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- The physical state of the earth and its atmosphere. Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
algae, rescue Sticky Thread Pinned: Algae to the rescue ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It may be valuable to consider microalgae as a potential solution to a number of problems; not the least of which...
Jul30-14 07:42 PM
Ivan Seeking
543 188,767
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. CC/GW threads in this forum are...
Jun9-14 09:26 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 2,867
hi, one of my friends will be visiting ictp (italy) very soon, she learned from somebody that water is scarce and ...
May4-05 04:51 PM
7 2,219
Sure enough this came up somewhere: However:
May3-05 01:23 PM
2 1,432
I am trying to develop a model about how solar storms interact with the magnetosphere. In the picture attached,...
Apr24-05 11:48 PM
3 1,847
Just a "heads-up"; - - - Tonight (Sunday, April 24) on the History Channel, at 8:00 pm, there is supposed to be a...
Apr24-05 01:42 PM
Kenneth Mann
0 1,492
You can date a rock by measuring the ratio of a parent isotope and its daughter. But you can only determine when the...
Apr22-05 01:03 PM
2 1,660
I'm really amazed to see so many people thinking that Pyramids are the largest constructions of the ancient world. ...
Apr21-05 08:56 PM
25 3,185
So the EXPO 2005 opened in Japan the other month and the star of the show is the Yukagir Mammoth. A much better...
Apr20-05 02:26 PM
1 2,178
I am a bit confused with two types of agriculture, industrialized and traditional subsistence agriculture. In...
Apr19-05 09:14 PM
12 1,871
I want to determine the shape of the earths magnetosphere by experiment. I got a simple magnetometer capable of...
Apr19-05 04:09 PM
0 3,153
I know this may sound extremely silly... but, all ice at the north pole is floating... creating mass that would make...
Apr19-05 01:19 PM
19 2,638
The BBC did quite a nice docu-drama on the Yellowstone supervolcano the other day, and I was wondering if anyone else...
Apr18-05 04:14 PM
4 3,067
A speck of crystal is the oldest bit of Earth found according to this article: ...
Apr18-05 07:05 AM
ray b
11 2,278
When I look at a map which shows the sea floors I see canons at the base of large rivers which tend to fork out and...
Apr17-05 06:11 AM
2 1,581
An interesting site that popped up.
Apr12-05 10:39 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,131
Just as an alert, the Discovery channel will be re-airing its show "Supervolcano" Sunday, April 10, at 8:00 PM amd...
Apr11-05 10:00 AM
Kenneth Mann
21 1,973
Evolved into a more intelligent dinosaur, obtaining human-like intelligence? And if us humans had suddenly got...
Apr10-05 06:09 PM
23 3,051
I feel a fool for even asking this; my father is a Geography teacher, and I am supposedly well-educated in the...
Apr4-05 06:50 PM
1 1,703
Hey guys i was wondering about something. What are the reasons as to why you cant send up some craft into the air to...
Apr1-05 09:56 AM
7 2,315
I just watched a documentary on the history of the Earth's magnetic field that was very interesting. It said that the...
Mar31-05 05:45 AM
4 7,784
Of the following the process with the highest net energy ratio is A) primary oil recovery B) secondary oil...
Mar30-05 08:21 PM
Soaring Crane
0 3,543
Crackpot or exiciting paradigm shift coming up? This...
Mar29-05 03:11 AM
11 1,929
Breaking story: 1609 UTC, measured at 8.2...
Mar28-05 09:55 PM
Gold Barz
3 1,284
Because of their policy on signing the Treaty on Greenhouse emmissions: ...
Mar28-05 02:44 PM
38 3,852
I doubt it, can anybody back up their opinions with credible sources and/or reason's why they think global warming is,...
Mar24-05 04:07 PM
Ivan Seeking
4 2,375
i have posted these questions in the chemistry forum but I have not receive any replys. Perhaps I have posted the...
Mar24-05 02:35 PM
3 11,255
Can anyone explain to me how an approaching tsunami would cause a dramatic fall in sea level before it comes ashore.
Mar23-05 02:48 PM
7 3,690 Who are you going go listen to when everything is at...
Mar22-05 03:26 PM
2 1,303
As the Earth is spinning, how much more would a kg of say, platinum, bought at the equator, weigh at the North pole?
Mar20-05 10:52 AM
5 8,761
I am writing a pro/con essay about controlling the weather in my 10th grade ELA II class. Anyone know anything about...
Mar16-05 09:38 PM
11 2,620
I heard that it is bad to build a house made of stone on an area that is known for Earthquakes. Is that true? Are...
Mar15-05 01:46 PM
6 6,141
Scarcity of minerals does NOT raise the price of material goods much because A. investment capital is usually...
Mar15-05 11:42 AM
2 3,379
I am looking to learn about the major flaws with our current theories and data on climate change, particularly in...
Mar13-05 01:51 AM
27 3,376
In class today, we viewed an HBO movie called Dead Ahead that features the gruesome results plus causes of the oil...
Mar9-05 11:43 PM
2 2,902
Article in the Daily Express by David Bellamy OBE Feb 3 2005. I first heard about global warming in the eighties and...
Mar6-05 08:57 PM
35 7,199
:yuck: Today we face something that may be the biggest gamble of mankind. Kyoto is on. Based on the multiple...
Mar6-05 07:12 AM
35 3,612
Well i just watched episode 5 of space with sam neil, good series. and they had a ring that protruded from the earth...
Feb25-05 10:22 PM
4 2,884
I don't think that the administation of this site does itself a favor by blocking the img feature. So no eye...
Feb25-05 02:28 PM
0 1,784
here Remember the Hockeystick of Mann et al, the mainstay of IPCC? The prepublication. Is revolution on?
Feb18-05 10:29 AM
9 4,736
I read a couple of years ago, where the "space weather", was going to be controlled for the protection of satellites....
Feb18-05 09:43 AM
Dayle Record
0 1,414
At the northern tip of South America there appears to be a gigantic circular 'crater' dating back millions of years...
Feb17-05 11:15 AM
5 1,922

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