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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,454
mathworld defines the paradox like this:"Even though real arithmetic is uncountable, it possesses a countable...
Oct17-03 05:54 PM
1 2,372
i found in this paper the term in the title: what can you tell me about them?...
Apr12-04 02:19 PM
matt grime
1 2,584
in this page ive encountered this topic (it's a topic from combinatorics, so it's relevant to discrete maths with sets...
Jul2-05 03:23 AM
3 1,648
prove that \epsilon_0 is an \epsilon number and that it's the smallest number. \epsilon_0=\lim_{n<\omega}\phi(n)...
Aug30-06 03:18 AM
matt grime
1 1,540
i searched at amazon for books, and find some books about this topic, and i wonder what does this topic cover? in one...
Apr19-06 03:11 PM
3 1,874
1)let P={p1,p2....} be the set of all prime numbers for every n natural, present n as a representation of its prime...
Apr27-06 02:20 PM
33 2,698
i have a few question, that i hope they will answered. 1) let w={0,1...,n,..}={0}UN, and let f:wxw->w such that the...
Jun15-06 02:21 PM
18 1,645
i need to prove that if x is the first of sub(\phi;a,\psi) then there exists 1<=i<=n and there exist firsts \phi' of...
Jul23-06 08:55 AM
1 1,989
i read that there are some logicians who do not use the axiom of choice in their axioms systems. i wonder what is the...
Aug31-06 02:16 AM
2 1,382
what are the current open problems in logic? in model theory, proof theory and philosophical logic? and what are the...
Oct9-06 03:14 AM
matt grime
4 2,074
i think that i read that the compactness theorem in logic has a similar theorem in topology. i wanted to inquire, are...
Nov10-06 07:24 AM
3 2,142
how do i show that Y^(XU{x})=(Y^X)x(Y^{x}) where X and Y are finite sets, and {x} is a singleton. obvisouly i need to...
Nov18-06 06:43 AM
matt grime
4 1,092
i have a function f:R->R where f is monotone increasing, i need to show that the set of discontinuous points of f is...
Dec7-06 12:42 PM
5 4,604
i have a function f:A->B, im also given that |B|<=null aleph, and for every b in B, |f^-1({b})|<=null aleph, i need to...
Dec11-06 12:33 PM
2 1,650
1. i need to show that the set A={x in Q|0<=x<=1} Q is the rationals set. can be covered by open intervals I_k (k is...
Dec28-06 11:59 AM
34 3,983
i need to find the cardinality of the set of all concave polygons. i know that each n-polygon is characterized by...
Dec30-06 08:01 AM
12 2,188
i need to find the cardinality of set of continuous functions f:R->R. well i know that this cardinality is samaller...
Jan1-07 03:34 AM
14 6,799
i need to prove that there are c sqequences of rational numbers. basically, i need to show that |Q^N|=c. here, are a...
Jan4-07 07:13 AM
3 1,382
i need to show that there exists a class of sets A which is a subset of P(Q) such that it satisfies: 1) |A|=c (c is...
Jan8-07 11:47 AM
14 2,562
i need to prove that X is an infinite set iff for every function f:X->X there exists a proper nonempty subset A of X...
Feb15-07 04:25 PM
6 1,847
i need to prove the next statement: let D be infinite class of infinite subsets of natural numbers that satisfies the...
Feb13-07 07:19 AM
5 1,478
1)axiom of choice: prove that for every set X and for every f:X->X there exists g:X->X such that fogof=f. 2)zorn's...
Feb13-07 08:52 AM
0 1,066
let R be a reflexive and symmetric relation on a set X. let's define a relation S on X. by (x,y) in S iff there exists...
Feb14-07 10:07 AM
0 1,931
suppose our language contains one unary syombol function. we are given the next 5 models: A=<Z,x+1> B=<Z,x-1>...
Mar31-07 09:24 AM
2 1,412
let r>1 which term in (x1+...+xk)^rk has the greatest coefficient? well i have this equation: ...
Apr9-07 05:29 AM
1 3,287
let a\in R and Q>=3 where Q\in Z, i need to prove that in the set {a,2a,...,(Q-1)a} there exists a number which its...
Apr30-07 02:01 PM
9 2,149
my question is as follows: how many words with n letters, you can construct with A,T,G,C such that ACT and TTT will...
Jun15-07 04:45 AM
0 1,257
question in model theory. let L={P_n|n \in N} every P_n is an unary predicate. let's define a theory that says...
Jun17-07 10:50 AM
0 1,129
I need to find: 1. let n be a natural number compute the number of permutations s:{1,...,3n}->{1,...,3n} on 3n terms...
Jul2-07 02:05 AM
8 1,391
how many words of length k can you create from {1,...,k} such that 1 appears even number of times? well, for k=0 we...
Jul2-07 06:05 AM
5 1,992
My problem is as follows: Prove that the set of Godel numbers of provable formulas (P_f) is recursive iff the set of...
Dec18-07 12:03 PM
0 1,985
I'm not sure I understnad what is a marginal distribution, but i need to show that if F1,F2 are one dimensional...
Feb9-08 03:41 PM
1 2,413
Let X,Y~U(0,1) independent (which means that they are distributed uniformly on ). find the distribution of U=X-Y....
Feb29-08 08:03 PM
2 4,959
I have a graph G with n vertices, with connectivity \kappa(G)=k i.e its k- connected, I need to show that ...
Dec1-10 07:08 PM
4 1,304
I need help with question number 8, I thought I had it right the proof of the lower bound, but now I see my solution...
Dec8-10 02:01 AM
0 754
I am given a graph G with 1000 vertices and 250,001 edges and I need to show there are two triangles in it with common...
Jan16-11 03:20 PM
1 806
I have the next two signals: X(t) and G(t) and a random process Y(t)=G(t)X(t) where X(t) and G(t) are wide sense...
Apr5-13 11:12 PM
3 529
Hi, I have the next RV: $$\underline{W}=\frac{\underline{X}}{\frac{||\underline{X}||}{\sqrt{n}}}$$ where $$X_i...
May20-13 03:01 PM
1 516
Hey everyone, I have a question regarding combinations and poker! Could someone explain to me why the number of...
Apr21-12 09:57 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,436
What are the current capabilities of modern Theorem Provers? I know about logic/undecidability/complexity theory so go...
Feb5-14 11:39 AM
4 401

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