/3 chances
Mar1-13 07:21 AM
Saad Khan
9 1,099
Hi, I'm reading a paper which calculates the probability of an electric car re-charging. Data has been recorded...
Mar1-13 06:53 AM
1 1,698
Hi all, Can anyone gimme any clues to solve the sum below (or solve it outright :D)? \sum_{i=k}^{n}...
Mar1-13 05:52 AM
8 778
I have to prove that the cardinality of the set of infinite sequences of real numbers is equal to the cardinality of...
Feb28-13 08:43 PM
12 1,836
Can you help me to construct a 1-1 mapping from real numbers onto non-integers? thanks
Feb28-13 03:13 PM
7 806
Is it true that the following definitions of completeness are equivalent? \mbox{For theory } \Sigma \mbox{ and for...
Feb27-13 06:54 PM
5 649
If I am checking whether my data fits a curve C1, I have to check to see whether the residues R1n are normally...
Feb26-13 09:41 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 807
Hi all, I want to learn Game-Theoretic Probability. I have found few examples of computing conditional probability...
Feb26-13 01:00 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 638
how are cdf and pdf related in statistics? plz help i have a test tomorrow
Feb26-13 12:58 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 612
So I'm trying to take the expectation of the covariance estimate. I'm stuck at this point. I know I have to...
Feb25-13 10:00 PM
2 625
This is surely going to sound naive, but at least this will make it easy to answer. For a chi-squared...
Feb24-13 05:04 AM
9 1,169
Is it possible that for a random variable X there exist no p in (0,1) so that EX^p < ∞ ? Is there any example?
Feb23-13 08:56 AM
4 824
I know that function is a type of relation. What i acctually need to know is that; Are these relations Equivalent all...
Feb23-13 08:50 AM
1 478
i would like to have some help here.. it is a problem in probabilities i can not find anyway to start finding the...
Feb23-13 06:22 AM
14 333
I have a crooked line of data points,want to project data on the straight line.If I go standard least-square...
Feb22-13 07:53 PM
1 549
\exists{x}(P(x)\Rightarrow{Q(x)})\equiv{\forall{x}P(x)\Rightarrow{\exists{x}Q(x)}} I am able to derive this...
Feb22-13 01:10 PM
3 582
Hi All, I often see this term when factorizing out a matrix from brackets A(some other term)A^T where I...
Feb22-13 12:42 PM
2 517
I have trouble disproving the following expression I worded it as follows: The product of certain number and...
Feb22-13 08:56 AM
2 633
My statistics professor wanted me to remember an infinite series sum, but i cant remember what it was i think it was...
Feb22-13 08:38 AM
1 445
Batter A has a batting average (probability of getting a hit) of .320. Batter B has a batting average of .280. If...
Feb21-13 07:08 AM
2 961
Hi everyone, I have a plot of some data points that have error bars on the y axis. A bit of software I am using...
Feb21-13 05:58 AM
4 807
Hello, I am trying to quantify the difference between two discrete distributions. I have been reading online and...
Feb21-13 12:13 AM
4 992
I have been trying to teach myself some category theory, and have been working through some proofs. I didn't...
Feb20-13 11:39 PM
Jim Kata
0 414
Hey all I have what I assume to be a fairly vague question. I'm taking a programming class right now for MATLAB and...
Feb20-13 04:32 AM
2 1,020
Hello my name is Andy I'm in highschool, and I have a bit of a confusion or lack of information. Ok so I have been...
Feb20-13 03:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 672
Hello PF This might be a fairly simple question to most of you, but I was given this problem (don't worry, I...
Feb20-13 01:47 AM
2 2,007
I know that there are many web-sites that explain Pearson's chi-square test, but they all leave the same questions...
Feb19-13 07:58 AM
4 1,107
Hi all, Just checking my answer in the following problem. Suppose 100 women with a probabilty P of getting pregnant...
Feb19-13 05:36 AM
0 430
Hello, How would you/or is it possible to combine two transitional probability matrices? Say for example I...
Feb18-13 08:07 PM
65 8,758
Let's say that I'm playing a card game with 3 friends. The game involves a full deck of regular playing cards (52...
Feb18-13 04:35 PM
2 776
The page are under the attachment. How to solve the Harry drives cross-country problem without technical symbol but...
Feb17-13 12:28 PM
Alan Lui
0 807
Given a sample of a normally distributed population, then the sample variance ≈the population variance divided by the...
Feb15-13 07:55 AM
5 884
I realize you can transform the data in many ways, but I really can't find a method to solve this particular scenario...
Feb15-13 06:04 AM
6 1,225
I'm putting together a lab report and my result is off from the known value by 1.43 σ. According to the error...
Feb15-13 05:49 AM
6 637
I've seen in some probability theory books that the classical definition of probability is a probability measure, it...
Feb14-13 12:25 PM
8 1,274
##S = \bigcup _{i=1}^{∞}\left\{{0,1}\right\}^i ## methinks yes because: ##S = \bigcup...
Feb13-13 10:46 PM
6 882
See attachment for the question. ---------------- ∀x ∈ D, if P(x) then Q(x). this means ∀x P(x) -> Q(x). all you...
Feb13-13 09:01 PM
5 1,149

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