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- The physical state of the earth and its atmosphere. Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography...
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algae, rescue Sticky Thread Pinned: Algae to the rescue ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It may be valuable to consider microalgae as a potential solution to a number of problems; not the least of which...
Feb17-14 09:05 AM
Ivan Seeking
539 103,650
PF is announcing its regrettable decision to ban all topics of global warming and climate change indefinitely. At...
Jan27-10 05:36 PM
180 34,745
Controversial claims must be supported by evidence that comes from a scientific, peer-reviewed journal or a similarly...
Jan7-10 11:35 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 18,504
I read a couple of years ago, where the "space weather", was going to be controlled for the protection of satellites....
Feb18-05 09:43 AM
Dayle Record
0 1,379
At the northern tip of South America there appears to be a gigantic circular 'crater' dating back millions of years...
Feb17-05 11:15 AM
5 1,868
I have deep fascination with precious and semi-precious stones, as I do a lot of natural stone beadwork jewelry. ...
Feb12-05 02:46 PM
16 2,461
could the earth be hollow? there any physical evidence or law that can prove/disprove it?...thanks.
Feb11-05 02:11 AM
4 4,180
Don't know how long these will be active, but they are interesting: Lecture 16 - Down To Earth III: Earth Structure...
Feb10-05 12:55 PM
1 1,717
Realclimate is an initiative of concerned climatologists who may seem to fear that the global warming message is...
Feb10-05 04:53 AM
12 2,986
Are there any seasons in regions along the equator ?
Feb7-05 09:23 PM
3 1,820
Hi. This is a question about the Ecological Footprint Model (EFM), just in case someone could give some insight....
Feb5-05 02:18 AM
2 2,318
I am looking for maps of the various deserts of the world at different periods in history, especially the last...
Feb1-05 06:00 PM
7 3,900
Hello, I'm trying to figure out the absorption coefficient (or extinction coefficient, or index of...
Feb1-05 04:31 PM
0 1,327
So is it going to happen? what will be the consequences if it does happen, will we suffer a multi pole magnetic field...
Feb1-05 02:22 PM
7 2,004
hey guys! need some help! i need to build a 3D model of how a tsunami is generated. does anyone have an idea how i...
Feb1-05 05:08 AM
0 2,200
Please read this sad story. How about analyzing it a little on scientific merit?
Feb1-05 03:22 AM
7 1,960
why is sea water salty ?
Jan29-05 02:52 AM
1 1,234
Jan27-05 01:57 PM
17 2,330
I have a question about the ozone layer in our upper atmosphere. It is my understanding the the ozone is formed by...
Jan27-05 01:02 PM
0 1,662
Why does the moon not come up in the same direction and at the same time every night? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!! Thanks.
Jan26-05 08:06 PM
0 1,177
Jan24-05 03:20 AM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,533
Jan24-05 03:03 AM
Ivan Seeking
1 2,306
Actually how does mountain form? By constructive plate boundies? or what?
Jan23-05 08:36 AM
1 1,731
It is said that the moon's tidal forces on the earth create differential torque which causes a slowing of the earth...
Jan23-05 03:58 AM
1 3,868
What would be the symptoms if a very large Coronal Mass Ejection struck the Earth? (I mean much stronger than anything...
Jan21-05 02:05 PM
0 1,398
I read somewhere that one of the dangerous consequences of global warming is another ice age, kinda like what we saw...
Jan21-05 08:56 AM
no idea
6 1,306
Jan21-05 01:36 AM
1 918
i was wondering what causes the earths tilt on its axis. i was thinking that it might be from einsteins theory of...
Jan20-05 06:35 PM
0 1,907
Why does the earth rotate?
Jan19-05 08:23 PM
Andrew Mason
41 7,042 :rofl: :rofl: kind of sad too if u think about it.
Jan19-05 06:47 AM
9 2,227
I just wanted to pass along an observation that may or may not mean anything at all. In case this should happen to...
Jan19-05 02:40 AM
Ivan Seeking
3 2,039
Our current interglacial period has lasted about 11,500 years, now the common figure is that interglacial figures...
Jan19-05 02:00 AM
4 1,172
Suppose I am a defense attorney--I am NOT--arguing for an underdeveloped old-growth tropical rain forest and a coral...
Jan18-05 04:22 PM
Soaring Crane
0 1,927
Dear Sir, this an interruptions i would like to share and discuss with you. right that the main reason...
Jan18-05 09:38 AM
4 2,227
Mega-Tsunami I_0 = 2.390*10^{-7} \; Megatons H_m = 2^m \tag{3} m = 2.61M - 18.44 = \log_2 H_m M = \log_{10}...
Jan18-05 05:46 AM
0 1,886
Could such an Iceberg cause a huge tsunami if it rams into and breaks off a giant slab of ice from the Drygalski Ice...
Jan16-05 08:14 PM
2 2,174
Is earth quakes and the resulting tsunami formed because of man's intereference with mother nature. for example: ...
Jan16-05 10:22 AM
8 4,078
I have been hearing about this story for some time. I have no idea what to think. It seems to be a step above the...
Jan16-05 10:15 AM
36 16,257
I have to write a report on their effects on our daily world, but I was ahem sick when we were learing about them,...
Jan16-05 03:34 AM
0 1,288
Earthquake tsunami in India. Could a Earthquake of this size have caused a mountain to be thrust up in a different...
Jan15-05 03:01 PM
8 2,121
The global warming bane for flooded civilization, geology and ecosystems at low altitudes can be a bonus for...
Jan15-05 02:35 AM
3 1,309
A news broadcast tonight claimed that a tsunami following the 1883 Krakatoa explosion may have moved at speeds...
Jan14-05 06:05 PM
10 4,287
This is a subject i'd like to become a lot more educated on. I've seen a lot of science vs religion discussions on...
Jan13-05 05:35 PM
8 3,398

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