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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 69,734
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,195
From what I understand, the release of neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft and the consequent binding of these...
May10-04 04:51 AM
0 5,542
I wonder if this topic will catch on in a male dominated forum, but worth the try :) I actually just found out what...
May9-04 04:15 PM
73 14,492
Why is it that people sometimes must limit their salt intake? After my uncle had a heart attack, he was told to cut...
May8-04 12:21 AM
6 8,963
Umm I hear that some scientist often get together with architects and engineers to discuss the importance about having...
May8-04 12:18 AM
10 3,524
So why did we end up using the elments that we use for body things? Specifically, Na and K for the channels. Why is...
May7-04 06:21 PM
1 1,481
May7-04 03:57 PM
0 908
May7-04 10:01 AM
3 1,116
Can long-term patterns of climate, radiation, geology, glaciology, tectonics, planetology, etc., be accurately derived...
May6-04 05:23 PM
Loren Booda
0 1,530
i need a online elementary tutorial on Molecular Dynamics (Mol. Stimulation, Forcefield, Surface ....)
May5-04 11:38 AM
Mike H
2 1,667
I always thought Renilla was a beetle for some reason.. apparently it is a polyp.. I just found out.. but why is it...
May5-04 10:13 AM
5 3,773
Your feces are bassically all the stuff that you ate and didn't have a use for, right? So if wouldn't you defecate...
May4-04 10:09 PM
12 3,067
I am so curious about this field, neurobiology. Could anyone tell me what a neurobiologist is doing and where a...
May4-04 03:15 PM
7 1,868
Can water or alcohol be absorbed through the skin with osmosis? More importantly can it be absorbed into the...
May4-04 12:41 PM
5 2,837
can you tell me why so many people are studying about life on earth ? Is that funnie or something that is very...
May4-04 05:52 AM
2 851
someone can tell me why neuroscience ? What is its actual advantages ? Thanks
May3-04 07:41 PM
16 3,524
Why is the DNA in eukaryotes an open ended string rather than a closed loop?
May3-04 12:03 PM
6 6,011
Hello! I am doing a uni project where basically I take microscopic pictures of my organ (in this case the...
May2-04 07:28 PM
8 1,214
Is there any organism that has only one cell ? If any, what is that ? and how can it lead its life ? Does it need to...
May2-04 06:32 PM
6 1,543
Dental X-rays linked to small babies It seems that the organs that could be affected are the hypothalamus, the...
May2-04 01:40 PM
4 1,404
Why is it that fruit continue to get sweeter after they're plucked from whatever they're growing from and sitting...
May2-04 01:07 PM
5 4,713
Humans eat cows so we can grow (you need protein to grow). If cows are just eating grass all the time, how are they...
May2-04 12:53 PM
13 9,425
Ok, I wanna ask this. I'll try to keep it as adult as I can. Why is it that after most males have an orgasm, that...
May2-04 12:04 PM
6 44,566
:wink: Homo sapiens: A cybernetic life-form, native to the third planet from a medium sized star. Primary food...
Apr30-04 10:51 PM
Dayle Record
3 2,919
What are the Diseases involving MHC peptides ??? Where can i find about peptide vaccines ???
Apr30-04 03:02 PM
8 1,345
For the living, three things are inevitable: death, taxes, and sh1t." Dan Sabbath and Mandel Hall in End Product ...
Apr28-04 04:02 PM
14 3,256
What is the difference between proteasome and immunoproteasome ??
Apr28-04 10:56 AM
2 914
I'm a first-year college student and I'm havnig a lot of trouble with a particular question. Here goes: Manx cats...
Apr27-04 09:28 PM
3 6,006
I accidentally left some italian bread out on the counter after eating it with some soup, and about 3 hours later it...
Apr26-04 12:32 PM
5 5,797
Page 999, top paragraph: "Once the pre-RC has been assembled in G1, the replication origin is ready to fire . The...
Apr25-04 04:36 PM
0 959
Just kidding :)
Apr23-04 08:27 PM
2 1,376
Continuing with my classes' discussion of the immune system problems, we covered autoimmune diseases today. This...
Apr23-04 11:16 AM
2 2,025
Apr23-04 10:01 AM
8 1,951
Apr23-04 09:52 AM
1 1,083
How do i do a Multiple Alignment with 4000 sequences. offline version of ClustalW hangs online version accepts...
Apr23-04 07:53 AM
3 963
They have produced mice with two genetic moms -- and no father. In fact, one of the mouse mothers was a mutant...
Apr22-04 02:16 PM
1 1,083
What is the use of HMM (Hidden Markov Models) ?? in sequence analysis ??
Apr22-04 12:08 PM
1 2,981
The great evolutionary theorist John Maynard Smith has died . He will be sorely missed.
Apr22-04 08:21 AM
0 860
hmm =-l
Apr22-04 06:41 AM
2 1,341
Do twins, that split from the same egg (is this maternal?) have the exact same DNA?
Apr22-04 05:29 AM
4 17,096
Why is my pee becoming more yellowish after taking vitamin B Any explain?
Apr21-04 10:03 PM
8 2,152

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