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- The physical state of the earth and its atmosphere. Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
algae, rescue Sticky Thread Pinned: Algae to the rescue ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It may be valuable to consider microalgae as a potential solution to a number of problems; not the least of which...
Jun28-14 10:59 PM
542 185,424
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. CC/GW threads in this forum are...
Jun9-14 09:26 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 2,733
What features of our Earth amaze you the most? They can be natural wonders, science phenomenons, landforms, etc. Share...
T 01:14 PM
14 788
The reason: I live in a small waterside town and we are very concerned over our water table. The problem is...
Y 10:43 AM
1 645
A region of Venezuela has a high incidence of recurrent thunderstorm activity. It is apparently a unique set of...
Y 12:48 AM
2 709
Jul27-14 09:08 PM
11 3,453
I've never really studied clouds or the movements of clouds or paid any attention to the science that I was taught in...
Jul27-14 02:33 AM
Filip Larsen
18 3,197
Hi. Just a idea wondering around my brain today. I live near volcanoes, some have secondary activity (which is...
Jul20-14 10:24 PM
1 940
If given the decibels from the thunder and the distance away the lightning struck, would it be possible to tell the...
Jul20-14 06:22 PM
2 1,326
An unusual crater has been discovered on the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. ...
Jul19-14 07:34 PM
jim hardy
3 1,115
Just wondering if it's true when people say we will be out of oil in 50 years. If so are there plans to what's gonna...
Jul18-14 06:50 PM
37 5,577
Hello everyone! my question is why the ice of Antarctica and arctic, it is made of sweet/fresh water,even though it...
Jul17-14 04:29 PM
5 2,071
Hi. Usually Nile river is assumed as world's longest river with its 4250 miles length but sometimes Mississippi River...
Jul12-14 06:08 AM
11 3,316
Swarm Data: Earth's Magnetic Field is Weakening 10 times Faster than Recent Past. Why? ...
Jul10-14 04:48 PM
2 2,580
I was googling to see if a bomb could disrupt a tornado and I came across this thread here (...
Jul9-14 06:23 PM
23 9,730
Somehow I managed to miss an anniversary from my childhood: It was 45 years ago last Sunday that the Cuyahoga River...
Jul8-14 01:23 AM
Trucker Mark
2 3,585
In Science 4 July 2014, there is an item that I saw summarised online: Injection wells blamed in Oklahoma...
Jul6-14 04:29 AM
26 5,220
I've heard that the earths magnetic field protects us from radiation but am curious as to how this works. I assume...
Jul4-14 06:03 PM
4 2,658
Fantastic infographic!
Jun29-14 03:18 AM
14 5,711
My current understanding is that civilization is built on fossil fuels, and the resulting emissions cause climate...
Jun25-14 08:19 PM
2 2,817
The IPCC uses a figure 1.2C for the direct response to a doubling of CO2, from 280 ppm to 560 ppm....
Jun24-14 05:55 PM
5 2,843
OK so we all know that seismic waves decrease in amplitude at about 1/r, the decay is slower than P and S-waves but...
Jun23-14 06:58 PM
8 2,239
Not sure if I should post this question here or in the Materials & Chemical Engineering forum but I will give it a...
Jun22-14 09:32 AM
3 2,526
The question is whether it's theoretically possible to tap this source for human use? ...
Jun17-14 11:57 PM
4 2,958
If one digs a well near the ocean can the sand filter the salt out of ocean water? If so how far inland would one have...
Jun17-14 03:06 PM
james marple
9 3,774
I have just had a trip up Mt. Etna (Sicily). A brilliant trip but it raised a question. There are large patches of...
Jun12-14 07:35 PM
9 2,627
I have an idea for you on defusing or dissipating tornados. I thought that a sufficiently large explosion at the...
Jun12-14 10:30 AM
38 21,371
Of course night is colder than daytime in general but it seems to me that maybe half an hour before sunrise it seems...
Jun12-14 07:15 AM
5 2,611
My teacher says in a couple of hundred years we are going to run out of fossil fuels. What then? I am pretty sure we...
Jun12-14 06:32 AM
43 10,201
I've certainly hear and read tons of stuff that is not only less than top notch science, but also seems to answer the...
Jun12-14 02:25 AM
1 2,477
Hi i have this question in my mind for very long time ,what stops water on earth from going further down and down and...
Jun11-14 07:39 AM
12 3,637
Yes, curious about that. (No, I'm NOT asking about some short term disturbances when glaciers were melting, but...
Jun11-14 03:17 AM
6 2,453
OK, I'll dive in and start a climate change thread. I'm fascinated by the Nature paper by Abe-Ouchi,, which I...
Jun10-14 01:06 PM
4 2,754
Love these stories of productive kids! ...
Jun9-14 11:04 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 2,495
Sea level appears destined to rise at least 4ft. Anyone have data on how this will affect the world's coastlines? ...
Jun2-14 01:30 PM
21 7,239
Recently, magma activity at St. Helens has increased, meaning that there is some rise in the magma dome. ...
May25-14 10:55 AM
5 4,251
How common is it to find fossilized insects entombed in Amber? I ask because there is a jewelry vendor here in Maui...
May24-14 07:00 AM
Simon Bridge
3 3,408
Did gravity effect the suns output? arXiv:1405.4369 Can a variable gravitational constant resolve the Faint Young...
May21-14 11:34 AM
4 3,606
All sources I have found on the web give the abundance of the elements on earth measured by weight. By that oxygen is...
May12-14 06:25 PM
12 5,037
Someone I know clicked the image attached while on an airplane... I am confused regarding the strange contrasting...
May10-14 04:41 AM
4 3,758
I recall watching a program on TV that said the Yosemite Valley was formed by graben as opposed to being carved out by...
May8-14 06:07 AM
6 4,008
Hi everyone, I am currently undertaking my honours year in physics focusing on atmospheric physics. I am...
May4-14 10:10 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,312

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