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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,521
I'm trying to understand the proof that the OTP is a perfect cipher. I tried to understand the proof shown in...
Aug20-12 05:56 PM
4 642
Lemma: If A is an at most countable alphabet, then the set A^* of strings over A is countable. Proof begin: Let...
Feb11-14 02:45 PM
4 388
My book presents the theorem that the empty set is a subset of every set as follows: Let A be a set. Let x be any...
Oct1-12 10:10 AM
7 4,776
Today while day dreaming I discovered something interesting. I can prove a=a. Here's how: You can prove P=>P using...
Jul7-12 01:51 AM
3 1,099
I've been trying to solve this problem for a week now, but haven't been able to. Basically I need to prove that a...
Sep19-04 07:10 PM
4 6,470
If Z1,Z2....Zn are standard normal random variable that are identically and independently distrubuted, then how can...
Oct15-08 06:26 AM
1 15,877
I am currently trying to prove the following: An equation in X with righthand member \oslash can be reduced to one...
Jun7-10 04:25 AM
3 3,102
I want to learn how to prove the Zorn's lemma. Can anyone here help me?
Aug13-12 03:27 AM
8 3,709 i wonder if anyone could explain the proof for theorem 4.3 i have understood...
Feb24-12 02:34 PM
georg gill
2 939
Hi guys, My question is to prove that the set of algebraic numbers is countable, then also prove that the set of...
Sep8-10 10:32 AM
1 1,064
Could someone point me to a book that has a proof of the above statement? Thanks in advance!
Apr4-10 02:10 AM
Jon Richfield
8 7,079
I'd like to know how to prove (or show that it is reasonable) that the probability that a random vector (X, Y) assumes...
Jul4-11 07:40 PM
12 1,873
P(x) = "x is Provable" axiom 1 : P(x)→x "Statement x can be proven true." 1. (x∧x) consider a contradiction 2. x...
May25-13 12:59 PM
13 1,164
Let \varphi and \psi both be formulae, and let \Gamma be a set of formulae. If \Gamma \cup \{\varphi\} \models...
Aug1-06 06:54 AM
8 2,429
Hi, i had recently come across the proof of the strong law of large number. Inside the proof , it assumed the random...
Jul13-12 04:19 AM
1 932
Hi all. I need to prove or disprove if process Y_n=1/2*X_n+1/4*X_{n-1}+1/8*X_{n-2} are stricly stationary. X_n,n\in R...
Apr7-14 04:14 PM
1 257
How do we prove in propositional calculus : ......p^(qvr) <===> (p^q)v(p^r) semantically and syntactically
Sep20-08 03:45 AM
5 4,673
If we have a pythagorean triple a^2 + b^2 = c^2 and we need to show that a and b both cannot be odd. I found a proof...
Jan26-09 11:24 AM
1 1,168
How can I prove that P( there exist a t>0 : the changeP_t is not in {0,1} ) = 0 where (P_t)_t>0 is a piosson Proces...
Nov26-10 05:55 PM
1 806
I can't seem to find proofs of formulas used in this area of maths. Does anyone know any place to find them?
Oct3-04 03:34 AM
0 6,514
Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster! Just having some trouble with something..Im probably just looking at...
May24-09 11:00 PM
4 9,787
Proof of Ira Gessel's Lattice Path Conjecture
Jun26-08 05:08 PM
Count Iblis
0 1,247
Hello all, I'm practicing proofs and I'm stuck. Here it is: Prove that there are infinitely many solutions in...
Oct31-12 07:17 AM
30 1,953
So I thought up a "proof" for infinite primes. I'm assuming I did something wrong, but I don't know what, it would be...
May6-14 08:57 PM
10 509
I'm trying to read this proof, and I'm stuck on the inequality on page 27 following the statement "It follows that...
Sep29-11 09:08 AM
2 2,172
Below is a proof of one of the key steps in Godel's first incompleteness theorem. It appears to prove the theorem....
Oct27-12 01:01 AM
2 812
The proof that poisson process has exponential interarrival time is common place. The proof which i am trying to do is...
Mar2-08 07:49 PM
2 9,783
How would one show a morphism is an epimorphism iff it is surjective (ONTO)?
Nov17-13 10:16 AM
3 968
Hello all I've been practicing proofs and would like to know if I'm on the right track. Here it is: If the sum of...
Oct30-12 07:50 PM
6 669
Hi ,my lecturer ask me to prove ~(p^q) = ~pv~q i.e ~(p^q) is equivalent to ~pv~q,without using the true tables. ...
Sep22-08 10:53 PM
4 10,747
hi there i just need a hint for this question please : By giving a suitable map to or from N (thats a natural...
Apr8-05 01:25 PM
7 7,538
I have been reading some books about the proof of the Central Limit Theorem, all of them use the uniqueness of moment...
Mar9-07 12:27 PM
5 10,340
Hi I want to prove this using momentgenerating functions. I would like to do this without going in to the standard...
Dec4-11 10:57 AM
1 1,067
I'm trying to prove that the axiom of choice is equivalent to the following statement: For any set X and any...
Dec1-09 06:51 PM
2 1,896
A-(B\bigcapC)=(A-B)\bigcup(A-C) If A-B={xlx\inA and x\notinB} A-C={xlx\inA and x\notinC} then...
Jun19-13 04:04 PM
4 1,169
Hi there. I want to show that this is a variance matrix: I think I can do this by...
Mar5-12 07:06 PM
0 1,039
Hey all, Can anyone prove this theorem? Let N (natural numbers) ---> X be an onto function. Then X is...
Nov28-07 12:38 PM
8 2,209
Hey there. I'm asked to prove: If X1,...Xn are random variables defined on a set Ω and B1,...,Bn C R1 then prove...
Feb2-12 10:12 PM
0 1,251
Hello all. I have a question regarding the statement If S(m)=S(n), then m=n, where S(m)=m\cup{m}, the successor of...
Nov10-12 09:46 AM
2 695
Please take a look at this proof: The thing I do not get is how they...
Jul10-13 02:43 PM
5 783

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