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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 67,561
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 17,423
Could this be used to make other types of cells immortal or does it only work on skin cells?...
Nov28-07 11:13 AM
9 3,298
How long could you make/lengthen the telomere of a cell?
Jul7-08 10:42 AM
28 7,368
Did Samuel Stupp (Northwestern University) inject/use stem cells when he got the paralyzed mice to walk again or did...
Dec18-07 02:28 PM
2 2,253
Human blood is human blood right? So is the blood of caucasians, white people, black people etc all the same? What are...
Dec28-07 10:25 PM
15 3,578
SIR6 deficient mice show signs of premature aging and stuff like that, with extra SIR6 do they show signs of longer...
Jan8-08 05:35 PM
0 1,347
Could the exclusion of the SIR2 gene lengthen the human lifespan 6 times? it's been shown to lengthen lifespan like...
Jan7-08 11:37 AM
2 2,418
Is it possible to totally block NFKappaB in humans? (Even though doing that would cause a lot of problems is it even...
Jan16-08 11:46 AM
5 1,739
Does your genetic structure change as you get older? I guess it's just the levels of NFKappa and things iike that that...
Jan18-08 03:21 PM
3 2,441
What are the negative effects that could happen to an immuno-compromised person? Could a temporarily...
Jan18-08 12:05 PM
2 3,071
Can levels of a protein like NFKappa be lowered to be the same as a younger person's levels? (I mean can either the...
Feb14-08 07:37 PM
2 1,526
How long can blood be stored for until it's no longer usable is there a length of time after which its stored where it...
Jan28-08 08:00 PM
2 2,354
Can you force older cells to express more delta protein? Would the cells expressing more delta protein be good or bad?
Jan29-08 07:50 AM
Andy Resnick
1 3,735
So would more copies of the SIR6 gene help reverse aging or anything like that if it's possible that deletion of the...
Jan31-08 07:58 AM
2 1,698
What makes us able to change the expression of some genes and unable to change the expression of other genes?
Jan29-08 07:04 PM
1 1,702
Does knocking out SCH9 and SIR2 in mice increase their lifespans by 6 times? Longo said age-dependent mutations...
Feb4-08 12:03 PM
3 1,693
Can RNA interference be used to stop the expression of SIR2 and SCH9 genes? Is it unknown whether or not it can? ...
Feb1-08 10:06 PM
2 1,249
Does "knockout" technology work not work in human cells at this time, leaving only the option of RNA interference? I...
Feb7-08 02:41 PM
8 7,331
Can viruses be used to diminish the effects of genes? My friend said they couldn't be because we didn't understand...
Feb6-08 02:52 PM
4 2,049
Blood that is donated isn't necessarily compatible even if it's O type right because of the rhesus factor? Somebody...
Jun29-08 12:07 PM
46 6,778
Im up for deleting the thread because I found everything i needed on wikipedia and by asking my friend but I can't...
Feb17-08 07:08 PM
0 1,323
What are the miminum temperatures that any part of your body would have to be exposed to in order for you to...
Feb20-08 07:57 AM
Andy Resnick
4 3,830
approx how much does a 3 month old infant weight, 6 month old infant etc, in the womb?
Feb19-08 09:17 AM
3 1,525
Not sure what the technical term for that in but could you inject mice cells (heart, liver etc) into humans without...
Feb21-08 10:42 PM
6 1,622
How much could dimebon slow the aging process?...
Mar6-08 03:41 PM
0 1,361
I heard the virus' natural host is a flea commonly found on cave-dwelling bats, especially the vampire bat. Is this an...
Mar7-08 06:14 PM
2 5,596
Do you think that combating the free radical problem with aging could extend human lifespan beyond the mean lifespan...
Oct9-08 05:18 PM
17 3,607
Do germ line cells accumulate DNA Damage like the rest of the body? I've heard things about them that make them seem...
Apr27-08 11:29 PM
28 3,333
How much could suspended animation put the aging of mice on hold for? ie in this context?...
Jun2-08 03:18 PM
2 1,570
Are there any known enzymes that will fix oxidative dna damage without correcting mismatched bases? Any enzymes that...
Dec15-09 04:20 AM
67 8,311
okay so I was talking to my friend, and they used the wrong term for a while, or said that they used the wrong term,...
Aug15-08 10:30 PM
Mike H
7 1,328
Hi... Is every type of organism unable to not have 0 mismatched bases? (By that I mean will there always be some...
Jun1-09 05:12 PM
0 1,114
please, could someone tell me, is a mismatched base considered a mutation, some or all of the time. somebody kind of...
Jul3-09 06:52 PM
2 992
Could somebody, possibly, provide a list of the mutations that cause aging- the specific mutations- "hotspots" and/or...
Oct7-09 11:48 AM
17 2,079
Is it possible to make it so that all mutations that contribute to aging are prevented/and or repaired etc through...
Oct7-09 06:04 PM
3 1,234
Ive heard/read really good things about this doctor Shimon Slavin and he emailed me saying We also have a new...
Oct31-09 05:31 AM
1 1,978
Im not sure if anybody here can answer this, but, this is my question What negative health effects etc can occur...
Mar6-10 09:13 PM
1 1,760
Can you achieve telomere maintenance without using gene therapy? if so, what are the ways? thanks
Jun11-10 06:31 PM
6 2,249
I was just wondering is non viral gene therapy effective enough; and in what cases/when would it be effective/non...
Apr17-10 12:19 PM
1 1,351
If you added transcription factors for Lamp2A etc could you get chaperone mediated autophagy to work in tissues that...
May6-10 01:55 PM
0 2,291
If methionine restriction can extend life up to 45% or less perhaps- and calorie restriction can extend 30%- can these...
May14-10 09:48 PM
0 1,731

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