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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,727
Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what is the difference between the...
Jun7-11 05:09 PM
4 6,979
I have some data (4 runs each of about 10 trials) which is binomial with n_hits/N_trials n/N = 0/11, 0/9, 0/10,...
Jun5-11 08:43 PM
8 2,909
I have the following logical statement (A \wedge B) \Longleftrightarrow (A \wedge C) I want to find other logical...
Jun9-11 12:31 AM
3 2,102
Hello, I'm hoping I'm asking this in the right place. If not, I apologize. Anyway, I have a dilemma about some...
Jun6-11 10:02 PM
4 1,795
Hello all, I'm new, so please go easy on me if this is a silly question. If I have a source set of characters,...
Jun4-11 07:16 PM
10 2,657
I have a question on the textbook "Mathematical Logic: Propositional calculus, Boolean Algebras, predicate calculus"...
Jun3-11 10:55 AM
2 1,095
Hi everyone, I came across a problem that requires knowing this fact. But can any open set in R^n be expressed...
Jun4-11 04:48 PM
5 5,389
I have a question on the book "Mathematical Logic: Propositional calculus, Boolean Algebras, predicate calculus" by...
Jun3-11 11:52 AM
5 1,347
Soppose that A,B are effectively inseparable,B is r.e,then how to prove that \bar{A} is productive
Jun3-11 10:24 PM
1 1,043
Dataset is given in file "tabl3.txt". I know it has something to do with Binary response and probably we should use...
Jun3-11 05:57 PM
0 886
How do I get excel to work out a negative R value in regression summary output? This is because my data shows inverse...
Jun4-11 12:14 PM
0 891
If \mathbb{Z} is the set of integers, what does \mathbb{Z/2Z} mean?
Jun4-11 08:40 PM
5 2,479
Suppose we are asked to prove : If \lim_{n\to\infty}x_{n} = L and x_{n} is decreasing,then \forall n. On the...
Jun9-11 07:38 AM
17 2,153
Hello, first Id like to clarify that the only difference between an algebra and a sigma-algebra, is that we have ...
Jun6-11 08:30 PM
Stephen Tashi
8 2,170
Hi everyone, I'm confused about Durrett's formal definition of a random variable, as well his formal notions of...
Jun6-11 04:13 PM
1 1,083
A set is countable if a 1-1 correspondence can be constructed between that set and the set of all positive integers J....
Jun7-11 01:00 PM
2 635
Hi everyone, The problem: Is this relation true? If so, how (or maybe where) it could be proved? ...
Jun9-11 04:58 PM
14 2,446
I see the term dictionary used a lot and it sounds a lot like a basis for a vector space. But what is the different? ...
Jun7-11 05:16 PM
4 778
I'm having a trouble doing this kind of problems :S Lets try this for example: The joint p.d.f of the continuous...
Jun13-11 12:03 PM
2 5,188
There's a game that's been around for a long time called Connect 4. It is a 2-player game consisting of 7 columns...
Jun9-11 07:03 AM
2 1,728
If the empty set has no elements then how can it have subsets. Or are we just saying because they don't have...
Jun10-11 08:05 AM
12 2,935
Hi everyone, The question: Pr( A|\Phi )=? where \Phi means empty Is it equal to 1 or not? what is the...
Jun13-11 01:37 AM
5 1,749
Say there is a chance p of an event happening each attempt. How many attempts (on average) would it take for this...
Jun11-11 02:08 PM
1 1,246
Hi guys i am struggling in how to find the density function for X^2Y^2 and max(X,Y). Here's the scenario: Suppose a...
Jun14-11 07:48 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 2,045
Hey all, I recently encountered a problem that I cannot seem to solve... Let's say I have the following coins A,...
Jun13-11 10:31 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,093
This may be a dumb question but lets say i have the set of integers \mathbb{z} can I say that \frac{\pi}{\pi}...
Jun13-11 08:35 AM
5 976
Does the following make sense: E(e^{-X}) = 0 \Rightarrow X = \infty\quad a.s. ? (Intuitively yes, but...
Jun13-11 06:06 PM
1 976
Hello, my question ; Suppose X1 and X2 are independent random variables, each with the standard gaussian...
Jun14-11 06:36 PM
18 1,238
Let M_t = \sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{i} (N_t^i - \lambda t) where \{ N^i \} is a sequence of iid Poisson processes...
Jun14-11 09:11 PM
1 2,059
Hi friends, The problem: Assume the events A_i for i=1,2,...,n are of the same type. please trace the...
Jun14-11 09:53 PM
Stephen Tashi
8 1,212
I'm using excel to calculate this, but I have a few questions. I have a list which has 48 values, one per day,...
Jun16-11 09:59 AM
17 2,522
I need to find the bestfit distribution for this. I'm using excel, so I need to be able to use xcel to graph it. ...
Jun16-11 09:37 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,247
If i have the mgf of X and the mgf of Y where X~N(mx,vx) and Y~N(my,vy) and X and Y are independent , then if i want...
Jun15-11 08:19 AM
1 1,206 Black-Scholes model assumes securities prices follow a...
Jun16-11 09:44 AM
0 1,615
I've been trying to fit some data to a Poisson distribution using Curve Expert but have been unable to program the...
Jun17-11 11:51 AM
Proton Soup
1 747
Hi, I keep seeing this come up A1 ⊇ A2 ⊇ A3 .... is an infinite decreasing sequence of events. Prove from first...
Jun16-11 01:33 PM
20 2,265
Is this possible? I've been trying to find ways to do it and the function looks more and more nasty the further I go....
Jun16-11 09:57 AM
0 1,226
Hi, I am a bit confused. Basically if I have a pdf, fX(x) and i want to work out the distribution of Y=X^2 for...
Jun16-11 01:02 PM
0 787
I was reading an introductory chapter on probability related to sample spaces. It had a mention that for uncountably...
Jun16-11 03:34 PM
2 1,426
Hi there, I'm currently reading Li and Vitanyi's book on Kolmogorov complexity. Unfortunately, I don't have a good...
Jun16-11 09:20 PM
0 1,178

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