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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,018
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,746
When antigen-presenting cells (eg - macrophages, dendritics, etc) encounter antigens, do they all migrate to the lymph...
Jun5-05 03:14 PM
1 1,388
hi am i right in saying that if the concentration of sucrose solution becomes more concentrated outside a plant...
Jun5-05 11:11 AM
1 989
In what ways can we altar humans (or human-like things) with bio-engineering/things like that? I don't mean what ways...
Jun5-05 07:19 AM
0 930
when we say increasing osmolarity, does it mean increasing solute concentration?
Jun5-05 02:27 AM
1 3,748
Howdy first post. Why is it said that life needs water to develop. Everybody says that life hear came from the sees...
Jun5-05 12:38 AM
31 2,071
How can phagocytes know to move towards a site of infection yet not be able to identify what the pathogen/ antigen...
Jun4-05 07:30 PM
1 1,073
A friend of mine was talking about Mozzee's stinging proweress :eek: , and how come the Mosquito mostly attack ankles...
Jun4-05 02:21 PM
15 17,718
If it was possible to clone people would it be possible to give them (the clones) non-human attributes?
Jun4-05 01:08 PM
5 968
Has anyone heard about this book? Is it good? I have the 1977 editition. I also have another question: what has...
Jun4-05 08:35 AM
4 2,503
Why does the secondary/ tertiary structure of a protein exist? Is it due to the fact that all the bonds in polypeptide...
Jun3-05 02:31 AM
4 5,376
If we give someone with blood group A a transfusion using an O doner we say they are safe, since the O blood cells...
Jun2-05 05:29 PM
4 949
Where and how to get the gDNA, mRNA and cDNA sequences of a gene? Any search tools? Thanks!
Jun2-05 09:44 AM
3 1,104
i've been asked to explain the observation of sickle cell anaemia which is caused by a recessive point mutation in the...
Jun2-05 08:27 AM
1 2,006
I just read that "Even aging can't be so easily cured by replacing someone's whole body: our brain seems to...
Jun1-05 07:06 PM
8 1,488
Hi all, I'm just curious what you see on these testimages:
Jun1-05 11:38 AM
4 1,823
How is that most animals, such as dogs or cats, have the basic instinct of knowing how to swim, and we don't? Why...
Jun1-05 11:00 AM
8 4,774
Why do we need to Brush our teeth when animals, who eat anything from raw meat to live vegetables don't get any of...
Jun1-05 10:24 AM
12 3,098
Okay, please tell if you experienced, why you were/are in pain when you have decayed teeth ?How painful is/was that ?...
Jun1-05 04:21 AM
3 1,222
Hypothetically could people genetically engineer brains that would automatically connect up to ours- eg make all the...
May31-05 11:35 PM
21 3,898
Hello all skilled biologists reading this post. Researcher Imre Friedmann et al. have selected a couple of critters...
May31-05 07:21 PM
6 5,841
Hi All! Trying to locate a explanation for the Weber-Fechner Law. Just need the formula and the variable...
May31-05 03:38 PM
5 3,274
In what way can people get the width of flowers and sizes of petals for research ? I just wonder how that can be...
May31-05 01:28 AM
3 1,202
This seems like such a simple question but I cannot find a direct answer on the web. Please enlighten me geniuses of...
May30-05 04:36 PM
5 74,044
The component of sex that will survive biological reproduction may well be the sensation of pleasure. As we approach...
May30-05 12:19 PM
Loren Booda
2 1,541
when calculating metabolic rates, how come you can use absolute rate and not mass specific rate?
May30-05 03:47 AM
0 2,289
I am reading an introductory book for dummies about different kinds of flowers on earth, I am wondering why do such...
May30-05 01:49 AM
1 964
When I use Primer3 design tool and the default Primer3 uses = 1.5 mM, whereas the average concentration is 5 mM in...
May29-05 06:29 PM
2 2,620
My friend asked me: Can people put a too big big big microbeal in to a very very small one ? :sad: Please make clear...
May29-05 09:26 AM
0 1,034
Can anyone hook me up with some good sites that describe the science behind how cocaine affects the human nervous...
May28-05 09:51 PM
4 8,624
Would you tell me what it is (cd4+ T-cell populations)?
May28-05 01:41 PM
2 925 any comment?...
May28-05 03:06 AM
18 2,297
All u need is a reciecver and transmitter right? Then why can't a sumthing be sent brain to brain , when it runs on...
May26-05 08:34 PM
8 1,524
lol ok im wondeirng something. When your hit with a bullet, what really kills you? Shock, loss of blood, what? Or...
May26-05 02:25 PM
8 2,517
There are some exam question to be ask.I have already have the answer but teacher didn't explain.Therefore,I hope to...
May25-05 09:55 AM
1 927
Waht is the difference between the syndromes and a disease becase arent they all genitacally passsed down?
May25-05 04:58 AM
2 4,649
In the Earth's fossil record, some people say "yes" and some people say "no", not just in humans but mammals.
May24-05 04:46 PM
Gold Barz
3 1,502
I actually join an evening class to study about drugs, and today a classmate asked me to explain how our immune system...
May24-05 02:13 AM
9 1,634
I had never heard of this condition before until I saw it on television today: it is a rare condition where the skin...
May23-05 09:26 PM
8 1,466
hello i'd like help understanding what end product inhibition is with regards to enzymes? and could some 1 please...
May23-05 08:36 PM
1 1,240
I just recieved another problem that was faxed from the lady i mentioned in my other thread in this forum. She is...
May23-05 01:43 PM
4 1,051

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