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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,567
there's this castle and in the basement only a few people go in there are thousands of spiders madly spinning webs. ...
Sep18-03 03:18 AM
0 4,753
currently, im studying probability in my school. i'm bit confused with the difference btw :- (a) mutually...
Sep24-03 04:02 AM
3 9,299
I once read a very good explanation for the n! factor in the combinations formula but I can't find it. Can someone...
Sep24-03 11:32 PM
2 8,814
Current definitions of probability are a bit "flowing on water" and numerous paradoxes result from the fact...
Sep24-03 01:56 AM
0 3,215
How does the cardinal number for the set of irrational numbers compare to that for a fractal set?
Sep25-03 11:18 PM
1 3,035
I'm reading "A Course in Advanced Calculus" by Robert Borden, and one of the problems begins as follows: "Prove...
Sep25-03 04:11 PM
4 2,825
hello given a random hyperreal number x, can one decide if it is limited or unlimited in a finite amount of time?...
Sep29-03 05:35 PM
0 2,368
We know that the standard deviation for a random walk, represented by a net distance d, to be approximately the...
Oct30-03 09:25 PM
12 7,605
how would you figure out what the chances are of flipping a coin 100 times and it landing 50 times of heads and 50 on...
Oct29-03 02:03 AM
8 8,731
Concrete road pavement gains strength over time as it cures. Highway builders use regression lines to predict the...
Oct8-03 08:59 PM
1 3,103
What is the equation for a paired t-test?
Oct9-03 02:09 PM
1 10,009
mathworld defines the paradox like this:"Even though real arithmetic is uncountable, it possesses a countable...
Oct17-03 05:54 PM
1 2,378
Ok, a friend at another forum posted this challenging probability problem. Mike throws 20 6-sided die on the table....
Jan7-04 03:57 PM
8 2,637
If a person passes through 6 sets of independent traffic lights that have a probability of 0.7 to stop the person at...
Oct28-03 05:22 AM
1 2,438
Does physics or mathematics allow for a probability of a probability?
Nov11-03 04:32 PM
10 5,734
Hello everyone, I feel ashamed to be asking someone to explain such simple notation to me, but Iím having serious...
Oct30-03 09:37 AM
3 26,043
P for powerset, n for intersection show that P(AnB)=P(A) n P(B) Studying for a midterm, seen this question in...
Nov8-03 07:58 AM
6 10,717
Hello all, can anyone help me on this question? since it doesnít make any sense to me. Thank you. A darts player...
Nov29-03 11:53 AM
17 3,781
Hi all, I think this would be a probability question. We do a random check. 10% smokes marihuana. This test...
Nov25-03 09:40 AM
2 2,067
Using a .05 level of sign, test the hyp that the probability of the NCAA champion being from the big east is 20% ...
Dec16-03 08:32 PM
3 3,865
Are the following sets fields: the empty set, {0} {0,1}? (it's that I've seen {0,1} as an example of a field yet I...
Nov25-03 04:35 PM
5 4,004
hello, Could someone help me please. I am studying Cantor's set theory at present, but am a little confused as to...
Nov26-03 11:43 AM
1 2,118
trying to define n/m when it exists in N. suppose m and n are natural numbers and let denote all functions from n...
Nov30-03 12:11 PM
6 2,027
Could someone please inform me as to the procedure used to test the significance of a calculated Pearson's correlation...
Dec4-03 07:46 AM
The Opiner
0 3,306
In fact pa is true for all integers n greater than a particular base value and you should complete the proof given...
Dec7-03 05:30 AM
1 16,414
Can anyone let me know the estimator for the expectaiion of X^Y. X and Y are iid random variables, and their...
Dec11-03 04:58 PM
4 4,529
I'm at my wits end trying to show that this Exc(n), or "excess over square" function is recursive. I know that it...
Dec15-03 10:38 AM
0 1,977
Hi all! This is an interesting problem, on probability, for those who likes solving such things (like me ): A...
Dec22-03 09:05 AM
6 2,489
Anyone know what the answer to this would be? A implies B C implies not B What happens when both A and C occur? ...
Dec21-03 08:35 PM
3 1,804
It seems to me that a lot the concepts in statistics are rather arbitrary and don't seem be mathematically derived....
Jan26-04 05:59 PM
8 2,581
Greetings, I am in desperate need of some help. I have my exam final tomorrow morning and have just come across a...
Jan13-04 03:27 PM
0 1,538
need some help with statistics! My problem is this: I am given a set of data for a group of individuals and from...
Jan17-04 10:44 AM
1 1,848
What sort of distribution (eg binomial, normal..) would you expect each of the following to be? I am trying to get my...
Jan29-04 11:46 AM
1 1,827
The mean probability of 100 observations is .0422. If you are not given the data for a sample size of 200, how do you...
Feb9-04 10:47 PM
2 1,702
let <x> =5 and Standard Dev =2. Which linear tranform y=ax+b results in <y>=20 and standard dev=4????
Feb18-04 07:06 PM
1 1,492
Hi to all you smart people out there: I need your help, and don't know how to solve this. If a grandfather is born on...
Feb18-04 10:49 AM
7 1,681
To anybody that can offer a hand. <x>=5, Standard Deviation = 2, median Mx=4.5, Quartile1=4, Quartile 2=6,...
Feb19-04 04:10 AM
matt grime
2 1,351
I really need to know how to do a question like this for a course I am taking. Can you help???? Out of 2 million...
Feb24-04 10:50 PM
1 1,768
I am having trouble with this question. Let X equal the number of flips of a fair coin that are required to observe...
Mar2-04 08:50 AM
matt grime
1 8,378
Does anyone know if there is any study of probability theory from the point of view of category theory? I was trying...
Feb26-04 07:34 PM
matt grime
1 3,206

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