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Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 13,857
Get up to date with the latest research news by listening to Podcasts from science journals/journalists. You can find...
Apr1-12 03:22 AM
10 20,119
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 58,039
We've recently gotten a number of biologists on board here, so I thought it would be a good time to do a quick survey...
Feb15-14 08:57 AM
185 90,454
Does anyone know any more in-depth information on Sensorineural hearing loss other than what the websites around the...
Jun19-03 08:37 PM
0 1,797
Dear Fellow scientists, I have a small but important problem: I need to know the absorption wavelength of epoxy...
Jun20-03 09:15 PM
1 3,012
Greetings ! I realize that evolution goes on due to random mutations of individuals in the spicies and then...
Jun21-03 09:47 PM
M. Gaspar
17 2,620
What are they? What do they do? How do they work? Any info on this is appreciated.
Jun23-03 11:29 AM
7 3,427
Jun23-03 05:44 PM
3 1,620
just wondering...(by the way i didn't know where to put this so i put it here)... lets say we have a criminal in...
Jun23-03 08:59 PM
9 1,722
Evolution Click on the link.... You'll loveit almost as much as I do..
Jun24-03 11:23 AM
17 2,460
I was thinking.when we mass produce electricity,we send out high amounts of negative magnetic fields.whats the...
Jun25-03 02:48 PM
1 1,613
Hi everyone I would like to ask, (1) why the fluorescense wavelength would have blue shift when some fluorescent...
Jun26-03 06:11 AM
0 1,440
I'm trying to prove that my daughter is my daughter. We just did DNA testing, but either me or my daughter has a...
Jun26-03 12:20 PM
16 10,308
Here is the swearing order for different countries, organized from most offensive insult to least offensive. USA:...
Jun26-03 03:15 PM
6 2,944
Jun28-03 07:00 AM
1 2,539
what do you know about the permian extinction event. the creataceous extinction was probably caused due to an...
Jun28-03 03:20 PM
I, Brian
8 1,713
Does anyone here know what the radius of a benzene molecule is? eNtRopY
Jun28-03 04:47 PM
2 8,251
Would someone be so kind as to cook me up a sample problem relating DFQ's to chemistry? Maybe a reaction rate type...
Jun28-03 11:25 PM
5 9,496
Does anyone know what color is caca/fecis before it leaves our digestive tract and enters the anus? I thought it was...
Jun29-03 06:05 PM
Ivan Seeking
11 6,070
this is going to sound like an odd question, but which element has its boiling point and its freezing point closest...
Jun30-03 04:31 AM
Another God
3 4,526
Thanks to end of session exams, I have been spending a lot of time lately trying to find websites which explain...
Jul1-03 12:44 AM
Another God
1 4,983
I've begun taking a herbal dietary supplement that claims increased memory capability and other such enhancements to...
Jul1-03 07:14 AM
19 7,469
"The dead creature was mistaken for a beached whale when first reported about a week ago, but experts who went to see...
Jul2-03 05:47 PM
5 4,069
In a phase diagram, at critical point, liquid phase is indistinguishable from vapour, and beyond which, only vapour...
Jul2-03 07:37 PM
Ivan Seeking
3 3,993 some graphic pictures included in that site
Jul2-03 07:56 PM
2 1,691
Why do I feel happy when I awake from sleep sometimes? Why do I feel like I was hit by a train and feel sick...
Jul3-03 10:51 AM
2 1,755
What is it that makes one person (me, in this particular instance) detest the very thought of green beans, while...
Jul5-03 01:32 AM
Ivan Seeking
2 1,067
Is there a condition where people laugh at inappropriate times? My gf is mad at me because I tend to let out my...
Jul5-03 01:45 AM
Ivan Seeking
7 7,251
Greetings ! Abviously our feet have evolved to be different after we got down from the trees. Further more, the...
Jul6-03 04:30 PM
16 2,290
juz the agar for cultivating bacteria the same agar we buy from supermarkets n eat?
Jul6-03 05:37 PM
6 2,724
I recently saw a nature show that discussed a bird that lives in or near the Grand Canyon. Although I only caught a...
Jul7-03 03:27 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,536
Can someone explain to me how to use matrix algebra, to form a chemical equation?
Jul8-03 08:58 AM
5 2,029
Mentat (popular poster here) asked the question to the effect of "Why does a given stimulus give a (negative)...
Jul8-03 02:11 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
6 1,245
Obviously we cannot deny that gradual evolution occurs. This is obvious, and readily demonstrable. However, there are...
Jul8-03 07:22 PM
10 1,906
I just had an idea, and I wonder if it has ever been found in bacteria at all. Bacteria have restriction enzymes...
Jul9-03 10:14 AM
1 1,772
I've heard it said that small fish, like you would keep in an aquarium, only have a few seconds of memory. If this is...
Jul9-03 05:51 PM
4 2,926
This is a question that, when I tried to look up references, I just got "this is an area of a lot of confusion in the...
Jul10-03 02:33 AM
14 7,170
I took this from another board I posted on. Noone could really answer much of it. Please no debate about what...
Jul10-03 10:20 AM
21 4,123
What would you say are the weirdest animals on Earth (frightening would also do)? It would be nice if you could...
Jul10-03 11:12 AM
16 47,878
When we percieve objects through vision, our visual cortex is involved in processing the information. When we dream, I...
Jul11-03 10:00 AM
Mr. Robin Parsons
17 3,121
ugh. what an unintentionally poetically lame subject line, but its true. my own tears sting my eye balls, and this...
Jul11-03 04:13 PM
6 11,420
What is the main cause behind mutation in evolution?
Jul12-03 02:24 PM
13 1,937
Jul14-03 09:11 AM
Mr. Robin Parsons
23 3,707

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