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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,452
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,987
The Question I want to understand how a sound wave changes in the form of its signal into the brain. I don't know...
Dec18-09 05:55 PM
6 2,921
Do birds know one another by names?
May11-12 01:53 AM
8 2,215
Can any one suggest me four differences between cyclic and non cyclic phosphorilation please??? i have got 2...
Oct1-04 03:12 AM
0 7,068
I am really confused with the term oxidative phosphorilation.can anyone kindly explain the precesses that happen in...
Sep24-04 02:47 AM
2 2,638
The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is ____ %(1).The carbon dioxide passes into the leaf via the _______ (2) and...
Oct18-04 01:00 AM
6 1,306
How would the volume of the urine production be altered if the proximal convulated tubules were experimentally...
Dec7-04 05:51 AM
2 2,991
In the interest of Biochemisty I sat through an infomercial about a new weight-loss pill: Satise. This pill claims...
Mar12-05 08:54 PM
8 3,812
Not sure you guys have seen or talked about this already, but I just got on-line access to New Scientist Magazine. ...
May13-05 10:12 AM
12 1,613
Just a news release I though you might be interested in: "A controversial chemical, perfluorooctanoic acid ...
Jul21-05 11:52 AM
11 2,049
As as I understand it, there's some event and there's neurological connections between neurons triggered by the...
Feb5-13 06:00 AM
3 1,228
Hello guys, What does moulting mean. I think it is shedding off the cuticle. But what is the cuticle. Is the outer...
Oct16-11 11:39 AM
3 2,151
Does the immune system neutralise the toxin created by the bacteria or does it only neutralise the bacteria. Or is it...
Jul27-09 05:15 AM
3 1,592
Hello, Ok I researched it but I don't understand. What I understand is that when one molecule normally...
Sep28-09 11:42 AM
1 5,043
Due to colloid osmotic pressure reabsorption occurs but only water is absorbed. So how do they absorb ions and other...
Sep30-09 07:15 PM
0 2,381
Ok I searched and found this as the answer from a previous topic "The sodium potassium pump is required to maintain...
Oct12-09 02:09 AM
4 13,496
wikipedia-In biology and medicine, an epithelium is a tissue composed of cells that line the cavities and surfaces of...
Oct13-09 03:50 PM
2 3,764
Hello everyone, I got some questions about diffusion. My note says that diffusion is affected by 1. Solubilty of...
Nov22-09 12:13 AM
0 4,169 1. Ok in the plasmid we used...
Nov3-11 04:11 AM
14 29,384
MHC1 molecules are in all nucleated cells. MHC2 is in macrophages, does this mean they have no nucleus or they have...
Oct23-11 11:16 AM
8 4,427
Hello guys, I'm reading and trying to understand this and going no where. From what I gather in Type 3...
Oct24-11 04:02 PM
5 2,852
I know this is a well known skin disinfectant, but my note say iodine is inactivated by organic matter. Isn't skin...
Nov20-11 01:00 AM
2 3,405
Out of these I mean 1. Capsule 2. Cell wall 3. Flagella 4. Nucleus 5. Plasmid Bacteria don't have a...
Oct24-11 04:07 PM
3 2,706
Hello everyone, Why is bacterial endospore not called a true spore. So true spore must be an off spring right. In...
Oct27-11 07:58 AM
4 3,906
Wiki: vocal fremitus, is a vibration felt on the patient's chest during low frequency vocalization. Now my...
Nov9-11 08:26 AM
0 2,087
Hello everyone, Bacteriocidal- Example quinolones who inhibit DNA synthesis Bacteriostatic- like aminoglycosides...
Jul27-12 05:28 AM
7 16,049
Hello everyone, I'm learning Malaria right now, and thought it would be good for me to differentiate plasmodium...
Feb3-12 12:21 AM
2 3,706
Hello everyone, This is the life...
Mar6-12 10:41 PM
2 2,275
If u get infected with X serotype of dengue. And then you get infected again with Y serotype you get a severe...
Jul16-12 04:52 AM
4 5,856
My lec notes only specifies animal hippocampus, eg dog has this and unclear about humans. Humans do have this right,...
Mar23-12 10:52 PM
2 1,954
Hello everyone, So emphysema cause alveoli damge, how does this cause air trapping? What is bullae(dilated...
Mar29-12 03:22 AM
0 2,101
If you have tracheo-oesophageal fistuala. Why do you have to use low osmalar contrast medium or else risk of pulmonary...
Mar29-12 09:41 AM
0 1,558
Does this mean if someone comes into contact with faecally contaminated matter of an immunised polio person, that...
Apr19-12 09:57 AM
2 2,211
Hello, I'm reading tuberculosis pathology and I'm finding it hard to understand because my general poor knowledge...
May31-12 08:31 AM
4 5,025
Previously it belonged to lance field group D, that means it must show beta haemolysis. But now it is classified in...
May10-12 11:05 AM
0 1,570
For example candida fungus is a commensal in our skin and mucus membrane, but it can cause infection. So I'm asking...
May21-12 11:24 PM
1 1,862
Tell me if I'm right. Endophillic - rest indoors Exophillic- rest outdoors Endophagic- bite indoors Exophagic...
May24-12 01:30 PM
2 2,238
Hello everyone, I'm very new to microbiology and does not have any background knowledge, so I have some simple...
May31-12 03:39 AM
3 11,888
Hello everyone, In metabolic acidosis, normal anion gap means cholride has increased causing hypercholaemic...
Nov1-12 05:25 AM
0 1,259
What does myxoid change mean and how does it look like in microscope. I searched but I can't understand it. They say...
Nov26-12 11:02 PM
0 958
Hello everyone, Haemosiderin definition says that it is a pigment that occurs when there is a local or systemic...
Jan4-13 06:13 PM
1 1,069

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