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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 18,206
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 69,751
I have a working knowledge of Neuroscience, but I disire to learn more, also id like to start gather knowledge on...
Jun4-04 03:30 PM
3 1,378
Someone recently asked me why I didn't consider surgically constructed vaginas to be "real" vaginas. I said that a...
Dec24-09 04:07 PM
2 4,179
Balance !!! this is all an ecosystem is about ,balance between predator and prey ,balance between births and deaths...
Dec26-12 05:20 PM
10 2,035
Obviously there is a reproductive reason for the male orgasm, but why do females orgasm? Of course in our culture it...
Nov20-08 07:02 PM
39 21,469
Is the reason why chromosomes come in paris, the fact that they look like a cross and each 'slash' (i.e / and \) is...
Apr28-09 03:18 PM
12 3,378
Please help me understand. I have pondered this before but recent events have brought it up again and I don't really...
Apr17-03 07:37 AM
Echo 6 Sierra
4 1,819
I have always had this idea but not sure if it is real. I always thought they were so big because there was more o2...
Jan17-08 11:10 AM
2 2,134
Do recapitulation theory is still a accepted theory that our entire evolutionary history is repeated during the embryo...
Dec15-10 11:25 AM
Jon Richfield
1 2,860
Two significant finds - both being refered to as "missing links" - in the area of evolutionary biology have made the...
Apr13-06 11:52 AM
0 2,506
Like the title, 1)Are recessive gene genetic variations of a dominant gene(or normal gene). 2)What is the origin...
Jun17-12 01:51 PM
4 4,641
IN recombinant dna technology,certain segments of dna are removed from one organism and put in another.How are are...
Dec16-11 08:22 PM
2 1,944
in my book, it says that any number of crossovers will produce 50% recombinants yet this is never seen in any of the...
Feb20-10 04:13 PM
0 4,444
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew any good articles, journals or other sites that would give a good...
Feb15-11 09:19 AM
0 953
I was wondering if someone would recommend me a good microscope? I am majoring in Molecular Biology, and would like a...
Feb20-08 09:18 AM
4 11,667
Hello, I wanted to look into certain strange claims about the interaction of laser light with DNA. But with a search...
Mar19-08 04:13 PM
7 3,066
"The June 22 storm produced a hailstone 7 inches in diameter and 18.75 inches in circumference at Aurora, Neb., the...
Aug5-03 04:34 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,659
I've once read an article about a team of scientists who were about to (or wanted to) clone a mammoth with the aid of...
Jul9-12 01:18 PM
8 2,374
Can anyone correct me if im wrong? This is basic basic basic basic basic basic biology, and i am just trying to...
Feb8-05 01:02 AM
3 4,016
Why do white blood cells live for about 1 week whereas red cells live for about 17 weeks?
May6-05 11:17 AM
0 1,223
Hey guys My class went into the forest to do vegetative analysis for ecology on Monday and I got my butt kicked by...
Sep1-04 05:37 PM
2 4,769
my left eyes got red since thursday and hasnt got well. it just gets worst when i work alot with it but even though i...
Mar26-07 08:48 AM
1 1,033
Hello Dear Readers I'm Henry, Without making the topic breif i'd drop the question Redbull before a speech,...
Aug3-12 05:06 PM
20 3,692
Oct29-07 10:40 AM
jim mcnamara
1 3,099
When I get tired it looks like the blood vessels in my eye swell up, why? Are they in the sclera?
Feb17-06 10:08 AM
4 1,396
should we add a reducing agent (DTT or 2-Mercaptoethanol) or not in the SDS_PAGE's sample buffer? The plan is using...
Aug21-05 02:15 PM
1 5,741
Say we take a carrot... or steak (or whatever food you fancy) and put it in a sealed container along with a culture of...
Sep20-10 07:01 AM
15 2,822
Hey I'm not sure if this should be here or to the AE guys or both. But I just need to find out a little more on micro...
Feb17-09 06:25 AM
2 2,091
what is the difference between a non-reducing and a reducing buffer? :uhh: and what does it mean with...
Sep24-04 07:02 PM
2 1,642
Are men more aggressive than women? this was the question........ maybe this will help It is my Opinion that how...
Feb13-10 08:41 AM
psych student
0 1,206
I've been reading Darwin's "The Origin of Species". It turns out the benefit isn't so much seeing a familiar theory...
Jan20-12 02:19 AM
Simon Bridge
1 2,008
Hi there, I was wondering if somebody knows some nice web page/ book /e book/ resource/ about Pollination and...
Jan3-06 06:36 AM
6 1,687
The absolute refractory period: is there any reason for this period (the cause)?
Jun7-05 05:08 AM
3 4,115
I recently saw some rather neat real-time replications of DNA being replicated in my Chemistry class (Still in High...
Jun8-10 12:17 AM
3 1,904
I spoke to someone that said that the reason we know humans originated from evolution is because there is no other...
Apr8-14 08:56 AM
3 1,135
Dear all Now -- as you all know -- scientists have reached the ability to synthesize a full DNA. My question is:...
May24-10 03:48 PM
3 1,747
Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread. I am currently planning to independently study introductory Biology. I...
May29-13 02:38 PM
18 2,090
found an interesting article on new stem cell research: "La Jolla, CA. December 22, 2003A group of researchers...
Dec27-03 06:39 AM
1 7,486
Dec8-03 09:00 PM
0 1,348
Can someone please describe the different growth strategies that plants use in dark and light, and explain why these...
Jun14-10 05:04 AM
4 2,623
I've been given the neucleotide gene sequence for a protein, and been told to find out the regions where the gene is...
Jun2-04 02:26 AM
4 1,736

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