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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,763
Good day. I would like to ask for your help about our Statistical Analysis of our project. Our project is an alarm...
Feb25-14 07:44 PM
0 320
Here is a simple problem but with a lot of hidden difficulty: We have a weather station somewhere in the country,...
Feb24-11 09:58 AM
22 2,672
Dear Fellows, If we fit our data to a quadratic equation then What is meant by standard error for linear and...
Jun29-14 10:19 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 2,656
Say if I had a random variable X that followed a Beta distribution B(a,b), and a and b were random variables. How...
Apr29-07 08:45 AM
Jason Swanson
4 1,603
On page 113 Munkres (Topology: Second Edition) defines a J-tuple as follows: ...
Mar22-14 02:36 AM
3 433
If the average is 111.6 and if the SD is 2.8 and we are looking for the percent between the intervals of 90.6 and...
Nov16-09 06:42 PM
math is fun!
0 954
A friend asked me this question, and I am not sure I know how to answer it: ...
Sep14-04 05:53 PM
4 4,510
I can't remember how to figure out this type of problem. I swear I figured this out once before, but now I am...
Dec3-04 08:50 PM
Math Is Hard
5 6,028
Given that the moment generating function of a random variable is (e^t)/(2-e^t) is there a way I can go backwards...
Jul22-06 07:43 PM
1 9,345
A set is countable if a 1-1 correspondence can be constructed between that set and the set of all positive integers J....
Jun7-11 01:00 PM
2 636
Hi there! I'm trying to prove that every Dedekind cut A has an additive inverse -A such that A + (-A)=0*. We've...
Jul7-11 08:51 AM
1 1,684
How can you prove that a cubic graph with a bridge cannot be 3-edge colored? I guess one could try a proof by...
Sep18-11 08:04 PM
0 1,653
What is the minimum number of edges in a k-chromatic connected graph of order n? I have read somewhere that this...
Oct22-11 03:28 AM
1 3,541
I have done 3 experiments. For each one of them, I have repeated the same experiment 100 times. Which gives me three...
Sep30-13 06:15 PM
2 2,619
Ok, the proof looks simple since by defintion Cl A = intersection of all closed sets containing A. And textbooks give...
Jan4-08 01:11 PM
2 5,382
Good Morning, I am trying to prove that any 2 open intervals (a,b) and (c,d) are equivalent. Show that f(x) =...
Nov1-07 10:05 AM
3 6,103
I have a question..... "Is the quotient set of a set S relative to a equivalence relation on S a subset of S?" I...
Jun3-08 01:17 PM
2 1,877
I hate it when a fact is so obvious that it isn't obvious how to prove it. Like showing that a subset of a finite set...
Sep3-04 07:23 PM
6 4,231
Hello all. While looking at vector spaces leading up to multilinear mappings i am having trouble right at the start...
May5-08 03:21 AM
5 2,358
Hello all I cannot find a simple explanation of the meaning of this axiom, probably because it is considered so...
Jun20-09 08:31 AM
4 1,133
Hello all. Along the lines of unary and binary operations, could someone describe what 0-ary operation is and...
Jul11-09 01:18 PM
11 1,596
Hello all. While reading about ordered pairs in the context of the formal language of axiomatic set theory I came...
Jul27-09 03:17 PM
7 1,325
I have this question which I cannot seem to solve: The joint probability mass function p(x, y) of two discrete random...
Nov25-08 04:01 PM
6 7,876
mathworld defines the paradox like this:"Even though real arithmetic is uncountable, it possesses a countable...
Oct17-03 05:54 PM
1 2,385
i found in this paper the term in the title: what can you tell me about them?...
Apr12-04 02:19 PM
matt grime
1 2,595
in this page ive encountered this topic (it's a topic from combinatorics, so it's relevant to discrete maths with sets...
Jul2-05 03:23 AM
3 1,660
prove that \epsilon_0 is an \epsilon number and that it's the smallest number. \epsilon_0=\lim_{n<\omega}\phi(n)...
Aug30-06 03:18 AM
matt grime
1 1,551
i searched at amazon for books, and find some books about this topic, and i wonder what does this topic cover? in one...
Apr19-06 03:11 PM
3 1,893
1)let P={p1,p2....} be the set of all prime numbers for every n natural, present n as a representation of its prime...
Apr27-06 02:20 PM
33 2,720
i have a few question, that i hope they will answered. 1) let w={0,1...,n,..}={0}UN, and let f:wxw->w such that the...
Jun15-06 02:21 PM
18 1,657
i need to prove that if x is the first of sub(\phi;a,\psi) then there exists 1<=i<=n and there exist firsts \phi' of...
Jul23-06 08:55 AM
1 2,000
i read that there are some logicians who do not use the axiom of choice in their axioms systems. i wonder what is the...
Aug31-06 02:16 AM
2 1,394
i have this question: if: X=U X_i for every i in I, where X_i's are non empty and are disjoint, then |X|>=|I|....
Aug21-08 09:27 PM
Kirk Hilliard
22 2,237
I have a few quetions which I'm trying to answer, hope someone can hint me to the right answer. 1.Prove/disprove that...
Mar26-09 03:33 AM
0 815
I have this question which I am puzzled from, hope someone can help me here. Prove/disprove: If X is a sequence of...
Mar28-09 06:30 AM
1 899
We are given two states 1,2 in an irreducible and positive recurrent Markov chain, and their stationary probabilities...
May22-09 02:57 PM
3 4,425
Let G be a graph with all its degrees at least three. Show that G contains a cycle with a chord (a chord is an edge...
Nov9-10 12:12 AM
3 2,153
I have this next question which I am trying to resolve. Let G=(V,E) be some graph (usually in this context threre...
Jan15-11 03:27 AM
3 1,059
I am given a graph G with 1000 vertices and 250,001 edges and I need to show there are two triangles in it with common...
Jan16-11 03:20 PM
1 813
Now, assume I have a white noise, n(t)\tilde \ N(0,1), i.e gaussian with zero mean and variance 1, and it goes...
Jun22-13 03:18 AM
0 574

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