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- The physical state of the earth and its atmosphere. Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography...
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algae, rescue Sticky Thread Pinned: Algae to the rescue ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It may be valuable to consider microalgae as a potential solution to a number of problems; not the least of which...
Feb17-14 09:05 AM
Ivan Seeking
539 103,607
PF is announcing its regrettable decision to ban all topics of global warming and climate change indefinitely. At...
Jan27-10 05:36 PM
180 34,729
Controversial claims must be supported by evidence that comes from a scientific, peer-reviewed journal or a similarly...
Jan7-10 11:35 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 18,498
Hello! As part of a project related to dam overtopping induced by wind (wave run-up and wave set-up), I am looking...
Feb8-12 05:33 AM
10 4,163
It may be known that the roots of current climate concerns and alarmism are in the study of paleo climate, especially...
Aug30-09 03:47 PM
8 4,158
Which has the most CO2. The Earths Crust or the Earth's atmosphere. I know the atmosphere contains only .035%, but I...
Jun4-04 03:31 PM
3 4,155
(just tried general astronomy board but no luck) I'm trying to reproduce a plot of Sun's black-body behavior like...
Jul11-10 08:00 PM
0 4,154
How do alkaline rocks get so enriched in alkalis and incompatible trace elements ?
Oct30-09 04:24 PM
2 4,147
Higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere means higher concentrations in the oceans. This means the oceans become...
Aug24-06 12:09 PM
4 4,123
Can we afford to curb our use of global resources? Can we afford not to?
Nov4-03 01:08 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
36 4,122
It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this. Sounds too good to be true.Continued... ...
Mar7-11 09:34 PM
7 4,120
Lately I have been getting into meteorology and things alike. I have heard of people controlling the weather. So,...
Mar29-11 10:09 AM
6 4,117
Where on Earth are possible coal and oil of tomorrow, as in many many years from now, forming today? Thanks for...
Jun15-09 12:17 AM
24 4,105
Yes I live in Christchurch under the bit that hasn't been broken. But check the map and you can see that our story...
Mar1-11 05:20 PM
0 4,104
Hi there. So, I was wondering if there is anyway to tell what the perceived magnitude of today's earthquake is, based...
Aug28-11 08:39 AM
9 4,098
They can only be carbon-neutral or better if sustainably harvested, of course. And only if the lumbar companies plant...
Jun10-11 11:46 AM
9 4,097
Here is a news release from the US Geological Survey. I've copied some parts of it, but please read the entire...
Oct24-09 01:54 AM
34 4,091
While I have quickly looked at Monique's sticky thread on ‘Reviews on Global Warming’ I believe the scope of this...
Jul29-08 05:25 PM
17 4,085
A previous poster asked why we always to have to dig down into the planet to find the past and never did get his...
Nov24-11 05:31 AM
7 4,082
Is earth quakes and the resulting tsunami formed because of man's intereference with mother nature. for example: ...
Jan16-05 10:22 AM
8 4,078
Oh no, not another global warming thread!!! :surprised But seriously, I read that CO2 accounts for ~20% of the...
Jul22-07 05:05 PM
19 4,076
Anyone know of evidence, to which you can refer me, of boreal forests advancing northward due to global warming, along...
Feb12-09 04:58 PM
21 4,058
We all know that Earth's core is relatively hotter than the Earth's surface. And with this temperature gradient, there...
May23-11 06:43 AM
11 4,056 I saw Dr. Chu at Stanford a few years ago where...
Jun4-07 10:36 AM
29 4,055
I'm under the impression that this takes special equipment? We're talking centimeter precision by the way. Shouldn't I...
Mar8-12 08:19 PM
1 4,037
In the last couple of days I have been searching for information concerning the Hubbert Peak Theory. Most of the...
Sep21-06 09:30 PM
15 4,036
I was just thinking about how the temperature on earth at a certain depth is always a certain temp even when it is...
Dec21-07 02:11 AM
2 4,035
Something that might be of interest to those here. It's a National Geographic special entitled Decoding Dinosaurs that...
Oct5-09 02:01 PM
0 4,032
I have read several articles recently saying the earth's Chandler Wobble has been increasing. If this is true, would...
Sep5-12 02:25 PM
7 4,032
If a tornado is identified as a violent column of air, then what is the difference between a tornado and a dust storm...
May21-07 09:38 PM
2 4,024
Water is compressible, but it takes a lot of pressure to increase the density by 10 or 20% Deep Ocean pressure...
Oct17-11 06:24 PM
2 4,023
I read a recent article (pc magazine) that said the earth is currently generating 44 terawatts of heat with 23...
Jul26-11 06:36 PM
4 4,023
Today I'd like to draw the attention to the end of the last glacial period. Those who have looked at ice core graphs...
Jun17-07 03:33 AM
7 4,015
how did the earth develop its magnetic field in the first place? is this the better way to say that earth has an...
May13-09 02:24 PM
2 4,015
How is water vapour a greenhouse gas? how is it the most imporant and lethal one?
Aug21-09 03:47 PM
5 3,999
Research indicates the Earth's magnetic field drives contra-rotating solid and liquid cores. Interaction between the...
Feb17-14 05:37 AM
8 3,999
Can we stop raining using any artificial meathods?
Jun13-09 05:30 AM
12 3,997
There is in the past significant very rapid rises and falls of sea level. As there is no mechanism to rapidly melt and...
Apr14-10 12:40 AM
11 3,979
When it comes to global warming from CO2, the toughest question is how are clouds going to respond? The IPCC has...
Jul27-09 02:10 PM
4 3,962
There are a series of papers that support the assertion that geomagnetic excursions cause Younger Dryas magnitude...
Mar7-10 09:43 AM
7 3,960
Does anyone think there is a possibility of the Antarctic continent having once been occupied by mankind and that...
Nov25-03 03:46 PM
4 3,950
I'm looking at an idea exploring the nature of the atmosphere and weather patterns. The number of variables is...
Jan10-11 01:41 PM
5 3,917
According to other hockeysticks the carbon dioxide level has been rather constant thougout the last millennium before...
Jul19-05 03:29 AM
46 3,915

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