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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 17,838
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 68,794
They say animals like cats, dogs etc.. dont see colors. Their world is in black and white. How on earth can they be...
May20-05 04:26 AM
4 972
how does vaccine help the body develop the immunity that it needs?
Sep27-06 12:15 PM
4 15,039
Hello everyone, How do valves in the body basically work. I can understand how blood flowing on either direction...
Jan19-10 03:06 AM
0 2,906
What happens when we acclimate to a new climate, over the long term? After fifteen years in Oregon, what once felt...
Jan1-06 04:03 AM
21 4,734
If the epiglottis closes when we eat how come we can eat food with our mouth closed, how can we breathe then....
Aug10-09 02:53 AM
8 7,662
I always thought breathing was caused by the diagphragm and intercostal (rib) muscles causing the lungs and chest...
May6-06 11:10 PM
1 24,167
Hi! I have completed Class 12 in biology and am very much interested in biology and keep thinking about it for...
Oct22-12 06:41 PM
18 2,234
For example, when you are doing an essay, you must get some idea to write. Thus you send an impulse through the nerve...
Jan30-05 01:02 PM
2 2,268
I read that DNA is where life begins and therefore Viruses are hard to fight b/c they are RNA. is this...
Nov22-07 06:28 PM
50 11,908
As we age till an age(what is it again? 16?) We tend to become faster, stronger, taller, etc. But what is it that...
Sep9-07 10:25 AM
6 14,259
How do we perceive the Time?
Sep4-10 02:15 PM
27 6,386
So how do you actually learn about biology? Like.. I am going to graduate with a degree in biology, and I will...
Apr13-04 09:58 PM
15 2,057
Hey, Can someone explain to me how you calculate time to steady rate? Or provide a website that explains it? Not...
Feb28-13 10:05 AM
2 1,443
Another question, maybe a simple one. How do you define "time"?
Aug15-03 06:42 AM
7 1,454
When you are floating in the middle of space nowhere near a planet or anything, and then you take your space helmet...
Jan2-06 04:56 AM
12 19,791
how does a brain work? say a baby's one easier. i have no idea where should i post this?
Apr2-04 06:13 AM
2 1,257
First of all, why do cell die? Should it live forever? I am guessing that by the time cell indicates it needs food,...
Nov17-07 07:54 PM
11 7,766
E.g. you cut yourself in the finger. The cells seems to know they will become part of your finger. (No lung tissue...
Jun7-13 03:51 PM
13 2,237
Ok hydrogen ion gradient drives ATP synthase. In secondary active transport the preexisting concentration gradient...
Nov23-09 09:56 AM
4 3,993
When something is born, how is it "turned on"? Is it simply the connection of the two gametes during fertilization...
Jan13-05 10:33 AM
11 1,479
How does a stomata work during the night time?
Jul5-10 10:41 AM
2 1,126
Just wondering how does algae get into my pool? Is it transported through insects from other bodies of water or...
Jul10-08 10:34 AM
4 8,628
Hello everyone, Ok this develops from an embryo and provides nutrients until placenta develops right? My question...
Jun18-10 05:00 AM
0 2,919
Hello everyone, I saw this in something I read recently. The infection could cause thrombosis. Ok my question is if...
May23-10 10:41 AM
0 1,989
When a foreign protein is introduced in a rabbit or a mouse, its immune system attacks the protein by antibodies which...
Sep10-12 05:53 PM
3 1,554
As title suggest. Thanks :smile:
Feb15-11 10:28 AM
11 4,894
Hello guys, I checked coagulation but I can't find the explanation of how blood (serum) suddenly turn into solid?...
Apr7-10 11:42 PM
6 4,312
I'm curious to know how much energy a brain will use depending on the different activities it's doing. Sleeping...
Aug3-12 07:56 PM
5 1,530
Im only 15. I know a bit about cancer, but i cant find anywhere how it actually kills you. I understand metastasis;...
Feb23-12 11:19 AM
17 42,004
After some poking around I found this article<sup>1</sup> suggesting that chloral hydrate somehow has a hypnotic...
Sep9-11 07:01 PM
1 2,482
How does circular DNA wrap around a histone to form a chromosome? Or does it? I am having a hard time visualizing...
Jul31-13 03:37 AM
4 2,595
How exactly does this work???
Feb24-04 10:01 PM
16 2,260
Ok, so how does DNA build things? Say, even something as simple as a virus. The virus inserts its DNA or RNA or...
Apr20-04 02:19 PM
1 2,531
It is proven, populations evolve when they enter a different environment. When you as a half-fish half-amphibia...
Feb2-10 05:07 PM
24 9,076
How does elastic recoil of arteries stop blood pressure going to zero and artey collapsing? Thanks :smile:
Feb11-10 07:40 AM
6 9,061
Hello everyone, Ok so electricty must flow through ions in the body right, I have some questions about this. From...
Jun4-10 01:51 AM
42 15,482
We're usually just told that exercise is a great way to stimulate the movement of glucose into cells. But how does it...
Nov16-13 04:56 PM
SW VandeCarr
5 2,277
Is there anyone who knows on how's the information being transferred from eyes to brain? I'm not asking about how a...
May3-10 11:35 AM
Andy Resnick
5 4,491
Does the glucose synthesised inside the chloroplast diffuse into the cytplasm to be used by whatever part of the cell...
Feb24-04 01:38 PM
1 2,971
If you have an animal, such as a Horse or rabbit which feeds on Hay, what (if any) nutritional difference is there...
Oct1-13 07:15 AM
10 4,972

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