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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 66,081
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 16,892
Which kind of fat is worse? My highschool biology teacher said saturated fats were worse because saturated fats are...
Feb25-04 05:31 PM
9 43,265
I know that the muscle doesn't actually knot, so what is that hard lump in your muscle that you can feel when you...
Sep5-07 09:30 AM
6 42,978
I believe many of us have seen this in CSI, or Dexter or some other TV show or something. Some guy spraying somekind...
Aug8-10 10:05 PM
23 42,962
Hi fellows, Last time in school, we learned what organisms need to survive... My teacher listed: energy source,...
Oct4-09 07:52 PM
3 42,229
Im only 15. I know a bit about cancer, but i cant find anywhere how it actually kills you. I understand metastasis;...
Feb23-12 11:19 AM
17 41,901
Not sure where this post belongs, but anyway i was wondering if a virus such as the one depicted in 28 days later...
Mar1-09 04:58 PM
20 41,003
I ran across this question by chance and found that it seems to have created quite a bit of controversy. Here are a...
Apr23-05 07:49 PM
Math Is Hard
9 40,672
Somebody told me this, giving some stupid explaination of popped popcorn being mostly "air." I didn't believe them...
Jul28-10 06:50 AM
Jon Richfield
26 39,963
I'm sick and running a fever. If I take an Advil and my fever goes down, I stop shivering, but as the medicine starts...
Dec12-04 11:53 PM
5 38,919
Alright I know what happens physically... but what is going on intenally that when one become horny... Also why are...
Dec6-04 09:52 PM
Tom McCurdy
11 38,906
Simple question with only a few possible answers: yes, no, sort of. If the answer is sort of, please explain how much...
Nov13-04 08:09 AM
2 38,800
How important is it to fill 'small holes'-claimed by the dentist in teeth? Should I wait until they become bigger in...
Jan5-07 10:24 AM
17 37,025
does that mean that we are just walking talking energy? theoretically. how does that apply to biology? the face...
Mar31-10 10:01 AM
9 36,646
What is the difference between biology and biochemistry?
May26-08 11:44 PM
34 36,307
What is the evolutionary significance of the female hymen? How does it aid in the survival of the human race?
Mar18-06 12:28 AM
25 35,841
Hello, A question has been bothering me for some time. But when somebody proclaimed "red meat takes weeks to digest",...
Sep9-03 06:44 AM
The Opiner
1 35,188
I know there are artificial adrenaline pills. natural Adrenaline destroys choelesterol. Does artificial Adrenaline?
Oct9-06 02:57 PM
jim mcnamara
10 34,490
Hi all, Can anyone tell me if semen stains would definitely glow under a black light (UV light) ? I've been told...
May25-12 02:12 PM
5 33,658
Hi All, It is a fact that Na+ ions cross the membrane and enter the cell during the rising phase of the action...
Aug13-08 09:33 AM
85 33,107
In a documentary about Darwin's theory of evolution, it said that Darwin had the view that humans evolved from apes...
Feb10-06 05:51 PM
41 32,961
My boyfriend's breath smells like rotten eggs within 10 minutes after brushing his teeth. Why? and how can he fix...
Feb20-06 08:11 PM
11 32,687
I'm just wondering is the Darwin theory of evolution is actually acceptable? We were thought to believe about this...
Nov29-08 10:57 AM
61 32,466
There's really no such thing as "upside down" in an absolute sense, only relative to what we're used to. Why then does...
Jul25-12 02:00 PM
75 32,324
Is there by any way one can concentrate the DNA in a solution ???
Dec27-10 01:47 PM
14 31,303
Today in Chemistry my teacher was talking about Mercury, and said that it was bad because your thoughts and...
Sep15-09 09:10 PM
12 31,200
I just need some clarification for the human anatomy, where does the dorsal stop and ventral begin. So for the back...
Oct7-09 12:27 AM
2 30,927
Could someone PLEASE explain in simple language "procedures whereby scientists modify the germ plasm of plants and...
Oct31-08 11:46 AM
jim mcnamara
12 30,912
If I recently had a blood vessel pop in my thumb what should I do? Am I at risk for popping anywhere else?
Nov2-05 12:18 PM
6 30,850
What animal normally develops with only one eye?
Jul24-09 09:33 AM
Andy Resnick
45 30,631
Asked in another forum. By what mechanism does the stomach recognize the ingestion of things we shouldn't have...
Oct6-06 12:46 PM
26 30,314
Mutation is one of the important factors to cause evolution, but besides radiation, what cause mutation to happen? Is...
Dec4-04 07:42 AM
6 29,125
There is a general belief that radiation can cause genetic mutation. I have never understood the mechanism by which...
Dec23-06 10:23 AM
Andrew Mason
6 28,984 1. Ok in the plasmid we used...
Nov3-11 04:11 AM
14 28,839
What is your opinion on this hypothesis ? ...
Jun4-06 12:02 PM
98 28,709
as the title suggest, i am confused when i read about "testcross" and linkage
Jun21-06 01:08 AM
2 28,082
Obviously apes and humans have different "ideal" environments, but often humans and apes live in the same area. Apes...
Mar24-10 04:13 AM
38 27,508
So many people say that women have stronger legs. Some people say no. What does the biological evidence say? I thought...
Feb24-07 11:15 AM
15 27,427
im wanting to study biology but stuck, im wondering if there is an organsim or an animal which has a mouth, a stomach...
Jul17-04 10:20 PM
4 27,425
Hello everyone, Quick questions. What do they mean by different polarities in anti parallel DNA strands. Are they...
Nov18-09 01:27 PM
3 27,330
It's somewhat generally accepted that teenage boys are jerks because of high testosterone levels. I just saw a program...
Jan12-10 09:50 PM
26 27,210

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