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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,567
Hello, I have an aficionado curiosity, so please bear with me. As you know, bags are sets where repeated elements...
Aug3-07 09:47 AM
4 1,336
Hi. I'm studying calculus in high school right now, and I became really interested in how calculus could be developed...
Aug8-13 06:35 PM
133 11,645
Hello one and all. I could use a little guidance here on a probability problem. Box #1 contains a black balls and...
Dec4-04 05:27 AM
7 2,581
Hello again! I'm stuck and need a little push. Referring to the diagram: out of a group of smokers, 20% are...
Dec10-04 02:08 PM
2 4,108
Hello out there, I have a question about the transformation of discrete random variables. I have a joint pdf...
Jan27-05 06:06 AM
1 1,313
I am beginning to study set theory and came across the following example: Let \mathcal{A} be the empty family of...
Jun21-09 07:10 PM
4 1,316
I'm attempting to derive the MGF for the Weibull distribution. I know that E(e^{tx}), which equals the integral shown...
Apr12-11 08:16 PM
2 2,686
i need to prove that the following is not surjective. how do i do that? let f:R->R be the function defined by...
May14-10 06:07 AM
2 1,471
A continuous-time markov chain is recurrent if and only if the embedded discrete time markov chain is recurrent. But,...
Apr7-11 01:36 AM
1 1,679
What is the value of prob(conclusion C1 is true IF premise P1 is true)? It depends on the prior probability that the...
Dec18-06 10:57 PM
Dooga Blackrazor
8 2,216
How might one show that (aleph_null)! = aleph_1?
May1-08 03:32 PM
4 2,959
Determine the sample space for this random experiment: An urn contains six balls numbered 1-6. The random...
Oct7-05 10:00 AM
Tom Mattson
2 1,686
for n = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.... an = 0, 0, 2, 5, 10, 17, 24, 35, 47.... That is the only data I have. Can...
Dec5-10 08:36 PM
0 1,391
Hello fellow mathematicians/computer-scientists! I have a question: If a subset of a language is not context...
Mar9-12 06:08 PM
1 1,657
Hey all, How do we write this in first order logic? In every company, there is exactly one employee who has no...
Oct31-07 04:53 AM
0 1,977
First up apologies if this is a violation of a rule or COC. Anyway new paper was published a couple of days ago...
Apr10-10 04:03 PM
3 1,070
A computer prints two papers, on the first paper is written, "ASDDSF DFGDF ERSDKUF DFD RRVFDSDA" on the second...
Dec7-10 03:57 PM
SW VandeCarr
12 2,028
Okay... this is a really simple question but I am pratically going nuts over it I can't sleep, I've been looking at it...
Sep14-09 06:46 AM
SW VandeCarr
4 5,431
I have been trying to figure out the proof to this problem for the past couple of days and still don't have an answer....
Oct21-09 10:11 AM
1 842
Joe thinks that no more than 20% of students in his statistics class will get an A in the final examination. To prove...
Apr30-05 09:48 PM
7 1,053
Hi, I hope I'm asking this in the right place. I need to understand this in order to complete a project, but it's not...
Oct25-13 10:23 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 892
Hi Everyone, What are the difference between totally and partially ordered sets? Any examples would help except...
Sep23-12 07:59 PM
2 2,237
As there are an infinite number of time frames, does that mean that the probability of two things happening at the...
Jul15-10 10:56 PM
8 5,602
Imagine a simple chocolate bar promotion in which there is a 6 in 1 chance of winning another bar. My question is; If...
Jul28-10 04:21 PM
4 1,096
The cumulative distribution function of a continuous random variable is given as follows: 0 0 ( ) 0 5 5 1 5 X...
Apr8-13 09:41 AM
1 322
I'm supposed to prove that if: n^2 % 3 = 0 Then n % 3 = 0 I'm not sure how to proceed here? Does it got...
Feb28-05 02:33 AM
8 1,907
Ok, given a set: A How many distinct x tuples can be created using a subset of A? Example: |A| = 20 I want...
Apr30-05 09:50 PM
31 6,019
1 out of 5 italians speak english. 1 out of 5 people in italy are tourists. 1 out 2 tourists speaks english. You...
Oct13-05 03:47 PM
1 1,398
This can get a little bit fundamental or "axiomatic", if you will. Let's say we can describe sets by prescribing a...
Oct27-11 11:18 PM
9 2,070
Hi all, I know how to express the Euclidean distance between two z-normalized vectors using the Pearson correlation...
Jan3-05 12:32 PM
0 1,965
Hi, Does anyone know whether there is any dependence between the cross correlation coefficients at different lags?...
Feb21-05 01:49 AM
0 2,367
Goodevening, I am confused with Venn diagrams questions(2/3 circle diagrams). Can i find some online resources which...
Jan1-11 06:57 PM
7 14,558
Randomly permute (1,...,n). What is the probability that exactly i points are fixed? I think it should be ...
Feb14-08 05:37 PM
2 1,883
How do you show that the surreal numbers form a proper class?
May15-08 04:22 PM
13 2,456
This may be a little hand-wavy: Let a be an ordered, proper-class-sized sequence...
May13-08 02:03 PM
2 1,734
There is no proper class such X such that every totally ordered set is isomorphic to a subclass of X. I'm using...
Jun12-08 11:35 AM
2 1,128
What is a measure of "jointness" of a joint distribution? Correlation?
Nov29-12 03:18 PM
1 629
Is there a theorem which says that if certain natural number sequences exist, then some large cardinals exist. Can...
Jun27-13 09:19 PM
1 712
Can I have a non-trivial example of where \forall x P(x) \rightarrow \exists x P(x) fails?
Aug5-13 03:15 PM
4 512
Given a length preserving bijection on n-bits uniformly at random, what is the expected number of cycles? Cycles being...
Aug18-13 08:38 PM
4 533

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