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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,999
Alright my brother posed this question to me tonight. You have 7 coins (for this sake we will go with the "normal"...
Jan6-13 08:22 AM
21 1,826
Hi had this question on my last "Statistical Inference" exam. And I still have some doubts about it. I determined that...
Jan5-13 06:39 PM
9 21,915
Hello guys, I need to understand the ARCH and GARCH models and so I need some advice on where I should begin my study....
Jan5-13 07:19 AM
2 965
On one side one can define second-order variables as ranging over all elements of Pk(M) for all natural numbers k...
Jan4-13 11:47 PM
1 612
This is NOT homework. This is a personal project I am working on. First and foremost, THANK YOU in advance for...
Jan4-13 04:38 PM
12 1,659
From the perspective of mathematical philosophy, what is the difference between a "theorem" and a "law"? In...
Jan4-13 03:24 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 910
This question has been bothering me for a while. If you roll a 6 sided die 6 times, is there a 1 probability that you...
Jan4-13 01:44 PM
2 883
Hello, I'm a second year mathematics and economics student, and I've been hired by an economic development...
Jan4-13 12:16 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 1,032
Consider stochastic process ##X(t)## with properties $$ \langle X(t) \rangle = 0, $$ $$ \langle X(t)...
Jan4-13 09:31 AM
Jano L.
4 875
So,I'm studying statistics (for engineers) now,and this is one of them courses that really gives me a headache time...
Jan3-13 11:12 AM
7 1,203
Could we use the fact that all countable sets have zero measure to prove that their must be a larger infinity. ...
Jan2-13 08:16 PM
4 876
I have two basic questions about combinations. If there are e.g. 10 objects of which 3 are identical and you want to...
Jan2-13 07:20 PM
1 610
This is difficult for me to describe. If anyone can get the gist of what I am talking about and can point me to the...
Jan2-13 01:45 AM
7 1,053
Hoping to get some assistance here on a volunteer project I am working on. I am writing a program for my bicyle...
Jan2-13 12:28 AM
3 879
It is the very first time I try such a long shot, attempting to prove a well-known theorem (small one, but still not...
Jan1-13 08:24 PM
2 1,015
I have a non-increasing sequence of random variables \{Y_n\} which is bounded below by a constant c, \forall \omega...
Jan1-13 04:24 AM
3 964
hello im struggled with a qustion let B be a countable subset of uncountable set A. Prove |A-B|=|A| i know how to...
Dec31-12 07:25 AM
5 826
Hello, I was hoping that somebody could advise me how to do evaluate the performance of a model. The model...
Dec30-12 04:29 PM
5 968
Hello, I am building a model that simulates the travel patterns of electric cars using a series of iterative...
Dec30-12 01:46 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 782
the Ramsey number of R(\omega,\omega)=\omega but then R(\omega+1,\omega)=\omega_1 My question is on the...
Dec30-12 08:28 AM
0 487
Let \phi(t) be a Brownian Walk (Wiener Process), where \phi\in. As such we work with the variable z(t)=e^{i\phi(t)}. I...
Dec29-12 11:07 PM
2 1,340
Suppose G is a HC (Hamiltonian-connected) graph on n >= 4 vertices. Show that connectivity of G is 3. I tried...
Dec29-12 08:46 PM
8 1,078
I was wondering. Has anyone ever been able to build a beth-2 set? What does it look like? What could it possibly look...
Dec28-12 03:14 AM
2 813
The Information Systems Audit and Control Association surveyed office workers to learn about the anticipated usage of...
Dec28-12 03:07 AM
Simon Bridge
3 1,273
What does the term 'absolutely fair' in statistics & probability mean? Does it mean that the probability for each...
Dec27-12 07:17 PM
6 1,315
Every kernel function definition I have found has that it integrates to 1 and that the expectation is 0. However there...
Dec27-12 05:31 PM
0 529
First, I know that "ZFC + there exists a measurable cardinal" and "ZFC + there exists a real-valued measurable...
Dec25-12 10:27 PM
0 2,011
I'm doing a project based around the Metropolis algorithm to explore parameter spaces.The computational aspect I can...
Dec24-12 02:27 PM
chris ball
21 2,778
Hi, I am trying to simulate muon paths through drift tubes and I have ran into a problem performing a linear...
Dec22-12 11:46 PM
5 989
Hello, Would someone please give me a list of free programs that I can use to simulate probability...
Dec22-12 09:06 PM
9 1,432
Hi, does anyone know how to model probability density function, b(x), of a system that has two parallel servers: ...
Dec22-12 06:05 PM
4 826
Hi, On section 2.4.2. of the "Probabilistic robotics" book, there is an example to demonstrate the way a Bayes filter...
Dec22-12 02:37 PM
4 909
So shows this as an example: d = pdist(meas); Z = linkage(d); c = cluster(Z,'maxclust',3:5); ...
Dec22-12 01:48 AM
1 772
I computed the distribution of B_s given B_t, where 0\leq s <t and \left\{B_t\right\}_{t\geq 0} is a standard...
Dec22-12 01:43 AM
1 668
Hi all, Just a few question about FOL logic. What is the difference between terms and atoms, I read lot's of...
Dec21-12 11:31 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 795
Hello I was wondering If anyone could give intuitive explanations for the multivariate Gaussian distribution...
Dec21-12 06:07 AM
8 1,474
Fifteen cities are planned to be connected in such a way that each city has precisely one road leading to each of five...
Dec19-12 08:16 AM
3 858
If we have ##x_1, \ldots , x_n##, all distinct values, and then sample from this with replacement and thus obtain a...
Dec17-12 06:39 PM
3 798
Consider continuous function x(t), which has zero time average: ...
Dec17-12 10:43 AM
13 1,389
Ok, so ill start this off with this, I don't know a whole lot about math. I do however have a question that im pretty...
Dec17-12 12:14 AM
3 1,044

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