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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,572
Hello, I have a time series of 5 years of wind speed and I would like to know how to calcule the return period for...
Dec7-12 12:05 PM
0 805
Hi all, I was curious about how i would go about showing that samples of a variable separated in time may have a...
Dec6-12 11:42 AM
5 1,105
Is it possible to have a set that contain all the irrationals that has measure zero. I dont know that much about...
Dec6-12 12:23 AM
14 1,298
X and Y are independent, exponentially distributed random variables - with possibly different parameters Determine...
Dec4-12 11:00 PM
1 671
The number of end points of the cantor set double each time an iteration is performed, therefore the total number of...
Dec4-12 08:40 PM
9 1,210
Hello, You can use a Q-Q plot to visually test if 2 continuous variables are from the same distribution and you...
Dec4-12 01:38 PM
4 1,049
Hi, I just solved a probability density function problem and the standard deviation is undefined.Does anyone know why...
Dec4-12 06:29 AM
3 1,186
text files consists of 0&1 bits. But in ASCII, Most Significant Bit(MSB) is 0, so we have more 0s than 1s. Assume...
Dec4-12 03:16 AM
56 5,033
In my research I am working on some data (letís call it sales data), however we almost have no information on the...
Dec3-12 11:40 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 682
So I have a research problem and I am not very good at statistics. I need to amplify a library of dna molecules with a...
Dec3-12 11:31 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 711
Hi all, Went over this today and I'm not grasping it: why is the order type of n + ω = ω, while ω + n ≠ ω? I'd...
Dec3-12 05:22 PM
4 539
My professor made a rather concise statement in class, which sums to this: E(Y|X=xi) = constant. E(Y|X )= variable....
Dec3-12 03:20 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 797
I think Iím a bit confused about what \alpha is. For the definition that is given, what theta really means when they...
Dec2-12 08:46 AM
4 939
Hi, I am trying to identify the independent and dependent variables in the following experiment: ...
Dec1-12 09:50 PM
1 932
If we have a sequence of real numbers x_{n} converging to x, that means \forall \epsilon > 0, \exists N such that ...
Dec1-12 09:07 PM
2 773
Dear all I am working with a Gamma-Poisson mixture distribution where (and this is not usual) the support of the...
Dec1-12 12:07 AM
1 881
I understand the concept of a surjective or onto function (to a degree). I understand that if the range and domain of...
Nov29-12 10:49 PM
Michael Redei
3 792
In proofs like prove sqrt(2) is irrational using proof by contradiction it typically goes like-We assume to the...
Nov29-12 09:15 PM
3 728
Hi, I am looking for an introductory material on Markov Switching Time Series with a couple of toy examples maybe....
Nov29-12 06:32 PM
0 422
What is a measure of "jointness" of a joint distribution? Correlation?
Nov29-12 03:18 PM
1 578
Hey, how can I run a analyse with SPSS statistics software for this data? (I am not a stats guy at all, and not sure...
Nov29-12 12:09 PM
3 729
Hi all, I'm looking at the joint pdf F(x,y) = (8+xy^3)/64) for -1<x<1 and -2<y<2 (A plot of it is here:...
Nov28-12 11:14 PM
6 1,511
I hopefully have a rather simple question.... I am looking for the equation to calculate the probability when the...
Nov28-12 08:11 PM
6 1,304
Hi, I have tried to calculate 200C65 on my calculator but the calculator gives an error. Do u know how to do it? I...
Nov28-12 04:26 PM
2 916
I teach cost-benefit analysis, which requires me to teach monte carlo simulation for sensitivity analysis. I use...
Nov28-12 12:40 AM
12 1,826
One of my math teachers discussed stochastic ("random") variables today. In an example, he discussed the probability...
Nov27-12 10:05 PM
4 866
Delete please. Got it!
Nov27-12 07:51 PM
0 697 Are the ones I selected right? I only get one...
Nov27-12 09:19 AM
1 632
I am confused about calculating errors. I have learned if you take the variance covariance matrix \Sigma_{ij} of a fit...
Nov26-12 07:28 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 1,376
Hello folks, I am new to this forum. I am trying to find out which modern day games or sports apply the...
Nov26-12 02:46 PM
cosmik debris
1 745
From a survey of paraconsistent logics, it appears to me that there are three main trends: (1) Weaken implication...
Nov26-12 02:11 PM
3 661
How to calculate the odds for Keno Bonus? The detail that I have is limited. Do I have to know the total ball for Keno...
Nov26-12 02:38 AM
0 605
What is the difference between disjoint and independent events, how will the 2 affect calculations involving them?
Nov25-12 02:40 PM
9 7,244
If I adopt a level of significance of 5% for data which is normally distributed, and I am adopting a two-tailed test,...
Nov24-12 10:30 AM
8 1,336
Hey, Let ##(f,g) \in B^A## where ##A## and ##B## are non-empty sets, ##B^A## denotes the set of bijective functions...
Nov23-12 07:42 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,094
Problem: "Let x_1, ..., x_n be i.i.d random variables uniformly on . Let X be the length of the longest increasing...
Nov23-12 07:25 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 679
I cannot find a consistent definition of the studentized residual and the RMSEP, because I've noticed that various...
Nov23-12 07:18 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 1,573
1.There exists an injection from A to B ⇔ A ≤ B 2.There exists an injection from B to A ⇔ B ≤ A 3.If A ≤ B and B ≤...
Nov23-12 05:20 PM
4 898
Hi, I understand the mechanics of the crossed/nested models with fixed/random effects. What I am having trouble...
Nov22-12 12:36 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 753
Hi everyone. I am currently in a club that prepares students for technical interviews for jobs such as investment...
Nov22-12 12:10 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 1,251

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