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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,661
Hello, folks. I'm taking my first formal logic class and some of the things seem contradictory; I know it's because...
Nov8-12 05:48 AM
4 1,222
Hi everybody, I am a college student who unfortunately is not smart enough to be a math major. But nonetheless I am...
Nov7-12 10:29 AM
3 1,241
I know that propositional logic and Boolean algebra's are related in the sense that disjunction, conjunction and...
Nov7-12 10:19 AM
Logic Cloud
0 700
Which of the following two definitions is correct: 1) ##\forall x\forall y## 2) ##\forall x\forall y## I...
Nov7-12 08:20 AM
27 3,062
Hi all! I started learning about Monte Carlo Simulation. However, one thing that I don't quite get is that why for...
Nov7-12 08:14 AM
9 1,105
Hi, Are you aware of any dataset (in R or elsewhere) consisting of a sample from two variables where the...
Nov7-12 04:12 AM
6 789
Hello, Iím Charlie and Iíve been trying to understand how I prove things correctly. So here is an example of the way I...
Nov6-12 05:17 PM
0 617
Pretty much every proof of this I've seen uses the axiom of countable choice at some part or another, and I never got...
Nov6-12 04:19 PM
1 756
I'm wondering if there's an expression/correction for finding the entropy of a density using histograms of different...
Nov6-12 11:16 AM
Stephen Tashi
8 1,239
With a regular deck of 52 cards, how would you find the probability of getting the Ace of Spaces if you took turns...
Nov6-12 06:24 AM
3 866
Two dice are rolled. What is the probability that the first die is a perfect square and the second die is a 4? ...
Nov6-12 05:06 AM
2 683
I am trying to investigate the statistical variance of the eigenvalues of sample covariance matrices using Matlab. To...
Nov5-12 07:38 PM
11 1,982
What branches of mathematical logic are there? I've taken formal logic (that is, the logic where one has various...
Nov5-12 05:46 PM
2 859
In Joseph Dauben's book on George Cantor, his philosophy of the infinite and hsi mathematics...there is a section...
Nov5-12 02:10 PM
1 605
So my prof. has not replied to my e-mail, so I was wondering if someone here can help me understand why the MLE for a...
Nov5-12 12:09 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 915
Hi there, I'm working on a simulation of the travel patterns of cars. There are many variables and conditional...
Nov5-12 11:30 AM
2 607
Hi there, This is going to be difficult for me to explain, so I will try my best. My statistics is kind of rusty......
Nov4-12 10:54 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 804
we know anything can happen in future.but when future becomes past only one event has actually occurred. so the...
Nov4-12 06:22 PM
1 654
I was just wondering how exactly to appropriately modify the 1st and 2nd order stats when you want to weight a given...
Nov4-12 04:44 PM
2 602
Given the following distributions I have to choose which one to use under the given scenario. Distributions -...
Nov4-12 11:26 AM
0 584
MGF of X denote M(x)=E exists for every t>0 . For t>0 Show p(tX >s^2 +logM(t)) < e^-s^2 .
Nov4-12 11:25 AM
2 850
Hi! I have an argument and I have to prove the validity of all possible ways. I have proved by logical...
Nov4-12 08:56 AM
0 674
Hi, I'm fitting a distribution to the starting times of the first car journey in the day. I have a sample of 3,000...
Nov4-12 08:47 AM
2 641
Given that X(t) is a homogeneous poisson process with arrival rate λ, how do I perform the transformation: ...
Nov4-12 08:41 AM
0 671
f(x,y) = (1/x) for 0≤y≤x≤1 A new rv Z=X+Y where X,Y not independent find the pdf of z My approach F(z) =...
Nov4-12 03:02 AM
1 527
X = # of clubs in a 13 card hand drawn at random without replacement from 52 card deck Y= # of queens in the same 13...
Nov4-12 12:01 AM
1 572
Greetings, In atomic spectra experiment I came across with error propogation in the nonlinear equation:...
Nov3-12 10:34 PM
5 988
Why is the E^2 minimized when choosing f(x) = E ?
Nov3-12 09:48 PM
1 368
For any integer valued RV X Summation n=0 to infinity of s^n P(X=<n) = (1-s)^-1 * Summation k=0 to infinity of...
Nov3-12 06:04 PM
1 568
i was trying to formalize the definition of the supremum in the real Nos (supremum is the least upper bound that a non...
Nov3-12 04:28 PM
8 1,236
I've just started studying college math. I read the proof by contradiction is based on the law of excluded middle....
Nov3-12 04:10 PM
1 636
Let X be a uniform integrable function, and g be a continuous function. Is is true that g(X) is UI? I don't think...
Nov3-12 11:52 AM
1 757
Hi forum, i'm new here, and have a burning question, that I can't seem to figure out or find on the internet. ...
Nov2-12 09:31 PM
2 548
I've taken the day off to wait for a parcel at home and (because I'm a physics student and therefore have no ability...
Nov2-12 04:04 PM
4 689
Hi, I have 3 correlated variables that I wish to model with a copula function. 2 of the variables are continuous...
Nov2-12 08:48 AM
1 480
How bad is my statistics knowledge based on the following mind map? Any concepts which aren't bold are the concepts...
Nov1-12 09:55 PM
4 819
What is the reason for calling Baye's theorem as "inverse probability"? Any valid reason? Thanks a lot
Nov1-12 11:52 AM
7 979
I need some good online resources for learning statistics. Can I opt for video tutors, suggestions please...
Nov1-12 10:25 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 626
To get the following proof I followed another similar example, but I'm not sure if it's correct. Does this proof...
Nov1-12 01:58 AM
2 687
Let's say that a treatment A has been proven to have an impact on the levels of B with a given confidence interval....
Oct31-12 10:21 PM
1 743

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