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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,456
I'm struggling with Bayes' theory. Please consider the following: Example 1: Submarine sinks if one missile hits...
May22-12 07:04 AM
5 1,159
I have a question about binomial distribution There is a random var X follows Binomial distribution ~B(n,p), where...
May22-12 12:29 PM
11 3,864
The greatest lower bound and least upper bound of two elements a, b in a lattice do not have to be unique, do they? ...
May23-12 03:15 PM
3 1,392
Need help A system contains two components A & B. The system will function so long as either A or B functions....
May24-12 06:30 AM
1 1,003
My attempt: In set theory, every thing is a set, even functions. Thus when we say "A is countable in M" we mean...
May24-12 12:32 PM
2 1,049
In general, how does one separate the product of two probability distributions with one of them known? Basically, I...
May24-12 02:47 PM
3 1,129
Must all models of ZFC (in a standard formulation) be at least countable? Why I think this: there are countably...
May25-12 01:29 AM
1 876
I was asked to help someone to work out the probability above. It was more than a year since I done similar questions...
May25-12 01:58 AM
5 1,371
Hi, I am not able to comprehend the solution of a problem from a puzzle book. Your friend shows you an urn and...
May25-12 08:15 AM
28 2,347
Hi All Would be most grateful if there are some pointers given on this question. Ques: There is a range of...
May25-12 08:51 AM
4 1,949
Doing a bit of study for an interview. Came across this question: "n unbiased coins. What is the probability that...
May25-12 05:49 PM
14 2,305
Is it possible that 2 sigma-algebras could be independent under one measure but not independent under another? Many...
May26-12 05:31 AM
3 984
Hello everyone, I explain my problem: I have a set of histograms that do not appear normal (in the sense of the...
May26-12 10:17 AM
SW VandeCarr
4 1,455
Can't find (or maybe recognize when I see it) anything that discusses this question: A group G is a set of members....
May26-12 10:06 PM
Rising Eagle
10 2,247
Can someone point me to a first-order axiomatization of ZFC? As I've mostly seen ZFC expressed in higher-order...
May27-12 07:10 PM
2 888
Find the probability of scoring a total of 7 points (a) once, (b) at least once, (c) twice, in 2 tosses of a pair of...
May27-12 11:58 PM
sai teja
4 2,099
Hi, Suppose that there are M persons, and K balls number from 1 to K. Each person pulls k balls at the same time,...
May28-12 07:39 AM
42 3,416
This appears to be the only difference between a sigma-algebra and a Dynkin system: Sigma-algebra is closed under...
May28-12 08:58 AM
1 1,058
What is an induced measure? I have seen the formal definition many times i am trying to get a grasp of this concept....
May28-12 08:50 PM
1 1,505
Hi, I have K i.i.d. exponentially distributed random variables with mean unity. I need to find the CDF and PDF of...
May29-12 08:42 AM
5 1,995
Hello! Im currently reading Halmos - 'Naive Set Theory' on my own and try to solve the problems that the author has...
May29-12 09:11 AM
6 1,078
I have the following data set: condition A and condition B, with 4 replicates recorded over 3 time periods. ...
May29-12 11:46 AM
5 1,666
(a u b)'=a' u b'
May29-12 05:46 PM
2 859
Is it true that for every standard formulation T of ZFC, T ⊢ the power set of {naturals}? After all, the empty set...
May29-12 06:34 PM
Amir Livne
5 1,535
In random walk, what is the meaning of "fi rst return visit" I am reading it at...
May29-12 06:56 PM
2 1,104
Let Bt1, Bt2 and Bt3 be standard Brownian motions with ~N(0,1). Then what is E ? Any help would be much...
May29-12 08:50 PM
3 1,854
Hi everyone, I'm doing a research subject about the correlation between the lunar tides and earthquakes, but I've...
May29-12 09:25 PM
3 1,205
Does any one have code for generating 2-D Markov processes of order up to 9?
May30-12 04:04 PM
Joel Levitt
0 1,025
Right, This is very confusing for myself, I'm pretty sure it will be so for everyone else. My question is really...
May30-12 04:15 PM
5 1,537
Hi, can someone provide me with a list of probability models that is akin to Von Mises but consists multiple...
May30-12 05:28 PM
0 839
After having read the first half of Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Peck and Olsen, I must say that...
May30-12 09:48 PM
8 2,597
Dear all I am trying to fit a simple ARCH(1)/GARCH(1,1) model to a set of binary data, i.e. I assume a latent GARCH...
May31-12 04:37 AM
7 1,737
Hi all, My question is the following. Let's say I have two probability distributions; f(x|b)\,g(x|c) b and c...
May31-12 02:06 PM
7 1,669
I'm not quite sure how to ask my question, so perhaps a rough description about transitive vs. non-transitive models...
May31-12 02:55 PM
0 852
I've done a decent amount of reading on the subject, and I used this method of course when reporting errors during lab...
May31-12 03:14 PM
7 2,067
I was wondering if someone could please help me understand a simple problem of error propagation going from multiple...
May31-12 08:22 PM
Joel Levitt
33 11,131
Hello, Suppose that X1,...,XN are i.i.d. exponentially distributed random variables. Now assume that: ...
Jun1-12 05:44 AM
6 1,301
I am somewhat annoyed by the term "unconditional probability", in that all probabilities are indeed conditional on...
Jun1-12 03:04 PM
13 1,885
Given the set S, where aSb if and only if a - b \in Z It is asking for the equivalence class and the answer given...
Jun1-12 03:15 PM
6 1,167
A Bernoulli random sample : X=1 , Pr(X=1)=p; X=0 , Pr(X=0)=1-p; taken X1, ..., Xn and if it is known that...
Jun2-12 01:15 AM
5 1,188

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