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- The physical state of the earth and its atmosphere. Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
algae, rescue Sticky Thread Pinned: Algae to the rescue ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It may be valuable to consider microalgae as a potential solution to a number of problems; not the least of which...
Aug13-14 07:16 PM
Ivan Seeking
544 196,677
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. CC/GW threads in this forum are...
Jun9-14 09:26 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 3,398
Hi, I am exploring a theory and would like your initial reaction to it. The latest research unfortunately I do...
Dec30-03 06:55 AM
9 4,583
Hi. When reducing the value of measured gravity to produce gravity anomalies, the measured gravity is reduced to...
Sep23-08 07:58 AM
JP O'Donnell
3 4,579
I have been searching internet for a legitimate source for this graph (I made one like that myself orginally): ...
Oct24-09 06:00 AM
11 4,574
Well i am researching on seismology and tectonic plates. My project hypothesis is related to reducing the magnitude of...
Sep28-11 02:35 AM
6 4,573
Supposedly, you use a certain type of seismometer. But in that case, how could a deep earthquake far away register as...
Mar14-11 10:20 PM
3 4,563
Came across a 2007 study concerning climate sensitivity. It was published by the Journal Nature, but only as a...
Mar29-09 11:40 PM
15 4,562
I am reading an old book about Carbon Dating and it is really boring, I dstill havenot found out there is anything...
Sep10-04 03:31 PM
17 4,558
While I have quickly looked at Monique's sticky thread on ‘Reviews on Global Warming’ I believe the scope of this...
Jul29-08 05:25 PM
17 4,553
I've been reading of the (surprising) fact we are uncertain on whether there is Nuclear Fission in the center of the...
Apr18-13 10:34 AM
13 4,549
Does anyone else believe that we are not going through global warming but actually and ice age?
Mar26-09 12:02 AM
18 4,547
Next year there will be a international paleontologic congress about extinct trunk animals in France in the Auvergne....
Oct24-10 06:58 AM
17 4,545
So I was looking at a map of my country (Norway), and we have a couple of glaciers. Now, I understand that when...
Aug23-10 11:55 PM
Mr Dim
5 4,537
why should the planets rotate?
Sep17-10 04:25 PM
20 4,537
They didn't have Carbon 14 and I think fossil tree rings (dendochronology?) is a modern method so where did they get...
Apr13-10 07:51 AM
18 4,534
A highly speculative idea i would like to propose, perhaps totally wrong. Could it be that Earth's temperature rises...
Oct24-12 05:59 AM
11 4,519
The molecular mass of ozone is 48. But the average molecular mass of air on ground is 29..... So, doesn't the...
Jan31-10 05:09 PM
9 4,514
Hi guys, I've a habit of looking for things on the ground but don't know what these are. The brown lump is slightly...
Nov25-10 09:03 PM
8 4,505 In summary, the climate is returning to record high temperatures.
Oct3-09 11:52 PM
31 4,480
How the Greenhouse Gas Effect Works We all know by now that the greenhouse gas effect depends upon absorption by...
Jun22-06 05:36 PM
3 4,478
I loaded the monthly temperature anomalies from HADCRU, GISS and UAH into a single Excel spreadsheet to make it easier...
Jan7-10 04:22 AM
4 4,474
If one digs a well near the ocean can the sand filter the salt out of ocean water? If so how far inland would one have...
Jun17-14 03:06 PM
james marple
9 4,460
Take Yellowstone for example, we do not know when it will erupt again, but we know sometime in the future that it...
Jun22-11 09:36 PM
10 4,456
I will not comment about earthquakes and tsumani's. However, there has been an increase in extreme precipitation ...
Nov19-09 12:41 AM
28 4,449
I've never really studied clouds or the movements of clouds or paid any attention to the science that I was taught in...
Aug4-14 08:52 AM
19 4,446
I read a recent article (pc magazine) that said the earth is currently generating 44 terawatts of heat with 23...
Jul26-11 06:36 PM
4 4,443
Do you happen to know of an active forum for meteorologists to discuss the latest advances in dynamic and physical...
Oct22-07 10:26 PM
Weather Freak
3 4,440
Where on Earth are possible coal and oil of tomorrow, as in many many years from now, forming today? Thanks for...
Jun15-09 12:17 AM
24 4,436
Is simple shear same as rotational strain? or, is it a type of rotational strain?
Aug16-10 04:44 AM
1 4,424
Jul27-14 09:08 PM
11 4,423
A previous poster asked why we always to have to dig down into the planet to find the past and never did get his...
Nov24-11 05:31 AM
7 4,418
Can we afford to curb our use of global resources? Can we afford not to?
Nov4-03 01:08 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
36 4,413
hi all meant to post this earlier ... got busy the above mentioned Mw 7.0 quake is still visible on my digital...
Apr16-13 08:00 AM
26 4,408
Does anyone have any idea about when it might erupt again? I'd like to be prepared since the magma chamber of this...
Sep12-05 03:13 PM
10 4,402
Hi i have this question in my mind for very long time ,what stops water on earth from going further down and down and...
Jun11-14 07:39 AM
12 4,398
Although we see threads starting supporting Green House Gas global warming, we tend to overlook the publications that...
Mar12-07 11:25 PM
William Astley
10 4,397
Hi. I'm planning to use an all-ocean planet as a setting in a science fiction story, and I was wondering, what would...
Apr16-11 08:54 PM
4 4,395
Last year saw several publications about the climate of the past. I call to the stand, Mann et al 2008 about a...
Mar14-09 11:51 AM
10 4,393
Does anyone have explanation, or can point me to papers explaining this thread title? Personally, I did some...
Feb21-12 01:07 PM
6 4,389
Last April is an interesting month. The National Climate Data Center ranks last April as the fifth warmest on...
May22-09 03:52 PM
14 4,387
In the NERC discussions and somewhere here in a thread I remarked that the great mysteries of the Pleistocene Ice Age...
Feb3-07 03:37 AM
29 4,383

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