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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,555
Hello everyone, For homework my instructor assigned problem from the book. To show which problems to do she wrote...
Jan24-13 10:37 AM
1 499
I hope someone can put me on the right track here. I need to derive the infinitesimal generator for a bridged gamma...
Jan24-13 04:19 AM
6 1,227
Say given a simple acyclic directed graph with n nodes , which includes a starting node s0 and ending node e0 (i.e., a...
Jan23-13 03:18 AM
1 943
I'm interested in the question of defining a reliability parameter of a model of the probability of an event. Say...
Jan22-13 04:55 PM
7 927
According to the truth tables in my computer architecture text, P → Q is false if P is true and Q false; and true...
Jan22-13 08:54 AM
14 1,801
Hi, I try to teach myself Hidden Markov Models. I am using this text as...
Jan21-13 02:12 PM
4 1,270 Is this sufficient?
Jan21-13 12:58 PM
5 737
Does μx mean the same thing as E? Also, does σ2x mean the same thing as Var X?
Jan21-13 02:01 AM
2 1,110
Hello, I had a question about data which is represented by a fractal distribution. I know that the linear regression...
Jan20-13 08:44 PM
Stephen Tashi
7 1,393
This applies to natural numbers n and N where n<N. We have N balls representing numbers 1,2,...,N. We randomly...
Jan20-13 03:22 PM
8 1,141
Hi, I'm trying to use the kolmogorov smirnov test in in R to compare one distribution with another. I'm getting the...
Jan19-13 11:34 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,227
Hi there, heres the question im given, i will provide the answer that I think is correct, do you mind checking it and...
Jan18-13 06:51 PM
2 926
What I mean by this is, Say I roll a die, given the specific condition that I get four eights consecutively such as ...
Jan18-13 06:38 PM
2 570
My question is: Is there any gain in intuitive mathematical understanding of degrees of freedom from learning their...
Jan18-13 05:23 AM
Stephen Tashi
10 1,300 I have posted this question before but I don't think I was clear on what i was trying...
Jan17-13 06:41 PM
Stephen Tashi
6 1,383
About the normal probability distribution: with formula P(X=x) = (1/(σ*sqrt(2π))*exp(-(x-μ)2/2σ2), what happens...
Jan17-13 10:23 AM
4 740
Actually describing the process of arrivals for clients in a shop: Getting difficulties with math describing of the...
Jan16-13 10:09 PM
18 1,055
Dear people, I want to implement the Extended Kalman Filter for identification. I have a model of the system and I...
Jan16-13 03:34 AM
0 538
I don't know if there was talking about this or somebody already did this but do you think it would be possible to...
Jan14-13 01:13 AM
2 772
In a lecture I had it was mentioned that the Pareto distribution is used to model insurance losses for extreme events....
Jan13-13 09:39 AM
0 863
I tried to understand the following concept but a friend of mine came up with a different result. Can someone explain...
Jan12-13 09:15 AM
2 647
So if there were say 10 teams that were randomly matched into alliances of 3 v 3 with a score given for eatch match....
Jan12-13 01:08 AM
6 1,210
The question: A box and whisker plot is made from the lengths of 39 salmon. No two lengths are the same. Two of the...
Jan10-13 04:55 PM
joel amos
2 915
I am supposed to have an image consisting of overlapping curves. What I have is an image where the curves are missing...
Jan10-13 01:56 PM
6 757
Hello, I've got some data on an epidemic in various locations - the total number of agents and number killed by the...
Jan10-13 11:51 AM
Stephen Tashi
10 1,236
Let X be an initial segment of a set A. By definition, if x is in X, a is in A and x>a then a is in X too. Can we say...
Jan9-13 08:34 AM
1 659
This is similar to one of my previous posts, but is quite different. There are 13 buttons (numbered 1, 2, 3,...
Jan8-13 07:26 PM
3 782
I am reading Protter's book on stochastic integration and differential equations. On a couple of occasions the...
Jan8-13 06:15 PM
0 704
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a discrete time time markov chain in matlab. Unfortunately I am neither a markov chain...
Jan7-13 07:01 PM
4 1,357
Suppose we need to find the probability that a binomial random variable with n = 100 and p = 0.5 is more than two...
Jan7-13 06:59 PM
1 875
Could someone explain the meaning of "Mean Squared Deviation"? Also, in <x1+x2+..xn> what is the meaning of the...
Jan6-13 03:38 PM
4 1,140
Alright my brother posed this question to me tonight. You have 7 coins (for this sake we will go with the "normal"...
Jan6-13 08:22 AM
21 1,858
Hi had this question on my last "Statistical Inference" exam. And I still have some doubts about it. I determined that...
Jan5-13 06:39 PM
9 22,062
Hello guys, I need to understand the ARCH and GARCH models and so I need some advice on where I should begin my study....
Jan5-13 07:19 AM
2 985
On one side one can define second-order variables as ranging over all elements of Pk(M) for all natural numbers k...
Jan4-13 11:47 PM
1 626
This is NOT homework. This is a personal project I am working on. First and foremost, THANK YOU in advance for...
Jan4-13 04:38 PM
12 1,714
From the perspective of mathematical philosophy, what is the difference between a "theorem" and a "law"? In...
Jan4-13 03:24 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 931
This question has been bothering me for a while. If you roll a 6 sided die 6 times, is there a 1 probability that you...
Jan4-13 01:44 PM
2 923
Hello, I'm a second year mathematics and economics student, and I've been hired by an economic development...
Jan4-13 12:16 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 1,046
Consider stochastic process ##X(t)## with properties $$ \langle X(t) \rangle = 0, $$ $$ \langle X(t)...
Jan4-13 09:31 AM
Jano L.
4 904

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