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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,591
Hello. I came up with this problem while I was waking up this morning, and some of the finer aspects have me pretty...
Aug13-13 12:13 PM
0 402
Lemma: If A is an at most countable alphabet, then the set A^* of strings over A is countable. Proof begin: Let...
Feb11-14 02:45 PM
4 254
I was just wondering, this is a simple question, but i have started intro to stats, lol, but anyways i was wondering...
Jan16-05 03:47 PM
1 1,209
I had a homework problem which I'm having trouble with. Unfortunately I missed my class when the teacher was giving...
Sep23-06 10:07 PM
0 4,184
Hey guys, I've got this question from my Statistics Homework and wondered if someone could point me to a web site or...
Jan16-05 03:35 PM
1 1,560
what explanation stands behind "let's make a deal"'s evenement? As i remember there are 3 doors : one with a car...
Jun16-10 12:05 AM
The Chaz
8 2,156
Hi everybody! I have a random iid sample Xi, i=1, ..., n The empirical cdf of the sample at poin s is ...
Oct18-09 10:07 AM
1 3,043
Can somebody plz tell me what is the definition of an atomic sentence and the definition of a molecular sentence?...
Jul15-05 01:36 AM
2 974
Hello People, I'm and just somewhat confused about this topic. Lets say I have a sample set A with sample size= 101...
Jul23-12 06:17 PM
3 2,675
Can someone please help me with this. I read on wikipedia that the coefficient of Variance can be used when the...
Aug22-12 07:23 PM
10 1,661
Hi, what are some of the classic undergrad/grad books on probability? I am currently taking a 2nd/3rd year...
Nov3-06 06:19 PM
2 1,612
Hi. I have a question on the correctness of the antecedent rule in sequent calculus when I read the book "mathematical...
Oct24-12 08:22 PM
2 2,151
Hi I have a question regarding i.i.d. random variables. Suppose X_1,X_2,\ldots is sequence of independent and...
Mar5-08 09:49 AM
3 3,927
Hi I was studying the WLLN and the CLT. A form of WLLN states that if X_{n} is a sequence of random variables, it...
Mar19-08 02:55 AM
12 4,884
Hi Suppose X_{1}, \ldots, X_{n} is a sequence of i.i.d. random variables. We define X_{(n)} = max(X_{1}, \ldots,...
Jul25-08 07:19 PM
6 4,086
Hi, How can I rigorously prove that the quantity S = \sum_{i=1}^{n}|X_{i} - a| (where X_{1},\ldots,X_{n} is a...
Apr11-08 03:35 PM
2 3,553
Hello, In simple linear regression (or even in multiple linear regression) how does one prove that the coefficient...
Feb5-10 10:03 AM
3 1,414
Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me what an overlay plot exactly is, in the context of linear regression....
Feb23-10 08:15 PM
2 5,581
Hi Is it possible to use both dummy variable regressors as well as categorical response variables in the same...
Apr19-10 10:00 PM
0 3,270
This looks like an easy one, but I haven't found anyone yet who has answered it correctly, including me... So, the...
Apr27-10 03:09 PM
4 1,621
Hi; I'll start from an example. There's a given set of positive integers: {2, 4, 6, 8, 10}. The problem is to...
Aug24-08 06:30 AM
3 1,513
hi guys, today i was confonted with this problem in grade 11 high school math. consider the matrix M=(2 0) ...
Mar17-08 01:45 PM
12 15,479
If all the exams have normal distribution will the average grades to student also be normal distributed? I have...
Jul11-11 08:45 AM
4 1,380
Hey guys, I'm taking a probability course and I'm having some trouble with 2 questions: 1) Suppose 10% of a...
Jul28-06 07:22 AM
2 5,097
Hi! I'm sorry if my question is a bit stupid. How many numbers between 100 and 10000 have exactly 3 same figures? I...
Feb4-10 03:05 AM
5 1,346
So suppose we have 3 boxes, A,B,C. Black and Red balls in each. In A, 3R and 7B. B, 6R and 4B C, 8R and 2B First...
May12-11 11:34 AM
1 1,020
I'm a bit lost on use of mutually exclusive and independent rule on this. I know probability of winning a game is a...
Jul6-10 10:05 PM
5 2,435
Nevermind I found it. Please remove
Oct4-06 12:47 PM
0 5,556
40 teams are taking place in a knock-out competition in which there is no seeding. They all have rankings determined...
Oct11-12 12:41 PM
6 653
My first post on these forums, was referred here by a friend of mine. Thanks in advance! Mind that this question is...
Jan27-12 11:06 AM
11 1,575
I need help on how to get started with this question: Im stocked and i just dont have a clue on how to figure this...
Dec1-08 04:10 PM
5 5,884
Prove or find counterexamples: If A x B = empty set then A = empty set or B = empty set.
Dec2-08 10:49 AM
1 2,643
..using only the definition of the binary product: for any sets A, B, C in a universe U: (A x B) x C = A x (B x...
Dec2-08 10:55 AM
4 1,965
prove or disprove n sigma notation 2i-1 = 2n, for all n is an element of N. i=1 N = natural numbers
Dec8-08 06:01 PM
4 1,519
Hi, I'm really struggling with a statistical problem: 5 people had a medical treatment, they were tested before...
Apr22-12 05:22 PM
SW VandeCarr
1 1,064
I've done 3 wilcoxon matched pair tests and was wondering if someone could give me some advise on the most logical /...
Apr24-12 06:23 PM
0 1,251
Hello I'm not too sure if this is the correct location for my post, but it's the best fit I can see! The cdf of...
Aug22-09 10:09 PM
2 697
If I have a subset, how do I define an equivalence relation. I understand it has to satisfy three...
Nov9-09 09:05 AM
5 1,438
Hello, I am currently generating a campaign of experiments in where I have four factors (conditions like temp,...
Jul21-10 12:02 PM
0 839
Greetings, I have a work requirement to calculate building chilled water use based on known supply temp (deg F),...
Nov21-11 12:27 PM
I like Serena
3 1,726

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