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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Aug20-14 04:40 PM
Andrew Tsvyk
116 150,548
chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
64 157,794
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
0 41,842
Hi all, I dont know if this is in the right place, but anyway hopefully someone maybe able to help. Im stuck on a...
Mar13-08 04:09 AM
3 1,381
If a person drank methanol, they would go blind, and their breathalyser analysis (in units of mg/100 mL blood) would...
Mar12-08 02:55 PM
1 2,923
I keep hearing different things about what exactly the letter R represents in organic chemical structures. Does the R...
Mar12-08 01:56 PM
2 30,068
hi i have the following reaction isobutyric acid + 2-methoxyethanol <-> 2-methoxyethyl-2-methylpropanoate but...
Mar12-08 08:48 AM
5 28,595
So, I did 5 labs where I burned certain things and found the temp. diff. in the calorimeter. That said, I...
Mar11-08 11:55 PM
3 1,406
Hi all, I'm currently in the works of experimenting and writing up my Extended Essay on Chemistry for the IB (it is...
Mar11-08 04:22 PM
1 3,580
let's say we have an electrolytic cell with a copper (II) nitrate solution. a copper rod is the anode and a lead rod...
Mar11-08 09:45 AM
14 2,972
Hi I was wondering if you guys know any VERY cool labs I could use? I want to demonstrate the lab to my student body...
Mar10-08 10:02 PM
4 1,371
I'm confused as to what alcohols really are. I keep reading that an alcohol is an "ALKYL" group with a hydroxyl group...
Mar10-08 09:42 PM
2 1,278
One mole of certain gas is confined in a container. Suppose every molecule has decomposed and given rise to- two new...
Mar10-08 08:40 PM
4 3,042
Please help me find the equation for ibuprofen! I can't find it anywhere, I am doing a project for school.
Mar10-08 08:23 PM
1 2,240
What is the physics behind this kind of frost, seen on the sunroof on my car? Why does it form so linearly, even...
Mar10-08 11:49 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,578
i have 5 test tubes with benzoic acid, and i pour NH4OH, NaOH, HCl, NaHCO3 and diethyl ether into different tubes. The...
Mar10-08 07:02 AM
2 13,079
well trying to help my little brother with some chem homework, and i believe i am just thinking too hard about this...
Mar9-08 11:43 PM
1 12,233
hello, my name is Jesse and I'm new to the forums. I'm in 10th grade chemistry and i have a question. what is the...
Mar9-08 09:15 AM
4 16,777
When I was 15, I dropped into a lab in a big city hospital.. The fellow there was doing illegal isotope experiments...
Mar7-08 09:45 AM
11 1,334
I have a bet that no chemical can cut through hardened steel like in the movies, will i loose?
Mar6-08 08:35 PM
4 3,858
Is there a program that can make a chemical model for you if you write the chemical formula or the other way around?
Mar6-08 04:16 PM
1 2,592
hello I need some help over here i'm looking for past paper in chemistry specially paper 2 please if any one know's...
Mar5-08 12:05 AM
2 1,562
Does a salt always have an ionic bond in it regardless of whether it's constituents are covalently bonded or not? When...
Mar3-08 08:17 AM
2 11,612
I imagine this is a common question, but is there any useful material out there for understanding, for example, the...
Mar2-08 08:47 PM
4 3,638
How do instant, reusable heat packs work? An example. I know the throw-away kind use iron dust that oxidizes due to...
Mar2-08 06:56 PM
2 15,168
Gold has atomic number of 79 whereas Lead has 82 but lead has 11.000kg/m3 density as to Gold's 19.000kg/m3. How...
Mar1-08 09:38 AM
3 13,366
chemical equilibrium law is made using the fundamental rule rate of forward reaction=rate of backward reaction ...
Mar1-08 09:35 AM
7 2,712
How can you tell if a reaction is spontaneous?
Feb29-08 08:25 AM
Andy Resnick
14 2,722
Hi I'm not too familiar with why certain compounds tend to disassociate completely/partially in the water solvent....
Feb29-08 03:04 AM
6 1,905
I am trying to find out what the half-life of chromium picolinate is. I have just found out it has helped damage my...
Feb27-08 07:39 PM
4 4,351
I am trying to create esters from natural resins (Copal, amber, dammar, etc.). This is based on chemistry from the...
Feb27-08 04:06 PM
6 2,573
Apparently, I heard CA glues were toxic while being warmed through hot glue guns. How long would an average human...
Feb27-08 03:40 PM
jim mcnamara
2 1,315
What is the proper way for me to write symbols for elements such as Chlorine?
Feb27-08 03:22 PM
1 3,303
How can I calculate the amount of citric acid to add to a solution of a given pH, to achieve another value of pH?
Feb26-08 06:32 PM
4 3,701
Didnt quite know where to post this topic. Theres a pdf document that would be extremely helpful for my college...
Feb26-08 02:18 PM
4 3,145
Hi everyone! I just have a quick question. If I took NaCl and put it in a 1.00 M HCl solution, would the NaCl...
Feb24-08 12:48 PM
15 23,402
i havnt understood anything about inductive effect,please explain me this n +I effect and -I effect many reasoning...
Feb24-08 11:59 AM
2 26,407
hi all, i understand that maleic acid being in cis form is more acidic than fumaric acid. is it due to the fact that...
Feb24-08 03:24 AM
4 12,217
Hi, I'm just wondering if this is true and any explanation why it works would be just grand. ...
Feb21-08 12:49 PM
6 2,273
In a question, I came across the compound sodium monohydrogen phosphate. It only gave the name and so I needed to work...
Feb20-08 07:40 AM
Master J
2 11,765
what are the possible unavoidable errors when changing a hydrate to an anhydrous. the procedure called for heating the...
Feb19-08 11:52 PM
2 3,216
What is the difference between salty and saline? And in the context below, what is meant by reducing? Consider...
Feb17-08 08:23 PM
2 2,004
Are there any chemical compounds that include carbon as diamond?
Feb15-08 03:54 PM
4 3,404

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