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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,685
Hello all, I am studying some problems in Free Probability and need to prove a relation between the Catalan numbers...
Oct27-07 11:46 AM
Pere Callahan
2 1,798
Hi folks, I have a question concerning the infinitesimal generator of a stochastic ;process, more specificaly of...
Mar20-08 04:37 PM
8 6,921
Hi all, I'm given a Markov chain Q_k, k>0 with stationary transition probabilities. The state is space uncountable....
Apr8-08 08:04 PM
5 11,878
Its something ive been asking myself. Im studying physics, but I havent studied anything related to probability since...
Jan23-12 12:32 PM
1 1,097
Hi, supposed I have a set of data points, and each data point has a certain value of uncertainty associated with it. ...
Jun21-11 04:50 AM
SW VandeCarr
4 1,739
Hello, I'm having trouble understanding the concept of confidence intervals... I have written a program using...
Nov2-11 02:09 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 851
Hello, I'm doing some nonlinear regression fitting, and I have a set of data with n data points and I am fitting the...
Jan11-12 03:44 PM
10 6,206
This should be so easy but I'm having trouble understanding why {{x},{x,y}} defines an ordered pair (x,y). I'm trying...
Jan12-05 07:19 PM
10 7,645
I have tried finding a table's length using two methods. Both should be applicable, as using a ruler implies uniform...
Oct21-12 12:26 PM
15 1,289
If y = ax + bsinx, how may the least square estimates of a and b be found? Please advise!
Oct6-12 11:51 PM
1 650
How may the error on gravitational acceleration (g) be determined, given a set of measurements of time (t) and...
Oct21-12 12:25 PM
21 2,233
How may the error on the half life (using Poisson) be calculated? Barlow states that the error on the log would be...
Oct8-12 06:54 AM
14 1,524
Supposing a table's width and length are measured a number of times using a ruler with a certain resolution. A...
Oct10-12 03:01 PM
6 799
Why would a p-value greater than .95 plausibly indicate that the errors/uncertainties were overestimated, i.e. a small...
Oct17-12 06:43 PM
2 830
Another question I have concerns a table's surface area. If L=122.14±0.14 and W=24.30±0.57, I got that...
Oct21-12 12:26 PM
3 601
Hi, Below is my attempt at a comparison between the two above-mentioned methods of estimation. Does anything in the...
Oct19-12 10:03 AM
Stephen Tashi
6 970
See attachment for the question. ---------------- ∀x ∈ D, if P(x) then Q(x). this means ∀x P(x) -> Q(x). all you...
Feb13-13 09:01 PM
5 1,059
I am a grad student of communication systems but earned a Bsc in physics . I am taking a module presently called...
Oct6-10 01:55 AM
1 893
What makes R^2 different from R? Unless I'm mistaken (which is unfortunately quite possible), R^2 has the "same...
Sep18-04 03:15 PM
15 14,465
\Gamma(z)=\int^{\infty}_0x^{z-1}e^{-x}dz z\in\mathhad{C} In which problems in statistical physics we need gamma...
Aug2-09 01:50 PM
4 1,297
I've been struggling with this problem for about two weeks. My supervisor is also stumped - though the problem is...
Apr9-12 12:29 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 1,826
hi i have a question for hw. i cant seem to get the ans you are going to draw 4 times, with replacement, from a...
Apr24-06 01:16 AM
8 35,450
What is an induced measure? I have seen the formal definition many times i am trying to get a grasp of this concept....
May28-12 08:50 PM
1 1,358
Hi, I have a gaussian of the form exp. I know that the FWHM=0.939A, but I cannot prove it. I Let exp (i.e....
Apr20-10 04:23 PM
1 5,629
Hi guys I am having trouble with this question (i have attached). Any help with it would be very much appreciated....
Jan16-08 12:50 PM
2 1,066
Hi, I am given the following problem. Given the vector x+a*y x,yin Zmq, a in Zq. What is the probability that...
Aug17-12 08:33 PM
1 578
hi everybody, :smile: while looking on the mutual information of two variables, one find that it is concave of p(x)...
Nov20-11 09:17 AM
0 1,434
It's simple for you mathematicians, but I'm a physician, I don't know much about set theory or logic and such, so it's...
Aug26-10 06:06 AM
Petr Mugver
2 2,089
Hello, I would greatly appreciate any comment on the following problem: Suppose that I estimate the spectral...
May25-09 03:17 PM
0 712
I was once told that Goldbach's conjecture could perhaps fall into Gödel's first incompleteness theorem, and be true...
Feb28-11 07:44 PM
12 2,545
Consider an exponential tower of three thousand 7's. What is the remainder when you divide the tower by 11? Note...
Sep7-06 11:15 PM
1 1,760
Question 1. If I flip an unbiased coin a hundred times, I should get about 50 heads and 50 tails. Once in awhile...
Dec30-10 11:29 AM
13 1,361
What is the probability of a fair coin landing on its edge after being tossed by an unbiased tosser? Is there a way...
Jan14-11 10:31 PM
1 1,964
I'm trying to run a simple regression for a data set (n=165). I've determined via a Chow Test that there exists a...
Jun2-10 04:53 PM
2 1,722
Can anyone recommend a good textbook that would include Gödel's incompleteness theorems? Also I have some basic...
May22-11 07:51 AM
1 1,574
Hello, I am a Bio informatician and encountered Likelihood while executing the Molecular data. I have used one...
Dec24-11 06:53 AM
1 1,917
I keep reading the definition of an open set & neighborhood, but I just don't seem to get it. This is the defn - "a...
Sep23-11 03:12 PM
8 1,569
I was playing dice at a bar tonight, and after a while one of the guys I was playing asks "What do you think are the...
May27-06 11:15 PM
13 2,012
Hi guys, I someone help me to set my logic straight and help me understand the following situation. For three I...
Jan7-12 09:57 AM
4 1,347
I was asked to help someone to work out the probability above. It was more than a year since I done similar questions...
May25-12 01:58 AM
5 1,194

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