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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,273
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,887
I am learning about genes and heritage currently and I am a bit baffled about something. In my book it states that...
Mar7-13 07:39 AM
12 21,950
I am trying to learn about neuroscience on my own but every book I have picked up goes so much into details for every...
Jul2-14 08:23 AM
2 3,721
I was reviewing a basic food science lecture slide and came across the term CHO in the middle of it on slide 26-28....
Sep16-05 08:41 PM
11 14,756
I have never been taught biology but would like to learn about it through books. I have basic physics and chemistry...
Dec14-05 06:52 PM
3 9,821
Is it necessary to take a human's wisdom teeth out?
Dec19-05 09:27 PM
3 2,455
This seem to be a contraversial issue but does lifting weights during the early teenage years or just before puberty...
Mar16-10 10:56 PM
29 114,554
In a documentary about Darwin's theory of evolution, it said that Darwin had the view that humans evolved from apes...
Feb10-06 05:51 PM
41 33,076
Do people think that eventually chemistry could explain all of biology? If not than are you suggesting there is...
Feb4-06 11:03 PM
13 3,364
The textbook says that every living thing is made up of cells. What about the shell of a crab or egg shells? Are...
Mar5-06 06:46 PM
5 7,095
Someone claims that males are the dominant sex in all species (not just phenotype but genotype as well) and so...
Mar20-06 08:09 PM
15 2,784
What are the difference between the eggs we eat and the eggs that hatch a baby chicken? Is it possible to predict...
Mar23-06 01:26 AM
12 13,384
At what stage in the human reproductive system is the sex (i.e. XY or XX) determined?
May23-06 07:34 AM
8 22,844
Is the reason why chromosomes come in paris, the fact that they look like a cross and each 'slash' (i.e / and \) is...
Apr28-09 03:18 PM
12 3,411
I have a basic understanding of how cloning is done from here but...
May12-06 07:00 AM
4 2,948
Which chemicals induce thirst or make the neurons that are responsible for the brain to feel thirsty work without the...
Jun18-06 11:13 PM
10 3,309
What would a mole of mammal DNA look like? Smell like? Feel like? How about a mole of plant DNA?
Nov15-06 05:57 PM
physics girl phd
21 3,148
What type of food (which is adequate as a meal and last the person doing low physical level activity for at least 5...
Nov21-06 03:19 PM
14 4,378
It always hurts a lot to get our teeth cleaned. Although afterwards it is not completely white either. Why does it...
Dec14-06 01:38 AM
4 14,831
Photosynthesis occurs in all plant life and is responsible for making them green. Why are not all plant life green....
Dec27-06 11:06 AM
12 3,381
How important is it to fill 'small holes'-claimed by the dentist in teeth? Should I wait until they become bigger in...
Jan5-07 10:24 AM
17 37,336
Basically Is cellular respiration what we 'turn to' when we need energy according to the basic chemical reaction ...
Jan22-07 10:00 PM
6 11,953
Why do most sunscreens recommend application 15-20 minutes prior to going out into the sun? Are there sunscreens...
Jan10-07 12:52 AM
0 1,552
It is common to see children when hurt while playing given ice packs to the injured area. Why is this coldness good?...
Jan16-07 01:22 PM
7 2,419
Some time again, my neighbour told me that rain water is better for the plants than tap water. Is this true? Both tap...
Jan31-07 04:35 PM
4 23,790
I heard that it's good to put metals like steel in the soil in which the plants grow in. Is that true? How does it...
Feb24-07 04:35 PM
17 5,701
For humans, is it best to do nothing while eating? So that the digestive system can function with full vigour without...
May3-07 05:27 PM
2 1,695
What are the consequences of a vegemite toast diet with some taking of fruits and water during the day?
Oct15-07 09:17 AM
jim mcnamara
2 7,879
If two human siblings were born within 365 days of each other then they must be twins (i.e. born on the same date)? ...
Dec8-07 08:05 PM
32 8,628
Why does a woman change her physical features slightly after giving a child? I assume this change of feature is...
Dec27-07 02:21 PM
20 9,130
I often travel by train. Sometimes, the train starts so slightly that I can not feel anything until look out of the...
Jan17-08 08:06 AM
Andy Resnick
3 3,917
Normally, I store eggs in my fridge for about less than 2 weeks. So how long at max eggs can be stored that still be...
Sep17-09 11:49 AM
22 90,591
Hello, Some people have a bioelectrical content that is greater/lesser than others. Why is that? Thanks
Dec6-08 10:27 PM
Chaos' lil bro Order
3 3,169
Is it true that hair that is cut from your head (not pulled), does not contain any nuclear dna ? My understanding...
Apr9-12 08:22 PM
10 10,995
I don't know much about brain chemistry, but I gather that oxygen flow has something to do with thought waves, and the...
Oct14-04 07:36 PM
8 1,723
May any one help to build an industrial setup to produce AMYLASE, PROTEASE and LIPASE?
Jun9-10 02:27 AM
0 5,392
A friend of mine has been telling me about a close friend of theirs who has been suffering from severe depression....
Nov26-04 02:03 PM
1 2,501
Does anyone here know much about proton beam therapy? I know its used to kill cancerous tumors by killing the...
Jan28-05 01:18 PM
0 1,222
Can someone please explain the reason as to why a race of humans cannot start with one man and one women? This silly...
Nov1-05 04:58 PM
El Hombre Invisible
14 1,365
hi my friends I want some informations to study about gamma wave and interactions of it on humans cells.thancks alot.
Jun27-09 06:11 PM
The riddler
1 1,106
Is there any reason that evolution can't take place in an artificial environment? I contend that, just as hybrid...
Jan26-08 04:54 PM
2 1,274

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