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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,587
Hello all. I have a question regarding the statement If S(m)=S(n), then m=n, where S(m)=m\cup{m}, the successor of...
Nov10-12 09:46 AM
2 645
Please take a look at this proof: The thing I do not get is how they...
Jul10-13 02:43 PM
5 643
I recall reading somewhere that the mean value of a continuous variable is situated at a point that acts as a fulcrum...
Apr26-12 11:08 PM
10 1,527
Prove the following: If f : A \rightarrow B and g : C \rightarrow D , then f \cap g : A \cap C \rightarrow B...
Oct27-07 04:35 PM
7 3,313
Let: 1) P be one place operation 2) H be two place operation 3) G be two place predicate 4) k, m be two...
Nov2-11 10:53 AM
2 894
How do we prove in predicate calculus using the laws of universal end existential quantifiers,propositional...
Oct4-08 04:40 PM
1 1,591
\forall a\forall b\leq b <------>a^{2}\leq b^{2})]. or in words: for all a and for all b , if a>0 and b>0 then ...
Dec16-08 11:21 PM
9 1,637
Let: 1)P be one place operation 2)K be one place operation 3) c be a constant let :
Oct31-11 12:04 PM
2 1,229
Given : a) 1) c is a constant 2) P and K are one place operation symbols 3) G and H are a two place...
Jul19-12 07:34 PM
7 1,381
I am having issues with a proof, as follows. *U = universal set , P(U) = power set of a universal set For all...
Apr23-11 10:46 PM
2 1,709
Hello Members I am having a little bit of a problem solving this proof for my Discreet math course. If g and f...
May30-06 02:06 PM
matt grime
1 3,017
Mar24-11 04:33 PM
6 688
Suppose n=ab, show that a^2<=n or b^2<=n.
Jan27-09 09:09 PM
5 852
Hello, This is my first question here. So, lets see how it goes. I need a proof to a simple problem. The proof seems...
Oct28-08 05:18 AM
1 4,756
Hi, how would you show that 4^(k)+4 * 9^(k) \equiv 0 (mod 5)
Jan21-09 02:14 AM
22 1,836
X' \cup Y' \subseteq (X \cap Y)' n \in X' \cup Y' n \in X' || n \in Y' (n \in U, n \notin X)||(n \in U,...
Jan26-10 11:53 AM
0 728
I intend to show, for a set ##X## containing ##A_i## for all ##i##, $$\overline{\bigcup A_i}\supseteq \bigcup...
Oct5-13 02:00 PM
0 375
I'm supposed to prove that if: n^2 % 3 = 0 Then n % 3 = 0 I'm not sure how to proceed here? Does it got...
Feb28-05 02:33 AM
8 1,819
Hello all, I've been asked for a graduate level course to do a proof using induction that shows that nCr always...
Oct14-08 06:12 AM
38 11,565
I'm to prove that for n>=4, 2^n < n! holds, but I don't know where to go after the inductive hypothesis that it holds...
Feb6-12 12:02 PM
4 22,498
Hello all, I am trying to prove that a set is closed by induction. Specifically, let me define Let B_t be sets,...
Apr20-12 10:21 AM
0 672
Suppose we are asked to prove : If \lim_{n\to\infty}x_{n} = L and x_{n} is decreasing,then \forall n. On the...
Jun9-11 07:38 AM
17 2,005
Suppose you have a formal proof of a statement S, but you want to prove a statement S' which is in some way similar to...
May16-09 01:58 PM
0 679
Lets say I have \aleph_1 numbers of sets that each have \aleph_1 number of elements and I want to show that the...
Aug16-12 01:34 PM
9 881
Given sets X1,...,Xn the projection from the product X1 * ... *Xn is the function pri = prxi : X1 * ... *Xn → Xi ,...
Mar18-12 06:52 PM
12 2,539
So, I made it to the finals for my fantasy football league. The winner receives $100 and the runner-up $10 (maybe...
Dec10-12 06:38 AM
0 628
Hello! I've come here today seeking information about how I can build a ranking system that will sort through some...
Aug1-10 06:35 PM
3 1,282
Dear mates, I run into a difficulty on the captioned area and am looking forward for enlightenments. Consider...
May29-07 11:18 AM
0 4,093
I have always wondered: Is the product rule and addition rule for that matter axioms of the probability theory or...
Jul30-13 08:07 PM
2 369
Hi, I am interested in the product of a Gaussian random variable with itself. If X is Gaussian then what is X^2? We...
Mar14-11 06:19 AM
3 2,638
say, E(1/x)=a and E(y)=b. a and b are constants and x and y are random variables. Can I say E(y/x)=b/a? Thanks.
Apr3-10 04:52 PM
2 1,413
Hi, All, Let x1 x2... Xn be correlated random events (or variables). Say P(X1), P(X2)..., P(Xn) can be computed,...
Apr23-09 02:13 PM
1 2,412
If you have P(x) distribution and P(y) distribution, then one may write the charactersitic functions of each of these...
Jan20-09 06:02 PM
0 627
Hi all, I am using a Xi squared test to for independence of two sets of categorical data. So lets say I have a...
Oct29-11 12:41 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,376
If you have a data set which consists of n variables and m factors which are essentially randomly correlated and you...
Mar26-09 10:52 AM
0 1,403
so i'm having problems with logic exercies especially when it asks you to prove long equations like when you just use...
Jan24-13 03:35 PM
2 583
I'm building the circuit for controlling LEDs line with LDR sensor . It can be done by using Many Op-Amp but I...
Mar29-09 09:35 PM
0 1,079
"Pat arrives at the bus stop at some time U, which is uniformly distributed between time 0 and time 1, and waits for a...
Oct30-08 08:05 PM
1 1,241
(I asked this question also in Homework Help for Comp Sci and Engineering, but maybe someone in here can answer this)...
Feb3-07 08:56 PM
5 1,884
Problem: 10 couples are seated at 5 tables. There are 4 seats at each table; 2 men and 2 women are seated at each...
Dec5-10 08:08 PM
0 728

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