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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Aug20-14 04:40 PM
Andrew Tsvyk
116 150,085
chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
64 157,386
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
0 41,705
Coursework time has hit me at college and no matter how much I hit the books the answer is not hitting me. It might...
Mar10-05 04:43 PM
The Bob
28 4,694
Greetings all, was hoping someone more knowledgable than me (not a tall order, by any means) could point out some...
Jun22-07 03:10 PM
27 16,995
In an accident at a factory, some nitric acid was split. Which substance then, when added in excess, would be the...
May16-11 04:03 PM
27 5,391
Well i am having problem prepearing this alcohol from bromobenzene and 1-butene please help.This question is...
Jul31-04 09:22 PM
26 4,683
You probably know how to bend water: Use a comb and rub it with wool (or just comb your hair) and hold it next to thin...
Feb17-12 12:05 PM
26 7,971
Well....I couldn't fit my question properly in the title. Feel free to propose a way of asking it :biggrin: Please...
Dec11-12 07:34 PM
26 3,119
I have a lot of time on my hands so I started reading the ingredients on all the detergents and cleaners that I have....
Sep9-10 03:31 PM
25 12,100
ok in this lab, we heated a plastic pipet in water so that it expandes. then we covered the top so that the gases are...
Feb15-05 10:06 AM
25 2,808
Is there an easy way to make/extract Sulfur (/Sulphur)? For example, making sulfur by taking the sulfur out of...
Aug20-05 10:50 PM
25 9,247
When you burn an acetate what compounds are formed? Like if you burn copper(II) acteate(CuC4H6O4), because I was...
Jul2-07 08:20 AM
25 3,084
chemical formula of water is H2O hydrogen and oxygen are abundant in the can we make water...
Apr28-09 10:29 PM
25 10,122
I'm working really hard (within my limited knowledge) to figure out the details of using methane as a fuel source. I...
Aug19-09 08:18 AM
25 22,627
The bond enthalpies for these bonds are: C-C 347 kJ/mol C-N 276 kJ/mol C-O 351 kJ/mol Why is carbon-nitrogen...
Apr8-14 07:52 AM
25 1,300
Hi! How many per cent of silicon is there in a silicate mineral, if 0.567 g during analysis gave 0.484 silicon...
Jan28-05 10:05 AM
24 1,895
My chemistry teacher recommends (for safety) putting a glass of water behind a microwave oven. She says this directs...
May31-09 07:25 PM
24 6,341
in a recent chemistry experiment at school, two voltaic (galvanic) cells were set up with the same solutions in either...
Jul26-11 09:11 AM
24 6,432
Hello: I was reading about the super fast chemical reaction which occurs in an airbag to release gas and produce a...
Aug8-07 04:50 PM
24 3,202
I like physics very much,and I'm shore I would enjoy chemestry as well(actualy I never understood why chemestry is not...
Jan3-09 11:53 PM
Renge Ishyo
24 4,227
I know I know this isn't really related to molecular biology, but I figured since Biologists have a strong background...
Apr13-12 12:48 PM
24 6,359
We have remediated several rental houses with meth in them using bleach & 409 with success. It's too expensive to pay...
Mar4-13 11:11 AM
24 19,840
I am chem major currently taking organic chemistry. I am ashamed of admitting I hate organic chemistry. This is not...
Apr23-12 02:09 PM
24 8,432
1 mole of a substance equals the amount of grams needed for that substance to have 6.0221413e+23 (Avogadro's number)...
Apr12-14 03:08 AM
24 1,163
Hello everyone. I have a slight problem with my chemistry and was wondering if there is someone that could help me....
Oct24-03 06:53 PM
23 8,029
Nernst equation: \DeltaG = -2.3 RT log10 \frac{C_o}{C_i} + zFV R = 1.98x10-3 kcal/K mole T = absolute...
Jan4-04 02:04 PM
23 10,589
if anyone could answer some of these questions and possibly explain how to do one or two that would be awesome and i...
Jan23-04 09:55 PM
23 3,201
What is the difference between a gas and a vapour? I remember one of my lecturers saying that there was a slight...
Jun18-09 03:24 PM
23 9,862
Hi guys, I have a question about TiO2 coating. I heated (annealed) my alloy, NiTiHf at about 1000 oC, and now a...
May22-12 08:56 AM
23 13,178
At what pressure will regular gasoline spontaneously explode/ignite? Would it be safe to pressurize it to 100 PSI in a...
Jan26-11 10:08 PM
23 7,016
I am working on a pilot project to recover gold from circuit boards. I have tried several methods and am interested in...
Apr25-11 04:14 PM
23 3,246
Hi everyone, There is one major concept I am struggling with, and that is why acids dissociate more at higher...
May6-11 07:53 AM
23 3,254
Okay let's say we have water, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen chloride. What do you think is going to happen? Do you...
Aug12-14 03:25 AM
23 1,522
HCl(l) + H2O → H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) or is it HCl(g)+ H2O → H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) If HCL is liquid is it dil. or...
May14-14 02:30 AM
23 1,046
any simple test to test for the present of methanol?
Nov30-07 02:55 PM
22 61,196
Greetings, Can you match up the unearthly elements with their earthly counterpart based on the clues??? After...
May6-11 03:42 AM
22 3,803
Sodium is a soft, reactive metal. Chlorine is a poisionous, reactive gas. Expose them to one another and they will...
Feb2-11 03:04 AM
22 2,931
We do know that in the process of chemical reaction, atoms or molecules come closer, form bonds and get stabilized by...
Feb3-11 12:55 AM
22 2,651
I've bought some of the stuff recently mainly to replace normal household chlorine bleach. It fizzes when it's...
Mar22-11 09:04 PM
22 8,984
Hey there, First of all I want to apologize for my English, haha. So for a project I came up with the idea of...
Jan7-12 04:05 PM
22 4,966
Biochemistry doesn't use the concept of wave functions because biochemistry deal with big things that are much larger...
May12-11 10:32 PM
22 2,770
I just had my exam today, so I had this question that is, what is the type of hybridization which occurs in SnCl3 - ,...
Jun1-12 03:01 AM
22 6,002

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