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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 68,678
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 17,794
Can someone tell me some of the hypothesized causes of why a cell will enter into the resting G0 phase (that's, G-zero...
Jun19-09 04:41 PM
10 19,678
I was wondering if someone could explain to me where all the ATP comes from from the complete oxidation of glucose. ...
Jun15-09 07:54 PM
9 1,855
Hi all I am an electronic engineer and am currently looking into taking brix measurements of pastures in NZ. (Not...
Jun3-09 11:46 AM
jim mcnamara
11 3,206
I'm crystallizing apoferritin, and still don't understand what an iso-electric point is, despite reading a whole...
Jun25-09 04:37 AM
5 26,377
they say that we get vitamin D from the sun . well obviously the vitamin D is not in the photon , so when the photon...
May29-09 04:04 AM
2 1,495 Any evolutionary biologists...
May26-09 05:08 PM
20 2,721
Ok...I was never good at science b/c I am religious and I do have a hard time with evolution and I had problems with...
May26-09 01:12 PM
23 2,310
What level of confidence can be assigned to the statement that all life on earth has one point of origin - a...
Jun23-09 10:23 PM
4 3,675
I am watching a TTC video on the brain and it mentioned that the brain has (as far as I've seen so far) 5 different...
May30-09 12:05 PM
15 3,170
How long does it usually take for a pandemic virus such as the swine flu to "die out"?
Jun23-09 09:07 PM
3 1,905
hi my friends I want some informations to study about gamma wave and interactions of it on humans cells.thancks alot.
Jun27-09 06:11 PM
The riddler
1 1,096
For a program I'm writing (which is supposed to create a balanced meal), I'm using two pieces of information: USDA's...
May31-09 10:59 AM
2 3,793
Sometimes when I touch my external auditory canal I get hiccup. I first noticed it when I was 15 years old. I'm now...
Jun3-09 06:50 PM
5 3,004
Hi... Is every type of organism unable to not have 0 mismatched bases? (By that I mean will there always be some...
Jun1-09 05:12 PM
0 1,117
Especially people who carry autosomal dominant horrific diseases like Huntington's disease. Should these people be...
Jun7-09 10:27 AM
2 1,240
why are we often told while eating a mango that drinking water should be avoided after eating the mango..?
Jun5-09 09:51 PM
4 3,111
what is all about "cryptozoology" ? Is this branch of science really studies about the abonible beings ever existed on...
Jun9-09 12:08 AM
5 1,189
What is "Coma" all about? are there any different stages in it? can anyone give me an elaborate explanation about it?...
Jun21-09 01:37 PM
The riddler
1 1,030
Hello, for some reason I cannot find the topics covered in my upcoming BIO 188 Class (2nd Semester Biology). In Bio...
Jun6-09 12:03 PM
0 905
Hello. I am in desperate need of some advice regarding an experiment. I am testing the purple non-sulfur bacteria...
Jun6-09 08:50 PM
0 1,424
I need to test photoheteretrophic, autotrophic and fermentation growth of R.rubrum bacteria, all of which require...
Jun12-09 01:09 AM
2 1,388
Hi, i think this should be the appropriate forum. My teacher taught me about immune system and fever are bring about...
Jun9-09 01:47 AM
5 11,350
What makes a white person's voice and a black person's voice sound different? Usually you can tell if a person is...
Jun9-09 06:31 PM
14 9,502
I've always wondered why James Watson said what he did a while back in the article below: I even went out to...
Jun10-09 08:39 AM
3 1,224
My employer operates a biological water filtration plant. The first stage of filtration has the raw water passing...
Jun11-09 07:39 AM
Andy Resnick
3 2,076
I have a few dozen (or maybe a few hundred, I haven't counted) frogs living outside my window and they are constantly...
Jun15-09 07:26 PM
3 1,146
All photons that we see hit our eyes, so how do our eyes know where they came from?
Jun12-09 09:32 PM
3 1,827
which best software can i use for study Quantum chemistry for molecules and atoms and show 3D Electronic orbits (SP ,...
Jun14-09 04:22 AM
0 1,470
Why human beings can laugh while most of the animals cannot laugh..?? What actually is "laughing phenomenon"??
Jun15-09 11:32 PM
8 1,420
I'm not sure if I should post this in the politics part of the forum. I found in an excellent source of information...
Jun23-09 08:40 PM
14 2,494
Could plants be bio-engineered so that a large fraction of their seed mass was in the form of muscle amino-acids? Do...
Jun21-09 07:37 AM
8 1,710
I am curious, how do scientists come up with facts like a human is xx% water? I saw on a documentary recently that a...
Jun18-09 09:41 AM
2 2,508
When humans eat steak , the human body converts those animal protiens into human protein. how does the body actually...
Jun20-09 11:51 AM
1 988
Hi guys, i've been searching google for quite some time to determine what exactly are biodiversified products, but...
Jun24-09 03:05 AM
2 1,450
to find my risks to demetia ,alzheimers disease or other health risks available as a pilot study clinical trials or...
Jun24-09 10:52 AM
2 971
The culture is in a standard 10 gallon tank (20"x10"x12"). I started with about 200 daphnia (<1mm to 3mm). I would...
Jun24-09 02:13 PM
jim mcnamara
1 1,697
does anybody know the extinction coefficient of MS2 virus?
Jun24-09 04:12 PM
0 911
Can someone help me interpret this article? Summarize it PLZ. ...
Jun26-09 09:06 AM
6 1,249
I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to find material on our pre-primate ancestors. From informal...
Jun28-09 06:37 AM
19 3,078
hi, We are knowing that the major chloroplast envelope polypeptide is the phosphate translocator and not the protein...
Jun26-09 02:58 AM
0 1,070

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