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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 68,794
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 17,838
The component of sex that will survive biological reproduction may well be the sensation of pleasure. As we approach...
May30-05 12:19 PM
Loren Booda
2 1,517
when calculating metabolic rates, how come you can use absolute rate and not mass specific rate?
May30-05 03:47 AM
0 2,274
I am reading an introductory book for dummies about different kinds of flowers on earth, I am wondering why do such...
May30-05 01:49 AM
1 954
When I use Primer3 design tool and the default Primer3 uses = 1.5 mM, whereas the average concentration is 5 mM in...
May29-05 06:29 PM
2 2,613
My friend asked me: Can people put a too big big big microbeal in to a very very small one ? :sad: Please make clear...
May29-05 09:26 AM
0 1,028
Can anyone hook me up with some good sites that describe the science behind how cocaine affects the human nervous...
May28-05 09:51 PM
4 8,574
Would you tell me what it is (cd4+ T-cell populations)?
May28-05 01:41 PM
2 922 any comment?...
May28-05 03:06 AM
18 2,281
All u need is a reciecver and transmitter right? Then why can't a sumthing be sent brain to brain , when it runs on...
May26-05 08:34 PM
8 1,505
lol ok im wondeirng something. When your hit with a bullet, what really kills you? Shock, loss of blood, what? Or...
May26-05 02:25 PM
8 2,035
There are some exam question to be ask.I have already have the answer but teacher didn't explain.Therefore,I hope to...
May25-05 09:55 AM
1 917
Waht is the difference between the syndromes and a disease becase arent they all genitacally passsed down?
May25-05 04:58 AM
2 4,635
In the Earth's fossil record, some people say "yes" and some people say "no", not just in humans but mammals.
May24-05 04:46 PM
Gold Barz
3 1,484
I actually join an evening class to study about drugs, and today a classmate asked me to explain how our immune system...
May24-05 02:13 AM
9 1,624
I had never heard of this condition before until I saw it on television today: it is a rare condition where the skin...
May23-05 09:26 PM
8 1,454
hello i'd like help understanding what end product inhibition is with regards to enzymes? and could some 1 please...
May23-05 08:36 PM
1 1,223
I just recieved another problem that was faxed from the lady i mentioned in my other thread in this forum. She is...
May23-05 01:43 PM
4 1,043
turgid pressure of a plant cell is given by the formula molality*ionization constant of the solute*gas...
May23-05 02:06 AM
0 1,961
today in bio lab we measured the change in weight of potatoes when it was placed in diff molal sucrose conc for 1...
May23-05 01:13 AM
0 1,429
Can you tell me what general rules does antigen have in human immune system ? I assume it is statically floating...
May22-05 09:53 PM
2 987
I know marine creatures like crabs have 12 legs, 10 are small and 2 are very big. Do you know why they have small...
May22-05 08:35 PM
5 1,903
How do they change colors? or more specifically, how do they know what color(s) are behind them? How does their...
May22-05 08:25 PM
14 2,299
Being a teenager and going through a Driver's Ed course, I'm constantly reminded that only time will sober you up...
May22-05 07:55 PM
3 6,881 I sometimes sit all day long just to...
May22-05 01:19 PM
2 1,430
May22-05 05:12 AM
1 1,287
I read about this, it seems diffferent from cryogenic freezing. I'd like to be frozen but revivable...what do you...
May21-05 06:52 PM
3 1,274
I am looking for a book on creationism, do you know of any writer out there has a nice book for me to read ? After i...
May21-05 10:05 AM
5 1,181
If I don't eat anything, I'll lose muscle and then fat, correct? But eventually I will lose muscle and then fat? If I...
May21-05 05:36 AM
4 1,449
Just to ask professional researchers a question, Normally, human beings are born to have ten fingers, but I noticed...
May21-05 05:29 AM
1 4,719
The body is essentially the powerhouse of the brain right? Do you think we could use robotic- non-biological- bodies...
May21-05 05:19 AM
7 2,340
I heard the news and an article is published in Science, but what exactly is the major breakthrough? To me it seems...
May20-05 04:46 PM
2 992
why does the human race have no fur, but a tiny bit of hair, when we are related to apes, which clearly have fur, or...
May20-05 11:56 AM
15 1,725
Hello everybody... I have a question that I have been concerned with for awhile. I know the risk of HIV transmission...
May20-05 08:07 AM
1 844
They say animals like cats, dogs etc.. dont see colors. Their world is in black and white. How on earth can they be...
May20-05 04:26 AM
4 972
I'm having problems with three terms that are used to describe the genetic code: universality redundancy...
May19-05 02:56 PM
3 4,528
how can a seires of electical imoulses in the brain generate consiusness
May19-05 08:48 AM
2 782
To what point does the compulsive behavior of handwashing act as a prophylactic? (I suggest such manipulation as a...
May19-05 08:06 AM
7 2,138
I'm going to turn 17 soon, the legal age at which one can donate blood in my state, and I plan on donating blood soon...
May19-05 04:47 AM
6 18,532
I am about to purchase a devise to use for the detection of tin coating on window glass. I am a glass artist who...
May18-05 02:32 PM
4 5,223
This is a surprise. This is not even topical xylitol; this is orally ingested. (And it tastes good, too. I have tried...
May18-05 12:18 PM
0 2,869

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