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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,661
From Klauder's "Modern Approach to Functional Integration"... The integrals go over all of ℝ. What confuses me...
Mar7-14 02:03 PM
0 205
I'm aware of Cantor's diagonal argument but can't you prove the uncountability of reals between 0 and 1 using a...
Mar7-14 09:55 AM
Vanadium 50
6 261
P(x) = x ∉ x ⊃ for any set A, there is a set B such that x ∈ B iff x ∈ A and x ∉ x Does the above mean that...
Mar6-14 07:56 PM
6 228
Came across this term 'medial' in Except that...
Mar6-14 02:39 AM
0 221
Hi all Could someone please clarify the behaviour of the Hurst exponent. For example, would a periodic regular...
Mar5-14 02:25 PM
0 205
I'm an oldie and not well-versed in the modern formalism used in stochastic calculus, so please bear with me. I'm...
Mar5-14 06:19 AM
7 347
We define by recursion the set of sets {An:n∈ℕ} this way: A_0=∅ A_n+1=A_n ∪ {A_n}. I want to prove by induction...
Mar4-14 06:45 PM
10 350
Why are there so many physical processes which are described (with more or less accuracy) by a normal distribution?
Mar4-14 12:50 PM
16 436
Hello, I was playing a game the other day as an archer. There were two possible setups and ever since i have been...
Mar3-14 11:42 PM
7 265
Hello. A friend sent me the following problem that she wants to include in an essay: There are two epistemic peers...
Mar3-14 10:28 PM
2 240
Wondering about degrees of freedom. So basically let me express my current understanding: Comparing the statistical...
Mar3-14 04:14 PM
4 269
You are in late position with $400 at a 1/2 NL Hold'em cash game with pocket jacks. The player under the gun (a loose...
Mar3-14 02:38 PM
3 540
Hello All! A recent problem has stuck with me, and I was hoping you could help me resolve it. Consider the following...
Mar2-14 10:17 AM
Stephen Tashi
7 281
Hi I have discovered that the Von Neumann bias correction method only works when the bias is 100% stable, for...
Mar2-14 10:11 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 214
Hello, I have this one problem but have no idea how to get started. Avg. number of accidents is .4 accidents /...
Mar1-14 06:49 PM
1 202
Suppose I have measurements x_i \pm \sigma_{xi} and y_i \pm \sigma_{yi} where \sigma is the uncertainty in the...
Mar1-14 05:02 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 258
Although I have taken Discrete Mathematics I am really bad with probability and would appreciate your insight in this....
Feb27-14 05:49 PM
Simon Bridge
5 308
If S is a subset of X, and cS is the complement of S with respect to X, is the union of S and cS equal to X? Seems...
Feb27-14 05:18 PM
2 229
Hello I am having a hard time understanding which factors should be taken into account and which ones should not be...
Feb27-14 03:10 PM
1 191
If anyone knows of any sites that have lectures on lambda calculus it would be very helpful if you could post them....
Feb26-14 06:17 PM
2 283
This is a hard to explain question. If what I wrote makes no sense to you please let me know so that I can fix it. ...
Feb26-14 05:53 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 221
Hi, I have a transitive relation and wana build a complete set of pairs that reflect all (direct/indirect)...
Feb26-14 09:12 AM
5 202
Good day. I would like to ask for your help about our Statistical Analysis of our project. Our project is an alarm...
Feb25-14 07:44 PM
0 226
I'm having trouble with applying this theorem to likelihood functions in order to obtain a sufficiency statistic for...
Feb24-14 05:20 AM
4 265
At least I'm educating myself before playing the lotto, right? There's a game in Georgia called "Keno!" and they do...
Feb23-14 04:38 PM
2 270
I had to solve a problem in which I had a Markov process described by a transition matrix with elements a _{ij} =...
Feb23-14 01:15 PM
0 189
Suppose we have a methereological model which describes the weather change as a Markov chain: we assume that the...
Feb23-14 07:34 AM
2 204
Hi. I have a couple ofsimple question about Bayesian Filters, just to check that I'm correctly grasping everything....
Feb22-14 07:47 PM
3 172
It is well-known that with known marginal probabilities a_{i} and b_{j} the joint probability distribution maximizing...
Feb22-14 07:15 PM
8 320
Hi, I have a question about the definition of the poisson process. Check out the definition here: ...
Feb21-14 11:32 AM
1 242
Anonymised medical records are to be sold in the UK ......
Feb21-14 06:03 AM
4 230
As a mathematician, what may you say are the beauties that you see in the Mandelbrot set??
Feb20-14 07:34 PM
Simon Bridge
4 237
I had an undergraduate pose an interesting question to me. "Why doesn't Cantor's Diagonal Argument apply to the...
Feb20-14 07:27 PM
4 266
Hi, so I'm currently writing a lab report and need to determine the error in the value of my graphs gradient, m. I...
Feb20-14 11:15 AM
Harry Smith
4 317
We have a sensor that measures a certain value that lies in the range (0, 3). The sensor is not perfect, and sometimes...
Feb19-14 03:25 AM
6 230
Hi, Following is the series:-- 3, 76, 49, 24, 59,.... Can anybody help in finding the next number in the...
Feb19-14 02:15 AM
8 423
I've been asked to fit the histogram with a Poisson distribution as part of a mostly independent learning thing. The...
Feb18-14 09:01 PM
3 253
Hello, I'm in an aspiring high school math teacher who is in his first math-teaching course, and we have split into...
Feb18-14 05:44 PM
7 285
I'm having trouble with the following: Let R be a relation on A. Prove that if Dom(R) \bigcap Range(R) = ø, then R...
Feb18-14 04:30 PM
6 277
Hello, I have two random variables X and Y that can take values of the kind (a,b) where a,b\in \{ 0,1,2,3 \}. Thus,...
Feb18-14 01:17 PM
10 333

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