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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,581
Guys... I'm not a mathematician, so, sorry about my informality in math... here is something crazy that I...
May26-14 02:41 PM
11 622
Hi. I notice that some values of X on the exponential distribution PDF have a value of around 1. I understand the...
May26-14 07:13 AM
6 236
What is the significance of the standard deviation (equal to the mean) in an exponential distribution? For example,...
May26-14 07:13 AM
6 268
I know that if you have 4 numbers eg. 1,23,4 then the total number fo diffferent combination is 4*3*2*1 = 24 what...
May25-14 04:57 AM
5 345
Can I get the link to the prime number theorem?
May24-14 11:06 PM
1 259
Firm has 10 employees, 2 womens and 8 mens. The Management Board will randomly select 3 employees and reward them with...
May23-14 02:12 PM
1 260
Hi all, Suppose I have a kinetic model for a stochastic system of three states, as shown in the attachment. I solve...
May22-14 11:23 PM
3 276
I have some noisy data (x-y coordinates) containing two distinct clusters of data. Each cluster is centred at an...
May22-14 11:49 AM
jim mcnamara
23 627
According to Wikipedia, Baire space is defined as "the Cartesian product of countably infinite copies of the natural...
May21-14 10:55 PM
2 320
Q.1 what is probability in queuing system Q.2 how many type of probability we can determine in queuing system ...
May21-14 09:54 PM
2 231
Suppose we have an observation y = c+ e where c is an unknown constant and e is error with the pdf = exp(-e-1) for e...
May21-14 11:46 AM
1 222
Hi, I've got a distribution of points in two dimensions and would like to demonstrate if these are randomly...
May19-14 03:02 AM
9 430
Hey all, have a problem to solve for my new game game. really appreciate if someone can help me solve this issue: ...
May18-14 09:39 AM
3 417
Suppose I have an box (set) containing two different colored balls, red and blue, say. Now, suppose the balls...
May17-14 10:42 PM
6 371
I watch lastly a lottery game : there are 80 numbers, from them 20 are selected, and you can choose for example to...
May16-14 08:24 PM
4 312
Hi. When it comes to hypothesis testing, what is the difference between the two-sample tests and the paired test? ...
May16-14 10:42 AM
1 235
This is a vague question and I apologize in advance for not being able to explain it better. I'm combining r.v.'s...
May15-14 05:09 PM
Stephen Tashi
7 369
let X1 and X2 be independent Poisson variables with respective parameters μ1 and μ2. Let S = X1 + X2. Is X1 given S=s...
May13-14 04:26 PM
4 370
hey pf! i was wondering if someone could either direct me to a source or help supply a proof on why skewness and...
May12-14 09:48 PM
3 451
Gödel-numbering (in its broadest meaning, not necessarily the one Gödel used): On one side, it would seem that an...
May11-14 01:00 AM
8 381
There seems to be two concepts of what constitutes a "meaningful" proposition in logic: one is that you can build up...
May11-14 12:57 AM
4 387
I'm writing the paper on this experiment I just did. Basically I took sets of data for two variables (x,y) and I fit...
May10-14 10:25 AM
3 467
Hello, 1. Does anybody know which book that gives a good explanation about monte carlo simulation? I've read many...
May9-14 11:20 AM
3 428
consider the following model for aggregate claim amounts S: S=X1+X2+.....+XN where the Xi are independent,...
May9-14 02:28 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 281
Hello, I'm David. I'm a new member here. Could anyone of you help me? Where can i find the formal deduction of...
May7-14 08:47 PM
4 1,298
suppose you have two random variables X and Y which are independent, we want to form a new random variable Z=XY, if...
May7-14 08:33 AM
1 289
So I thought up a "proof" for infinite primes. I'm assuming I did something wrong, but I don't know what, it would be...
May6-14 08:57 PM
10 514
Hi all, Consider the scatter plot below (example only): The bottom subplot...
May5-14 07:15 PM
2 298
hey all (again)! how do people create pdf's? it seems like we start by collecting info and turning it into a...
May5-14 01:32 PM
2 290
Let (A,\mathcal A), (B,\mathcal B) be measurable spaces. Let p be a probability measure on (A,\mathcal A), and let...
May5-14 10:20 AM
2 561
Q: How do you find the phase between an input and output signal? These signals are swept-sin (chirp:...
May4-14 10:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 528
Suppose we have an M/M/##\infty## queue with arrival rate ##\lambda## and service rate ##\mu## that is empty at time...
May4-14 10:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 334
Hello Is it true that if a counting process has stationary increments, then it is time homogeneous? stationary...
May4-14 10:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 324
Pretty theoretical question here. I was talking with one of my friends the other day about a basic statistics problem...
May4-14 09:41 AM
1 267
Dear Peter, I am Engineering student from Japan.I have installed 8 sensors,4 at rural and 4 at urban area.Those...
May3-14 05:46 PM
10 511
hello all! i am wondering about probability density functions. i know the area under a pdf gives the probability of...
May3-14 02:29 PM
4 229
Hofstadter's Butterfly ( is described as a fractal, and in...
May2-14 07:33 AM
Doc Al
5 487
I could do with some help here about a problem I had at work today. I have a process that dumps 8 parts in a bin...
May1-14 01:56 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 304
How do you define a set without using set builder notation? For example, let's say that I want to define set S as: ...
Apr29-14 01:28 PM
2 317
Hi everyone, I have a question concerning probability. In short, a guy on TV was betting with people in a bar that...
Apr29-14 12:52 PM
5 617

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