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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,541
how do we prove in set theory that ,nothing contains everything
May18-11 08:46 AM
31 4,797
I'd like to test my understanding of some basic definitions using the example of a double coin toss. I think this...
May18-11 07:00 AM
8 1,864
Hello. I have understood the Kuratowski definition of the ordered pair and appreciate it's usefulness but have a...
May17-11 11:51 PM
4 1,635
I find the probability theory I'm doing in college very difficult until I start wording it all out in my head. If I...
May17-11 11:40 PM
2 1,018
I have some more questions... 1) How do I exactly define an equivalence relation? I know it needs to be reflexive,...
May17-11 10:18 PM
6 1,474
I recently read about the unexpected hanging problem and I was so surprised that logic actually failed in determining...
May17-11 07:17 PM
15 2,458
Or is it too circular? A = {x | x \in A}
May17-11 04:35 PM
3 1,257
How can I find the correlation length of an auto-correlation? Is it the distance to the first zero of the...
May17-11 02:07 PM
0 1,343
Suppose X is a uniformly distributed random variable on an interval for some real a. Let Y=X^2. Then what could you...
May17-11 02:04 PM
1 5,964
Maybe someone is really good with stats, or has access to a statistics professor. Here we go: I am trying to...
May16-11 12:22 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 2,210
algebra 2 combinations
May15-11 05:23 PM
2 1,236
could anyone explain to me that why: let u=E. then E=E? I am a bit confused. Thanks.
May15-11 03:21 PM
3 743
I have a problem, but don't know which way to try to solve it. There is lottery: 3 numbers will be drawn out of...
May15-11 03:15 PM
5 2,573
Hey guys, Anyone here familiar with blackjack mathematics? I came across a series of threads at another forum where...
May14-11 03:48 PM
5 3,916
According to wiki: "a non-abelian group, also sometimes called a non-commutative group, is a group (G, * ) in which...
May14-11 12:36 PM
6 1,328
I am unsure what is meant by binary operation. Is the binary operation of addition : addition and subtraction or is...
May14-11 12:32 PM
12 2,400
A set is defined as a collection of 'objects'. Does there exist something that is not considered an object in...
May14-11 10:20 AM
21 2,222
In the presentation of survey results, there are some questions wherein some of the respondents did not indicate...
May13-11 10:55 PM
0 858
Hi Can anyone help me with the following question from a past paper I am working through?...
May13-11 02:24 PM
6 929
I came across this question: which I'm confused about. I know what the...
May13-11 12:56 PM
I like Serena
13 2,643
Just something I've been wondering, the probability that the top half of a ladder in a national sport will have...
May13-11 04:09 AM
7 1,407
The question is "An experiment in which a dice is tossed twice. Let X be the random variable defined by recording the...
May12-11 10:04 PM
3 2,422
So suppose we have 3 boxes, A,B,C. Black and Red balls in each. In A, 3R and 7B. B, 6R and 4B C, 8R and 2B First...
May12-11 11:34 AM
1 1,103
Hello friends, I have this problem it reads: A random variable X is defined to be the larger of the two values...
May12-11 05:15 AM
4 772
Hey all, Here's a nice Wednesday afternoon brain test for you all (I've been pulling my hair out with this one,...
May12-11 12:19 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 745
Is the number of points/cardinality in R^2 greater than R, or are they equal? if they are equal, how does one...
May11-11 10:33 PM
13 3,776
Hello, I have just been reading about the Zermelo-Frankel (ZF) axioms for set theory and thinking about their...
May11-11 09:42 PM
7 1,813
Hi, If I have a joint probability mass function p_{X,Y}(x,y), can we get the marginal probability mass functions...
May11-11 05:13 PM
10 2,950
I'm browsing around waiting for my books to arrive, and I came across this (PDF) site that says \forall x P(x)...
May11-11 01:47 PM
6 9,352
I've been given the question: In a photographic process, the developing time of prints may be looked upon as a...
May10-11 06:19 PM
1 1,432
I have a question. Let's say I wanted to estimate the median income of all adults in my church. So I randomly select...
May10-11 06:02 PM
1 1,027
Hi, Suppose that an n-dimensional vector \mathbf{z}=\begin{pmatrix}z_1&z_2&\cdots & z_n\end{pmatrix}^T is...
May10-11 09:54 AM
8 5,199
Consider the Uniform distribution (continuous) U(-1,1) which has p.d.f. f(x) = 1/2 for -1 < x < 1 and 0 otherwise. ...
May9-11 10:16 PM
2 1,889
Give an example to show that if not assuming independence of X1, X2, ..., Xn it is possible to show that Var(1/n * sum...
May9-11 03:22 PM
2 766
Hi all, In this question, I...
May9-11 10:53 AM
Stephen Tashi
2 700
Wrong thread.
May8-11 10:27 PM
0 447
Hi, i have a couple of problems that im not sure about (i get the wrong answer for particular cases because the...
May8-11 08:27 PM
28 6,955
In how many ways can obtain polynomial from notes that c any...
May8-11 02:49 PM
1 718
Hi everyone! I really need your help if you are good in time series. I have a problem on moving average...
May7-11 11:49 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 840
I am trying to compare two groups (for statistical significance), a control and a treatment group across more than one...
May7-11 07:49 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 2,877

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