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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,576
Hi all. I am searching for a good text book on probability theory. I finished my B.S. in mathematics last fall and...
Sep13-10 07:18 AM
2 4,990
I have always struggled in understanding probability theory, but since coming across the measure theoretic approach it...
Oct23-12 11:37 AM
Stephen Tashi
7 1,103
Consider 2 players, of which 1 has one more coin than player 2. Both throw all their coins simultaneously and observe...
May29-11 02:17 AM
9 1,992
Hi, as I am new in Matlab, so I need your help. I want to replace the following inverse matrix (X'*X)^-1 with...
Apr10-12 07:46 AM
1 1,895
From my extremely small and inadequate knowledge of stochastic processes (and Wikipedia): A stochastic process is a...
Oct25-09 03:36 AM
1 1,517
Hi, Iam a new user of Maple and having hard time to figure out what Iam doing wrong. I need to set up Monty Hall...
Dec14-13 05:17 PM
2 476
I cannot seem to get the first moment of Poisson's distribution with parameter a: P(n_1)=\frac{a^{n_1}e^{-a}}{n_1!}...
Sep4-12 10:23 PM
10 1,985
The book states that ##P(x|y,t)## represents the probability density that the potential has a value x at time t,...
Aug1-13 10:42 AM
2 603
I have downloaded all the elo ratings of all active chess players in May of the FIDE and I have made an histogram. I...
Oct22-13 11:45 AM
6 795
Hello, This is my first post - so let me know if I communicate incorrectly. To start, note that my thread title...
Jun29-10 09:09 PM
0 1,643
algorithm to prove lcm: a:=m b:=n while a != b if a < b a:= a + m else b:= b + n
Mar10-05 05:51 PM
7 5,045
1) (C -> A) and (!C -> B) 2) (A and C) or (!C and B) I use the logic calculator and found these two formulas are...
Mar21-05 07:10 PM
4 1,236
{<->, ~} is not a complete set of connectives.. It seems that we can't use Propostions P is all true and thus lead to...
Apr22-05 12:00 PM
27 6,335
Is that possible using six states to draw a NFSA to represent a string ending with a symbol which occured even times...
Apr2-05 07:50 PM
0 1,338
What are some of the elementary remedial procedures to multicollinearity (VIF >= 10) in linear regression? We were...
Jan1-09 10:59 AM
1 2,848
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows a bit about financial probability theory. I was wondering when you are pricing...
Aug4-08 08:21 PM
7 1,569
I was reading Stochastic Integration and Differential Equations by Protter and it had a nice theorem that every Levy...
Mar1-09 05:05 PM
0 1,519
Hi, I have been struggling with Part 3 of this question for some time: Computico Limited, currently operating in...
Mar24-08 05:15 AM
0 1,446
How does the theory of probability work in an equation whose parts are additive infinities of different powers that...
Nov20-11 04:43 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,135
Hello, I've been trying to find the answer to this question on the internet but no real luck so here goes: ...
Sep3-12 10:28 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 809
I'm trying to estimate the p-value range for a Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test using a W-alpha table. For example: Ho: M1...
Apr25-07 08:59 AM
1 61,716
& means belong to and # not equal to : $ subsets of A={(t-1,1/t): t&R, t # 0} B= {(x,y) &R^2:y=1/(x+1), x#-1} i...
Jan27-12 05:58 AM
4 1,811
Hi, I have a question If X1,X2,...,Xn are independent random variables having chi-square distribution witn v=1 and...
Oct4-04 02:24 AM
1 9,317
A metric dp on the topological space X×Y, with dX(x,y) and dY(x1,y1) being metrics on X and Y respectively, is defined...
Aug6-08 04:08 PM
2 1,746
If \Omega is the set of all ordinals, what is the order type of \Omega?
Feb3-11 06:30 PM
2 727
I'm having trouble determining with confidence the deg.s of freedom (df) of a data set I'm dealing with. I'm...
Feb3-08 03:59 PM
2 1,788
I found this post somewhere on the net. I am also getting a similar problem. Can you all please help? ...
Oct23-06 09:33 AM
1 1,211
Ten phones are linked by only one line to the network. Each phone needs to log on average 12mins an hour to the...
Apr11-09 01:29 PM
9 1,091
probabilitis and events occurs
Mar14-10 03:55 AM
0 643
Could anyone help me evaluate the integral ...
Oct17-09 05:02 PM
1 811
I am confused on a basic probability inequality, could anyone help me on this: If X>Y>t, then is P(X>t) larger or...
Oct22-09 12:59 PM
2 1,281
Could anyone help me figure out the the probability density function (pdf) of |X|^(1/2)+|Y|^(1/2)+|Z|^(1/2) if X, Y...
Nov25-09 08:54 AM
4 875
Suppose x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4 are non-negative Independent and identically-distributed random variables, is it true that ...
Dec6-09 03:52 PM
3 1,207
In many statements in probability, there is an assumption like bounded fourth moment, so is there any random variable...
Jan7-10 07:29 AM
1 710
it seems like all the major problems in math/stats are only in math. why is that? is it because stats is a relatively...
Mar11-06 10:12 PM
5 1,686
if you go down to the section called "do they always exist?" you'll find a venn diagram for 6 sets:...
Nov23-09 10:43 PM
1 2,004
Hello! Hope someone can help me, I already tried some solutions, but couldn't come to a final conclusion. I need...
May4-11 10:07 AM
Stephen Tashi
9 1,610
Consider the mapping f: X\rightarrowY where f(x)=y=\sqrt{1-x^2} consider the co-domain Y , we can define the...
Feb21-11 12:04 AM
1 1,259
Hi all, Here's a particular procedure to deal with the giant component of a random graph. Is it "almost always" as...
Jan27-12 10:22 AM
0 773
Does anyone know of any analytical expression for the upper bound on the Kullback–Leibler divergence for a discrete...
Jun10-08 01:00 AM
8 2,042

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