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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,578
Hello, I am trying to construct a general function/method based on two sets of minimum/maximum data point...
Feb13-14 06:08 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 228
Hey! I've been doing some research on random walks. From what I have gathered, a random walker in 1-D will have:...
Feb13-14 04:19 PM
3 224
Suppose we have 2n binary choices. Then the probability of having the same number of results is : C(2n,n)/2^(2n) ?...
Feb13-14 02:36 PM
2 197
There are various zero-one laws (e.g. Kolmogorov's) that assure us that certain measurable events have probability...
Feb13-14 11:51 AM
1 201
Hi, English is not my native language. I manage first time a competition on social media, where: 1. people bring...
Feb12-14 11:42 PM
Simon Bridge
7 235
In one case I get the results as a significant difference in the other with the same dana, the difference is not...
Feb12-14 06:56 AM
4 232
This is from Peter Smith's Gödel without tears. I don't agree with this. If it appears in the list of p.r....
Feb11-14 05:55 PM
1 217
Lemma: If A is an at most countable alphabet, then the set A^* of strings over A is countable. Proof begin: Let...
Feb11-14 02:45 PM
4 253
Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help For an vector AR(1) model of the form y(t)=Ay(t-1) + et How does one...
Feb9-14 05:20 PM
5 294
Hello, PF! * * * In a discussion of the standard deviation of a sample in relation to the 68-95-99.7 rule,...
Feb7-14 12:22 PM
4 350
Hi all, I am reading Suppes' book on axiomatic set theory and having difficulties understanding the part on formal...
Feb5-14 11:21 PM
0 213
I notice that the examples always seem to talk about linear regressions, as in y=mx +c So how I understand this is...
Feb5-14 10:32 PM
6 246
25 questions, multiple choice, 5 choices per question. Correct = 6 points blank = 1.5 points wrong = 0 points. I...
Feb5-14 12:37 PM
5 261
I am told that an exponential distribution is memoryless. But why aren't other distributions, such as the normal...
Feb5-14 12:23 PM
3 218
What are the current capabilities of modern Theorem Provers? I know about logic/undecidability/complexity theory so go...
Feb5-14 11:39 AM
4 272
Hello, in a certain context I had to deal with a random variable Y=e^X, where X follows a standard normal...
Feb5-14 10:49 AM
1 203
Hello, I was trying to interpret the formula of Pearson's Chi-squared test: \chi^2 = \sum_{i=1}^{n} \frac{(O_i -...
Feb4-14 10:13 AM
4 319
what is gaussian function?how this is related to gaussian distribution?
Feb3-14 11:42 AM
1 229
Hi quick question. I was recently posed a question by a co-worker who saw it in a liquor store contest: 156...
Feb2-14 11:44 PM
Simon Bridge
12 454
I am no expert in formal logic, so please forgive me if this question sounds stupid. It's about a common pattern used...
Feb2-14 10:58 AM
15 448
Why is it so hard to convert natural language to propositional logic. We are so comfortable in understanding and...
Feb1-14 11:56 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 224
“there is a disproof of me that occurs before any proof of me.” "If this sentence is provable, there is a shorter...
Feb1-14 08:04 PM
0 182
Hello, i was wondering if the additon formula for PDFs holds also for CDFs. Particularly, when an X event or a Y...
Feb1-14 06:27 PM
Stephen Tashi
11 295
Hi guys. Could anybody tell me how the Johnson distribution was derived? I have searched the internet but I couldn't...
Feb1-14 10:51 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 202
what is gaussian function?what are it's field of applicaton?how this function is derived,i mean what are the logical...
Feb1-14 10:49 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 194
This is not a homework problem. Just a curiosity. But my statistics is way rusty. Suppose a binomial probability...
Feb1-14 08:12 AM
1 165
$$1.\quad p\quad if\quad q\\ \equiv if\quad q\quad then\quad p\\ \equiv q\rightarrow p\\ \\$$$$2.\quad p\quad...
Jan31-14 10:26 PM
4 527
Hello, I have a question to Maximum Likelihood Estimation. The typical form of MLE looks like this: X = Hθ + W....
Jan31-14 10:13 PM
4 295
I'm writing the paper on this experiment I just did. Basically I took sets of data for two variables (x,y) and I fit...
Jan31-14 09:44 PM
2 239
Hi, I am trying to understand the degrees of freedom parameter in the Chi_squared distribution and I have found...
Jan31-14 08:50 PM
4 244
Hi Can you please help me with this problem? "What is the maximum size of a set A of logical expressions that...
Jan31-14 05:16 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 213
Hi, It has been a long time since I have worked with pdfs so perhaps someone can help. According to Wikipedia...
Jan30-14 07:06 AM
2 221
So I was thinking what would be the chances of two players on seperate pool tables playing the exact same game of...
Jan29-14 07:49 PM
18 653
I have a mean mu, and an exponential distribution function. How do I use a random number, generated with a PRNG, to...
Jan29-14 10:34 AM
6 256
Hi, I generally know the concept of degrees of freedom based on the commonly used explanation about how using the...
Jan28-14 10:59 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 454
Hello everyone, I have a large number of measurements with associated uncertainties, and I know that the real...
Jan28-14 10:19 AM
Stephen Tashi
11 392
hey pf! can someone help me understand why a pdf is defined in the following manner: \lim_{\substack{N\to \infty\\...
Jan27-14 09:18 PM
2 210
Hi, i was wondering if the following is valid: E = E / E, given that {x,y} are non-negative and independent...
Jan27-14 06:28 PM
2 335
For a simple linear model: \alpha+\beta\times x=y If it is observed that y \in (-8.51,23.20) given x=4 The...
Jan27-14 03:39 PM
1 164
I have taken a course in probability and statistics, and did well, but still I feel that I do not grasp the core of...
Jan26-14 05:33 PM
63 3,559

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