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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,523
I have a psychological testing instrument that produces an ordinal measure (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I want to change this...
Jun25-14 06:49 AM
Simon Bridge
7 2,315
In all the literature that I have seen it is mentioned that these two are "branches" of integral geometry, but no...
Jun20-14 07:04 PM
3 2,392
Hey, So I am trying to do a tri-quadratic curve fit (linear regression) in excel. I have successfully completed a...
Jun20-14 02:57 PM
1 2,349
Putting the following three statements together: (a) Assuming that the continuum hypothesis is false, the power of...
Jun20-14 01:06 PM
2 2,183
Hello, Found a book on proofs and went to the exercise section. The proofs are fairly easy. The problem is the...
Jun17-14 12:35 AM
11 2,896
These two coins are strange because the probability between their heads and tails can be adjusted from 0% to 100%....
Jun16-14 07:33 PM
50 10,562
Every archer hits the target every time and they shoot at it for ten seconds with the speed of 1 arrow per 3 seconds...
Jun16-14 02:57 PM
4 2,102
for the class 100-199, the f (number of household) is 20, but in the histogram, the frequency is divided by 2 which...
Jun16-14 07:59 AM
5 2,094
my question is on part ii, my range ( as shown in the photo), is between 4.52 and 16.28, so my working would be...
Jun15-14 10:12 PM
Simon Bridge
3 1,844
I have what I think is probably a basic question from probability and statistics (about which I'm pretty ignorant). ...
Jun13-14 09:13 PM
8 2,046
I've been reading Oksendal, and it's quite tedious. It want to see if my understanding of the motivation and process...
Jun13-14 05:12 PM
1 1,645
SDE ##d_t=\frac{1}{2}\sigma(X_t)\sigma'(X_t)d_t+\sigma(X_t)dW_t## ##X_0=x_0## i) Let...
Jun12-14 10:52 AM
1 1,544
As I understand it, one result of the central limit theorem is that the sampling distribution of means drawn from any...
Jun11-14 12:08 PM
7 1,689
Hey PF! I had a quick question for you about skewness and kurtosis. Suppose that I am measuring velocity in one...
Jun10-14 04:51 PM
3 1,379
hello again pf! as a really simple question, can someone talk to me about the difference between variance and...
Jun10-14 03:19 PM
2 1,138
I'm not sure if I am using the right terms here, but: When X is a finite set and R is a relation.... If (X,R) is...
Jun10-14 12:13 PM
4 997
hey pf! i am wondering, if you're looking at two data sets and each set has different skewness levels (i.e. perhaps...
Jun9-14 05:40 PM
1 1,022
Let A(i) be the event that the first ith person have different birthdays for i=1,2,3...,n. We note that A(i+1) is a...
Jun6-14 03:38 PM
1 918
Hi guys, I'm working through a problem right now and would like to pick your brains on some stuff. I have an...
Jun6-14 06:42 AM
5 819
please refer to the second line of solution, since we only concerned about the probability of getting number (5) ,...
Jun5-14 01:42 PM
1 654
I know that, for a random vector (X,Y,Z) jointly normally distributed, the conditional expectation E is an additive...
Jun5-14 10:39 AM
2 568
The well ordering theorem states that every non-empty set has a least element for some ordering (<). This means that...
Jun4-14 04:26 PM
Martin Rattigan
4 647
My professor stated the following: "Dividing in pieces is called 'quantiles'. In almost all cases quartiles are...
Jun4-14 08:24 AM
7 325
I'm going through the Degroot book on probability and statistics for the Nth time and I always have trouble 'getting...
Jun3-14 03:44 PM
2 363
I know that we can easily construct a set whose cardinality is strictly greater than that of the set of real numbers...
Jun2-14 02:08 PM
3 318
Hi, I'm asking this in relation to samples of DNA amplicons, but I'm so confused by probability, that I think it would...
Jun2-14 07:39 AM
3 303
If we accept that there does indeed exist a set whose cardinality is between \aleph_0 and \aleph_1, what would such a...
Jun1-14 09:12 PM
3 284
After running into the dilemma of having nothing to do a little while ago, I decided to try working on a Project Euler...
May31-14 11:07 PM
Nick O
2 293
for part iv, where does the 4c1 and 5c1 come from? the question need 3 marbles , but there's only 2 marbles are chosen...
May31-14 09:58 AM
Simon Bridge
6 390
Hi! I'm taking my first course in statistics and am hoping to get some intuition for this set of problems... ...
May31-14 05:44 AM
3 288
for second group, why the set of numbers of ( 132, 152, 153, 154, 213, 214 , 215, 216, 231, .......) is not included?...
May30-14 08:06 PM
Simon Bridge
7 341
Hi! Suppose we have two variables Y and Z that depend on a third one, X. We are given P(x), P(y|x) and P(z|x). The...
May30-14 07:28 PM
4 209
Something that I havenít given much thought to, until recently, is probability. This book I have been reading goes...
May29-14 12:28 AM
12 670
I have a byte array of length 16384 bytes obtained from There is a random number sequence test...
May26-14 11:00 PM
5 344
Hello I know this sounds stupid but my friend told me about something that made me think. So what he told me was that...
May26-14 05:04 PM
3 458
Guys... I'm not a mathematician, so, sorry about my informality in math... here is something crazy that I...
May26-14 02:41 PM
11 615
Hi. I notice that some values of X on the exponential distribution PDF have a value of around 1. I understand the...
May26-14 07:13 AM
6 230
What is the significance of the standard deviation (equal to the mean) in an exponential distribution? For example,...
May26-14 07:13 AM
6 263
I know that if you have 4 numbers eg. 1,23,4 then the total number fo diffferent combination is 4*3*2*1 = 24 what...
May25-14 04:57 AM
5 342
Can I get the link to the prime number theorem?
May24-14 11:06 PM
1 257

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