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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,597
Hello, I am trying to get the hang of Probability Generating Functions, but I don't quite understand them fully. ...
Oct16-10 12:13 PM
2 1,239
For any integer valued RV X Summation n=0 to infinity of s^n P(X=<n) = (1-s)^-1 * Summation k=0 to infinity of...
Nov3-12 06:04 PM
1 565
ok I hope nobody gets mad at me for asking about this but here goes: So I've recently become pretty interested in...
Aug7-08 09:15 AM
3 5,752
I need help with finding the probability of the following game, I am making game for my data management class. The...
Jan19-11 07:42 AM
4 1,222
The function fx(x) is defined differently for the range 0 to 1 as for values greater than one to 2. Past x = 2, the...
Apr29-12 09:52 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 826
I understand a probability function can be defined according to range ? So for example, 0>x f(x) = 0 for...
Mar27-12 04:30 AM
3 1,117
Joe thinks that no more than 20% of students in his statistics class will get an A in the final examination. To prove...
Apr30-05 09:48 PM
7 1,013
I was wondering, what is the estimated frequency for the most frequent number in lottery draws? Of course, I don't...
Oct23-09 10:09 PM
10 8,839
Hello I am having a hard time understanding which factors should be taken into account and which ones should not be...
Feb27-14 03:10 PM
1 186
The question: A baseball player has a 5% chance to hit a homerun each at bat. If the player is up 4 times, what is...
Aug15-04 04:01 PM
robert Ihnot
4 29,803
There is a dice where probability of obtaining a number is proportional to the number itself. I have done these...
Apr30-12 01:42 PM
2 891
On a multiple guess exam, there are 3 possible answers for each of the 5 questions. What is the probability that the...
Feb24-08 02:21 PM
4 1,712
Let X1,...,Xn be independent, identically distributed random variables with exponential distribution of parameter λ....
Mar23-11 12:46 PM
4 1,835
Hello, I am trying to solve the following problem from Sethna's book on statistical mechanics (not homework). On...
Jul25-12 12:09 PM
6 1,298
A horse race is going to take place with six runners. The race is over 5 furlongs (1000 meters) and for each of the...
Sep5-05 11:17 AM
14 3,328
I hope someone can help me understand functions of random variables: If X~Uniform(A,B), A < X < B Y~Normal(0,1),...
Oct17-04 01:57 PM
1 4,545
Hi I have a function \phi =arctan(Y/X) where, X\sim \mathcal{N}(A\cos \theta, v) and Y\sim \mathcal{N}(A\sin...
Dec16-08 03:43 AM
1 2,161
The number of hours, N, of daylight at a certain location can be expressed as N(d)=12+6sin(2πd/365) where d=day of the...
Mar21-14 02:34 AM
Simon Bridge
1 193
If you make an opinion poll over which party people will vote on in a country with seven partys, you get different...
Apr19-09 06:11 AM
7 833
Here is an interesting problem: You have a pulse, and you know the time average and standard deviation. What is the...
Mar21-10 08:46 AM
0 573
Hi, I am trying to write a Monte Carlo type simulation. I have a function for the probability (p) of a photon having...
Feb1-11 10:19 PM
3 791
I am trying to compare two probability distributions. I tried the chi-square test, but that requires binned data, and...
Sep17-05 08:42 AM
9 8,742
Hello All, I calculated an average latency value let say 3 units then after observing the network I found that...
Dec2-11 06:38 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,458
Throw a dice and record the result. After flipping a fair coin. If it comes letters repeat. If it comes up heads stop....
Mar24-13 01:21 PM
11 548
If x is a random variable uniformly continuously distributed on , and y=x^3, then y has the density: ...
Mar28-10 03:43 AM
0 2,139
Hello PF! It's been a while. How are things? In my research I'm faced with determining a probability distribution...
Oct9-13 12:06 AM
4 791
I'm just curious as to how to prove that a Bernoulli distribution probability function is valid (ie. that it is indeed...
Oct8-09 11:03 AM
1 1,217
I have a problem where there are two resistors in parallel and I need to find the equivalent resistance. R1 = X and R2...
May28-05 05:13 PM
4 3,026
Hello, given a continuous random variable x with a known PDF, how can we determine in general the PDF of the...
Feb11-11 04:28 AM
1 3,033
given that x has an exponential density function ie p(x) = exp (-x) and x(n) & x(m) are statistically independent. ...
Mar31-08 09:00 AM
3 2,289
HI Can anybody tell me how to calculate a PDF of y, where y is a function of x, such that y = a X*X + bX + C (i.e. a...
Sep28-08 08:50 AM
1 3,311
Hello everyone! I am stuck in my research with a probability density function problem.. I have 'Alpha' which is a...
Oct20-11 10:38 PM
Stephen Tashi
25 4,424
Hi, Can someone please check my work if i did the problem correctly? thanks in advance. Here is the problem: ...
May21-05 04:38 PM
3 2,096
Hi Guys, I am having some trouble trying to solve a probability density function question. ...If the density...
Apr20-05 02:08 AM
2 1,909
if x is a continuous random variable from -1 to do you find c: f(x) = c + x , -1 < x < 0 c -...
Oct25-07 11:24 AM
1 4,252
I feel embarassed for asking, but is there a fast way to calculate this without using integration by parts? \int...
Aug10-08 12:28 AM
2 1,192
Continuous random variable X is defined in the interval 0 to 4, with P(X>x)= 1- ax , 0<=x<=3 = b - 1/2 x ,...
Oct1-10 08:18 AM
2 1,155
normally distributed random variable with mean m and variance σ2. Find the PDF of Y
Oct20-10 02:51 PM
1 908
Hi, I have a probability density function defined by 1 / D x E . eABC/2 D is a single number E is a...
Apr12-12 11:21 AM
10 1,276
If g and f are two normalized probability density functions is it then true in general that the convolution of f and g...
Aug13-13 03:28 PM
3 402

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