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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 32,567
Hi. I've done a search already to see if this question has been answered but haven't found anything. Hope it's okay...
Jun17-11 07:32 PM
21 4,457
Hi all, I want to compute mean square error (MSE) for a problem but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Suppose...
Jun26-11 10:18 PM
2 2,420
Hi friends, The problem: Assume the events A_i for i=1,2,...,n are of the same type. please trace the...
Jun14-11 09:53 PM
Stephen Tashi
8 1,207
I'm using excel to calculate this, but I have a few questions. I have a list which has 48 values, one per day,...
Jun16-11 09:59 AM
17 2,487
I need to find the bestfit distribution for this. I'm using excel, so I need to be able to use xcel to graph it. ...
Jun16-11 09:37 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,240
If i have the mgf of X and the mgf of Y where X~N(mx,vx) and Y~N(my,vy) and X and Y are independent , then if i want...
Jun15-11 08:19 AM
1 1,197 Black-Scholes model assumes securities prices follow a...
Jun16-11 09:44 AM
0 1,594
I've been trying to fit some data to a Poisson distribution using Curve Expert but have been unable to program the...
Jun17-11 11:51 AM
Proton Soup
1 744
Hi Experts, I'm working in industry and have an application requiring some expert knowledge on...
Jun18-11 09:22 AM
10 2,143
Hi, I keep seeing this come up A1 ⊇ A2 ⊇ A3 .... is an infinite decreasing sequence of events. Prove from first...
Jun16-11 01:33 PM
20 2,230
In a recent federal appeals court case, a special 11-judge panel sat to decide on a certain particular legal issue...
Jun26-11 09:30 PM
Try Hard0
6 2,057
I need to find an approximation of the covariance of a function of a random variable. \Theta1- log1/(1-p1)] where...
Jun21-11 04:22 AM
SW VandeCarr
9 2,262
Is this possible? I've been trying to find ways to do it and the function looks more and more nasty the further I go....
Jun16-11 09:57 AM
0 1,206
Hi, when asked to show that the addition of 2 independent RV's with the same distribution is once again of the same...
Jun18-11 08:29 PM
8 1,807
Before you begin reading, I want to say thank you for helping, or attempting to help me. I really appreciate any help...
Jun20-11 11:23 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 1,247
So I have a situation that I keep confusing myself with: I am running a computer simulation that, after a set...
Jun17-11 01:09 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 2,486
Hi, I am a bit confused. Basically if I have a pdf, fX(x) and i want to work out the distribution of Y=X^2 for...
Jun16-11 01:02 PM
0 779
I was reading an introductory chapter on probability related to sample spaces. It had a mention that for uncountably...
Jun16-11 03:34 PM
2 1,414
Hi, supposed I have a set of data points, and each data point has a certain value of uncertainty associated with it. ...
Jun21-11 04:50 AM
SW VandeCarr
4 1,940
Hi there, I'm currently reading Li and Vitanyi's book on Kolmogorov complexity. Unfortunately, I don't have a good...
Jun16-11 09:20 PM
0 1,173
1. Russell's paradox is: A={x:x∉x} Is A a subset of itself? But my question is:
Jun19-11 11:30 PM
6 2,314
X and Y are 2 independent gaussian random variables with parameter a. Z = XY / (X-Y) W = XY / |X-Y| I am to find ...
Jun19-11 01:36 AM
1 1,241
Hello all, I've been working on error analysis of the system, and I finally faced a big problem. Let X~N(mu1,...
Jun19-11 01:40 AM
7 1,404
Suppose that X sub 1, X sub 2,... X sub n and Y sub 1, Y sub 2,... Y sub n are independent random samples from...
Jun17-11 09:59 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 3,302
I am new in statistic. I come across the sample variance calculation in a book and it explains that denominator is...
Jun21-11 09:28 AM
Stephen Tashi
8 8,273
Hi, there, I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to implement if-statements in recursion-theoretic terms....
Jun23-11 09:16 PM
4 1,519
Suppose m+1 parallel (laid N-S)roads cross n+1 parallel (laid E-W) roads. In how many different ways one can move from...
Jun21-11 01:54 AM
2 1,090
There is a bag in front of me. I am told it contains 100 red balls or 50 red balls and 50 blue balls. If I pick n red...
Jun23-11 09:46 AM
11 1,680
Hi, I was wondering if anyone might want to help me with some less common dice probability. The dice mechanic is...
Jun21-11 07:34 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 3,599
Given a poisson process Z(t) with a given rate lamda, k and m nonnegative integers and t and c real and positive...
Jun22-11 11:22 PM
1 900
Good afternoon all I need help in settling a debate. If say I have a 1/5 chance of gaining promotion in a year, do...
Jun21-11 08:45 PM
4 1,169
Hello, While doing a research, I obtained the following PDF: ...
Jun28-11 01:56 PM
16 4,227
Dear all, I have this problem: the work aims to test the value (mean and error) of several sensors (with a different...
Jun23-11 12:15 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 1,410
Hi all, I had a question about calculating mutual information, a topic to which I am very new. Consider the...
Jun27-11 11:42 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 4,719
What is the PDF of the exponential of a Gaussian random variable? i.e. suppose W is a random variable drawn from a...
Jun26-11 07:50 AM
4 3,427
This text patch is taken from wikipedia article "For f(z) = z2 the Julia set...
Jun27-11 11:50 AM
2 1,189
I am trying to test the difference in motor performance (measured by the amount of time each rat is able to keep...
Jun26-11 08:49 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 1,614
Can anybody help with this. How to calculate after how many spins the sector of 6 numbers will win, with probability...
Jun27-11 08:50 AM
4 1,469
Hello all. I have set up a model using the Kalman filter to estimate automobile prices. I'm having difficulty in...
Jun28-11 04:23 AM
0 1,786
It may make on sense but I want to understand probability intuitively....!!!....can any one explain.....?how should i...
Jun28-11 01:31 PM
2 853

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