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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,396
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,934
Dec9-09 01:30 PM
1 1,807
I don't understand why cells have thousands of different receptors which then exert their effects through the same few...
Jun22-11 03:19 AM
Ken Natton
6 2,661
Hi guy, do you have any idea on how to prepare the lipase solution using oysters? Maybe blend it and centrifuge it,...
Mar30-11 06:44 AM
0 1,058
So I was learning about cellular respiration and all that jazz, and when we got to the electron transport system, I...
Mar3-08 03:16 AM
2 1,967
Why do men have nipples?
Aug25-04 12:34 PM
5 9,569
Can any life survive without water? If not, why?
Sep2-04 11:53 AM
14 1,845
Does anyone know any ways af drastically cutting down the amount of sleep one needs?
Feb10-09 10:23 PM
8 1,695
I'm crystallizing apoferritin, and still don't understand what an iso-electric point is, despite reading a whole...
Jun25-09 04:37 AM
5 26,625
What is the pKa value for apoferritin, or where could I find out> I am trying to understand why my supervisor has...
Jan14-09 10:31 AM
0 1,337
How much of "junk dna" is actually on/off switches for gene regulation?
Feb12-11 04:46 PM
10 3,229
interesting article (note it starts off with sarcasm) ...
Jul18-03 01:07 PM
6 1,803
food for thought... ...
Jul22-03 12:30 PM
0 2,874
I should probably post this in the General Discussion forum instead of Other Sciences, but hey...if the Boston Globe...
Jul30-03 10:06 AM
3 1,699
Just heard about this....anyone have more familiarity/info? Does this provide any insight into abiogenesis? ...
Jul30-03 10:09 AM
0 2,085
Sep12-03 02:26 PM
8 2,808 I think this provides a good example of how genetic codes...
Nov18-03 12:39 PM
0 12,203
Here they go again. Maybe we should...
Nov9-04 06:28 PM
23 2,410 A humorous celebration in Ontario includes a potluck dinner composed of as many taxa as...
Feb13-04 01:27 PM
3 1,376
Oct26-04 11:41 PM
6 1,584
From the NCSE Oct 15 e-newsletter. I'm not trying to promote ID here, but it sure is refreshing to hear a...
Oct23-04 12:01 PM
1 3,781
In Dawkin's book "The Selfish Gene", he discusses genetic relationships in family lines (e.g., your genetic similarity...
Dec29-04 12:35 PM
3 1,995
just had to share this... Ironically,...
May6-05 12:45 AM
4 1,378
I recall there being several past topics where we debated whether evolution is still ongoing for humans. I just found...
Aug31-05 04:55 PM
3 1,671
How does the immune system distinguish between beneficial bacteria (e.g., those that aid in digestion) vs. harmful...
Nov8-05 07:12 PM
12 3,519
Hello, I am taking a biochemistry course right now, and I am so confused by this 'hydrophobic effect' and how it...
Oct3-12 11:41 PM
2 5,995
Hm..., my knowledge is limited within this area. Are these genes certainly linked to intelligence? Not too long ago I...
Jul26-12 03:52 AM
Ken Natton
2 1,554
let A be the amount of a drug present t units of time after its administration. this amount could be in terms of drug...
Dec7-03 01:02 AM
0 1,806
My boyfriend's breath smells like rotten eggs within 10 minutes after brushing his teeth. Why? and how can he fix...
Feb20-06 08:11 PM
11 33,247
So I got this test tomarrow in science class on cell division. We can't use notes on this test, so it's not going to...
Dec13-03 05:29 PM
3 12,459
Why is the brain bigger than a walnut?
Aug9-08 08:16 PM
8 1,855
Eye floaters are debris in the eye's vitreous humour, which seem to float over your vision and are extremely annoying....
May12-11 01:40 AM
SW VandeCarr
3 4,574
I've always been curios about aging and sex. These two attributes seem to make no sense from an evolutionary...
Dec23-12 10:31 AM
2 1,720
Come to know about any amazing plants(which do or have anything amazing) share it here!
May2-08 01:24 PM
3 7,062
Hi everyone, I am physics student but is interested in studying biology as well. I plan to take on a project on...
Aug13-13 05:01 PM
0 960
I only know that Phylogenetic tree is used as a data and graphical model for evolution. It looks nothing really...
May26-12 05:49 PM
3 2,435
Synthetic bacteria have been created, which isn't new anymore,
Apr18-12 08:45 AM
1 2,247
Do all cells and microorganisms fulfill the criteria of life? Homeostasis Organisation Metabolism Growth...
Jan13-08 02:44 PM
5 8,579
I'm not sure if this question is suppose to be in this section but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know why we store our...
Oct19-05 12:53 AM
2 1,208
Hey everybody, I'm doing my International Baccalaureate extended essay (2500 to 4000 words) in Biology. please give...
Feb19-09 04:00 PM
2 5,418
Which animal's (bird or insect) wings produce the highest amount of lift, despite having short wingspan or a fat body...
May4-12 11:16 AM
7 1,546

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