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- The study of living organisms. Molecular, Botany, Micro, Genetics, Ecology...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 71,946
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 19,265
A high level of peptidoglycan (polysaccharide) in the cell wall of bacteria will be stain gram positive (purple)....
May13-09 03:05 PM
2 13,817
After reading the synopsis of Robert DeNiro's upcoming film, Godsend, I am very curious as to how people feel about...
Apr21-09 01:18 PM
tech pro
17 7,557
Is it safe to drink tap water?
Apr26-09 03:43 PM
Red Rum
30 3,990
Hello everyone. I thought I might be better off starting in this forum, but I wouldn't be surprised if this thread...
Apr23-09 10:52 PM
30 9,088
Is the reason why chromosomes come in paris, the fact that they look like a cross and each 'slash' (i.e / and \) is...
Apr28-09 03:18 PM
12 3,442
is the chances pretty rare that advanced and intelligient life exists somewhere else in our universe, I mean it seems...
May8-09 12:17 AM
13 2,369
Will it ever be possible biologically, or chemically to stop aging so humans could become immortal? Is there hope for...
May3-09 01:27 PM
Count Iblis
24 3,057
I plan to focus on Gentics, and I am just finishing my freshman physics, I haven't got to my bio or chem classes yet.....
Apr24-09 06:03 PM
11 2,619
Is fire a lifeform? Fire moves, grows, consumes, needs oxygen, gives off waste and can "die".
Apr20-09 12:36 PM
24 7,290
I'm doing research for a sci-novel I'm writing. I've read various answers to this question, but, how would a human...
May6-09 03:31 PM
6 4,724
I need some help on what exactly is happening here at the cellular level. I understand that incomplete dominance is...
May6-09 09:48 PM
1 3,524
Would it be possible to tell who the most genetically diverse human is? What significance for adaptation would there...
Apr17-09 05:57 PM
Loren Booda
3 1,162
After a ligand bonds to a receptor through intermolecular forces, how is it unbound and what happens to it after it is?
Apr21-09 06:32 PM
6 1,578
who was first on earth?man or women???
Apr23-09 03:09 PM
3 900
See here and here If we can make computers with the capacity of the human brain, we don't need our biological...
May9-09 10:22 PM
13 2,052
I (the Royal I, that is to say: my wife) have heard about this new technique wherein they are using 3D imaging of...
Apr24-09 09:29 PM
8 1,645
I am assuming that volunteers who take part in drug trial testing are aware of the fact that they may be given...
Apr26-09 01:46 PM
4 1,618
The drug DCA appears to be working in some cancer patients but it isn't receiving much funding since it can be...
Apr25-09 01:50 PM
4 2,090
I was just reading some story about how Kathy Ireland is opposed to abortion because at the moment of conception they...
May17-09 07:34 PM
9 1,821
Hi, Does anyone know how much your temperature increases after exercise? and why the difference?
Apr29-09 09:11 PM
2 1,083
I've read on wikipedia that thirst Is it the only reason for being thirst? Don't we're thirst also when we need to...
May3-09 02:04 AM
6 1,032
Hi! I'm not sure whom I should talk to about this, but here goes. My girlfriend and I got a bunch of Painted...
May5-09 02:18 AM
1 1,709
The way we design therapeutics for many conditions is set up to undergo a radical change. Traditionally, herbs and...
May4-09 04:01 PM
0 1,178
What is the mechanism by which they adhere to each other, and what stops them from sticking together when say you put...
May6-09 08:05 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,139
Greetings, Any advice you may be able to provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated. INTRO: I am looking...
May8-09 05:50 AM
0 1,481
What is the difference between soaring and gliding in birds? Are they the same thing?
May10-09 10:44 PM
1 3,170
Do any of you know anything about the Human Genome Project that wasn't in the standard textbooks? My class has been...
May17-09 07:21 PM
3 2,129
I want to simulate some "ants" on a computer, as a cellular automaton. I'm not going for realism, but I want to...
May14-09 11:26 AM
jim mcnamara
1 2,163
To find out if you are a 6/6 match with someone/to see if you could use an organ grown from their stem cells, do you...
May12-09 07:38 PM
0 1,194
ive done a search on google and found alot of things about supplements and muscle building etc. im wondering what...
May17-09 07:17 PM
1 1,345
Aware of facial expressions associated with chemical changes of the brain and the body? Book a detailed (full) on...
May15-09 04:28 AM
0 820
what are the available fields for a M.Sc. in Biochemistry? please help in subject as list
May18-09 04:41 AM
4 1,017
What are the characteristics of insulin produced by the enzyme Genetic Engineering ? Is identical of the human...
May16-09 01:19 PM
1 3,176
What are the ways used for proces DNA Is it a biological way or there are new ways of proces it on the molecular...
May18-09 10:52 AM
3 1,034 What a joke! Dinosaurs...
May17-09 07:12 PM
2 1,067
Okay I am not sure where to start. I have no medical insurance, I had to cancel it to keep my checkbook from breaking....
May20-09 02:31 PM
1 706
how we know when we add phosphate to lactose to carbon (C1) not (C6)
May21-09 02:29 PM
0 1,189
Is there any study about how enzyme work on level atom ? where i can read about subject ?
May21-09 04:56 PM
1 1,205
I think it's quite an accomplishment to obtain a picture (from LiveScience) of a new viral infection. I can tell the...
May22-09 10:28 AM
jim mcnamara
2 3,207
In 2006, after 25 years and 50 million preventable deaths, the World Health Organization reversed course and endorsed...
May24-09 02:20 AM
2 814

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