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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,727
Hi guys! I have a set of datapoints, and im about to use Gauss-Newton to fit a model function (Lorentzian) to...
Jan12-10 03:10 PM
Or Entity?
6 2,187
Hi, I'm currently trying to work through a problem about calculating the most likely time for a hard disk to fail: ...
Dec21-11 01:11 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,642
How can we prove that the power set of a finite set is finite? Thanks.
Mar26-07 12:15 PM
15 8,877
Quad tens must beat. Both players must use their two hole cards. In texas holdem you're dealt two cards and after...
Mar11-14 02:48 PM
2 453
I always do questions on school that ask for a test of hypothesis where the sample data is already give, but what if...
Nov3-06 06:12 PM
1 5,074
Hi, i have problems differentiating these two terms. can anyone give some examples of these two terms? Thanks!
Aug17-05 10:36 AM
1 5,711
Hello: I am referring to 'Table of Laplace Transforms' by Roberts&Kaufman. But I cannot seem to get a soln for the...
May6-08 05:39 AM
0 1,898
i need a general form to solve Prob(a or b or c ... or z) that r not mutually exclusive. i managed to derive it for...
Mar22-10 02:17 PM
2 2,072
Hello! I have the following problem My Physical System I have a sensor which changes resistance on application...
Jun25-09 05:31 AM
0 738
Greetings, I'm making a statistical calculator for game analysis, and have an interesting problem. Here is a...
Feb23-10 07:58 PM
3 1,864
Does the following make sense: E(e^{-X}) = 0 \Rightarrow X = \infty\quad a.s. ? (Intuitively yes, but...
Jun13-11 06:06 PM
1 976
Let M_t = \sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{i} (N_t^i - \lambda t) where \{ N^i \} is a sequence of iid Poisson processes...
Jun14-11 09:11 PM
1 2,059
hi i have an exam after 1 week and while i was studying i found this simple problem but i couldnt answer it as the...
Nov5-09 04:21 AM
1 757
A set is not allowed to has itself as a member: X \notin X. But I wonder if this is allowed: \{X\} \in X.
Jan1-11 03:40 PM
5 942
Hey all, I have an engineering background with a pretty terrible grounding in statistics and just about all maths...
Feb24-11 12:12 PM
9 3,035
So here is the problem: Now what seems logical to me is first choose 1 of the 10 non-performing and then choose...
Jan9-11 10:58 PM
3 2,849
I've read (and I've been told in lectures) that each graph (let's just say a combinatorial graph) corresponds to a...
Aug17-06 10:11 AM
10 1,446
Does the choice function let me choose exactly one element from a set? The set which I am choosing from must be the...
Oct4-06 02:43 PM
73 6,635
I have 6 years of data which has both a 3-month and a 12-month seasonality, it exhibits a trend and is very noisy. ...
Jul7-11 12:17 AM
0 725
Hi, I'm in need of a book recommendation :smile: . As a practicing physicist I get to use some statistics now and...
Jan17-08 11:43 AM
1 3,352
Hi, I've been trying for 3 hours to solve this proof using identities. I can't seem to get it. Can i get a little...
Apr24-11 03:52 AM
9 5,208
Suppose that f:\longrightarrow{\mathbb{R}} is a function such that f(.,y) is constant for almost all y, and f(.,y) is...
Jan18-10 11:13 PM
0 710
It'd be great if anyone can tell me how to work these kinds of function and induction problems. Don't worry, these are...
Sep30-07 10:19 PM
0 2,204
I need help on converting these to the correct logical notation form using only the propositional connectives and the...
Dec8-07 09:03 PM
8 3,514
Hi there! I'm working on a random walk-problem my professor gave me. Given a MC with the following properties:...
Oct14-12 03:26 PM
2 726
This is the QQPlot of a data. What can be inferred from this plot ? (Tested against Normal Distribution) QQPLOT 1 :...
Sep27-12 04:06 AM
2 750
My doubt is that whether we can apply non-linear smoothing to a almost linear data ( without one or 2 discontinuity) ...
Apr6-13 02:53 PM
4 517
Hi i am currently doing a project and I am taking as input a set of X and Y variables. I have implemented linear...
May27-09 12:40 PM
2 1,043
I am starting a project on signal detection theory (cognitive focus), and working with a winbugs expansion in matlab....
Jul1-14 10:00 AM
1 2,687
I understand how using classical or bayesian statistical inference os often very helpful for solving information...
Jul2-14 07:10 PM
1 2,508
Hi, Say F:A->A where A is a metric space and F is onto. I think it should be true that this implies that F is also...
Sep27-09 09:08 PM
7 3,251
Hi everyone, very excited to be here and this my first post. I have a question about data fitting by using least...
Aug5-11 03:52 PM
1 1,477
I know this might be really simple, but I get easily confused. CASE 1. I have a bag with eight marbles, one of...
Oct6-06 07:51 AM
2 1,331
Hi, I would like to solve this version of the unfair coin problem. The coin has a probability p for head and 1-p...
Aug17-09 03:35 AM
2 2,713
Let X1 and Y1 be two random variables. We have Cov(X1,Y1) = 0. Does this extend to any transformation X2 = g(X1) and...
May13-13 10:14 AM
Stephen Tashi
2 439
I have two sets of deterministic numbers, collected in the two vectors: x= and y=. My (determinstic) theory says that...
Nov2-11 11:02 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 975
Let's say we have a cumulative distribution function (cdf) G and random numbers v1 and v2. The definition of strict...
Nov9-11 06:23 PM
3 1,614
I have N random variables (x1,x2,...,xN) following a Dirichlet distribution with parameter vector (1,...,1). That is,...
Apr30-13 04:37 AM
0 383
Let x(1),...,x(N) all be independent uniformally distributed variables defined on (0,1), i.e. (x(1),...,x(N)) -...
May10-13 01:55 AM
5 685
A Binomial distribution has a standard normal limiting distribution, i.e. (X-E)/se(X) -> N(0,1), where X is the sum of...
May22-13 03:27 AM
2 604

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