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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 67,561
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 17,423
I was reviewing a basic food science lecture slide and came across the term CHO in the middle of it on slide 26-28....
Sep16-05 08:41 PM
11 14,272
I have never been taught biology but would like to learn about it through books. I have basic physics and chemistry...
Dec14-05 06:52 PM
3 9,510
Is it necessary to take a human's wisdom teeth out?
Dec19-05 09:27 PM
3 2,088
This seem to be a contraversial issue but does lifting weights during the early teenage years or just before puberty...
Mar16-10 10:56 PM
29 112,986
Is the reason why chromosomes come in paris, the fact that they look like a cross and each 'slash' (i.e / and \) is...
Apr28-09 03:18 PM
12 3,362
What type of food (which is adequate as a meal and last the person doing low physical level activity for at least 5...
Nov21-06 03:19 PM
14 4,307
It is common to see children when hurt while playing given ice packs to the injured area. Why is this coldness good?...
Jan16-07 01:22 PM
7 2,383
If two human siblings were born within 365 days of each other then they must be twins (i.e. born on the same date)? ...
Dec8-07 08:05 PM
32 8,564
Why does a woman change her physical features slightly after giving a child? I assume this change of feature is...
Dec27-07 02:21 PM
20 8,943
I often travel by train. Sometimes, the train starts so slightly that I can not feel anything until look out of the...
Jan17-08 08:06 AM
Andy Resnick
3 3,869
Normally, I store eggs in my fridge for about less than 2 weeks. So how long at max eggs can be stored that still be...
Sep17-09 11:49 AM
22 89,994
Hello, Some people have a bioelectrical content that is greater/lesser than others. Why is that? Thanks
Dec6-08 10:27 PM
Chaos' lil bro Order
3 3,112
Is it true that hair that is cut from your head (not pulled), does not contain any nuclear dna ? My understanding...
Apr9-12 08:22 PM
10 10,498
I don't know much about brain chemistry, but I gather that oxygen flow has something to do with thought waves, and the...
Oct14-04 07:36 PM
8 1,703
May any one help to build an industrial setup to produce AMYLASE, PROTEASE and LIPASE?
Jun9-10 02:27 AM
0 5,360
A friend of mine has been telling me about a close friend of theirs who has been suffering from severe depression....
Nov26-04 02:03 PM
1 2,383
Does anyone here know much about proton beam therapy? I know its used to kill cancerous tumors by killing the...
Jan28-05 01:18 PM
0 1,203
Can someone please explain the reason as to why a race of humans cannot start with one man and one women? This silly...
Nov1-05 04:58 PM
El Hombre Invisible
14 1,348
hi my friends I want some informations to study about gamma wave and interactions of it on humans cells.thancks alot.
Jun27-09 06:11 PM
The riddler
1 1,096
Is there any reason that evolution can't take place in an artificial environment? I contend that, just as hybrid...
Jan26-08 04:54 PM
2 1,257
Hi! Was hoping I could get someone to explain this question to me..having some trouble with it... "At each origin...
Dec11-11 06:08 PM
6 3,982
Instead of loading just before brushing should I load the toothbrush just after brushing & let it sit coated with...
Jul21-11 01:01 AM
8 2,411
What genes cause aging, most people think shortening of telomeres is the main reason of aging, but I know there are...
Jan8-09 02:15 AM
3 941
can you rubber band external/prolapsed loose skin left over from hemmorhoids or does it only work on internal...
Aug17-09 01:26 PM
1 1,737
I have observed that the mice seem afraid of cold weather. They run into warm or hot regions when possible and go back...
Sep3-08 04:43 PM
jim mcnamara
1 1,173
Can eating raw meat increase longevity ? I never see how eating raw meat increases fat/cholesterol in blood.
Sep5-08 09:11 AM
jim mcnamara
1 1,141
Difference Between GABA A and GABA B?
Feb29-12 03:42 AM
1 4,250
Why are certain mutagens teratogenic, while others are not? Does it have to do with the areas that it affects in...
Nov29-11 09:51 AM
6 2,577
Nickel allergy is a very common allergy. It causes contact dermatitis. But why is it allergenic, being a metal. ...
Dec5-11 12:20 AM
2 2,446
Nourishment is obtained from food through the inner surface area of the intestines. Why is it that a small...
Nov5-10 09:33 PM
2 4,586
main definition and difference between genotype, phenotype and alleles. plz anyone can answer it clearly......
Jul1-11 10:35 AM
2 8,990
Lysosomes help to clean up dead organelles and intruders like viruses. So, can't they be used to produce anti virals?
Apr10-14 09:46 AM
5 1,113
What is the difference between phenotype and morphology? As far as I know, both the words convey the same meaning, ...
Apr9-14 02:04 PM
2 1,068
The definition of species is "a group of organisms that can interbreed with each other". So, how is interbreeding of...
Jun10-14 08:01 AM
2 2,623
I was wondering how instinct or other forms of 'memory' are encoded in DNA. It seems there is a reservoir of knowledge...
Nov24-13 12:47 PM
16 3,390
At what point does perception enter the process of evolution. Are all the mechanisms of evolution 'blind'? In other...
May13-12 08:13 AM
18 2,603
It seems that dna is constantly taking on damage - entropy. Why doesn't this damage accumulate over time? It appears...
May6-12 10:01 PM
13 2,334
hi, i wanted to purchase bioactive whey protein isolate but the ones sold in my country are flavored and i had read...
Jul29-12 03:44 PM
13 4,252
Where does the human body get the inorganic phosphate needed to carry out the ATP cycle. Is it derived from food,...
Feb20-09 09:49 AM
1 1,714
I need to test photoheteretrophic, autotrophic and fermentation growth of R.rubrum bacteria, all of which require...
Jun12-09 01:09 AM
2 1,386

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