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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Jul22-14 11:25 AM
499 220,178
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 18,791Ó-appare-struttura-elementare-delle/dp/8860306418 It came out in January 2014. I...
Jul22-14 05:20 PM
5 826
So I was reading a science mag link today and wondered what you all thought about the NSF's role in funding the social...
Jul22-14 03:38 PM
2 194
It's obvious to people that people don't choose to be black, white, asian or have blond hair. Why is it not so obvious...
Jul22-14 02:38 PM
1 130
(I am going to attempt a 2nd, little thread before I finish my earlier thread. I want to see if I can practice using...
Jul15-14 10:24 AM
11 5,250
Interesting thoughts. Certainly the sample size is far too small, but maybe there is something to take away from this...
Jul14-14 02:01 AM
49 11,530
Let A be the set of possible states of the world, or possible preferences a person could have. Let G(A) be the set of...
Jul12-14 08:16 AM
17 40,000
Why did ancient peoples migrate to (and stay in) inhospitable regions in Europe? Why live somewhere that is cold and...
Jul12-14 07:29 AM
9 3,011
I am having a difficult time understanding altruism because when I think through the concept "cheaters" would be...
Jul12-14 07:24 AM
12 2,273
Now I myself don't consider "social sciences" as a type of science... but do you think it's useful or not? I don't...
Jul12-14 07:18 AM
41 9,612
Hey, I am working on a project where I need to take several time series of various lengths and identify common...
Jul1-14 04:14 PM
2 2,289
Why an increase in the volume of output cause interest rate to rise? Any one can explain thoroughly?
Jun30-14 12:14 AM
2 2,795
Hi, I would like to ask about how the exchange rates are determined. I understood the concept of supply and demand,...
Jun29-14 06:47 AM
7 5,541
Hi! I'd like to understand how to model consumer demand given a price I set for a good. Therefore for a specific...
Jun24-14 08:47 PM
8 1,724
Hi guys, I am not economist, but can anybody tell me whether there is a mathematical model for growth in free market...
Jun22-14 10:40 AM
3 1,980
Hi! I'm a physics bachelor and amateur oboist. I started a formal education in a conservatory, but I left it a few...
May14-14 08:21 AM
10 2,930
Hello, I have very limited knowledge in economics and have always been trying to do something about it. When I was in...
May9-14 11:29 AM
14 2,461
Hi everyone! I am writing a paper in development/experimental economics concerning how household bargaining power...
May4-14 10:11 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,097
Hello everyone, I see that economists define a formula to calculate how the tax is shared between consumers and...
May4-14 10:11 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,008
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a source for economic data where I can find a list of countries with where...
Apr26-14 12:56 PM
6 2,413
Hi, For a perfectly competitive firm, the demand curve is horizontal, and yet how do you have a downward sloping...
Apr11-14 08:36 PM
1 2,326
It is not clear to me why anyone would buy bitcoin. Is it a scam? Find out what is a bitcoin:
Apr1-14 01:38 PM
129 24,172
Are we truly autonomous beings or is our every decision and attitude dependent on the society in which we live? ...
Mar17-14 02:50 AM
Romulo Binuya
6 2,948
How Twitter shapes public opinion This is a big problem with...
Mar11-14 04:31 PM
1 2,692
is What it Means to be a Libertarian by Charles Murray. When I saw the book in the library and the author's name, I...
Feb23-14 06:18 PM
10 7,407
We have given a symbol for every sound that we can produce. Are there more sounds? There is a possibility that there...
Feb11-14 07:11 PM
16 8,263
How can price elasticity of demand for some data help in determining a decision making process in a future pricing...
Feb4-14 05:32 PM
2 3,163
As all professors do, they try to show their subject is the best. I am studing Introduction to Humanities and the...
Jan5-14 10:00 PM
6 3,582
I am looking for the opinion of an expert in economics on the Rolling Jubilee project. If you do not have any formal...
Dec30-13 12:48 AM
4 3,666
... they were reared in a different environment, and if they would not, should we still punish them? Such as, some...
Dec19-13 01:13 PM
25 8,009
The 20th century was a century of political strife struggles between political ideologies, like fascism, socialism and...
Dec15-13 01:08 PM
2 3,636
It was suggested in Smolin's book "The trouble with physics" that stringy people may have succumb to a group condition...
Dec13-13 05:15 PM
12 7,452
I have always interested in psychology and never properly studied psychology in my life. But over the years I have...
Dec10-13 09:17 PM
4 6,593
How does the United States and other nations replace the currency they export, or spend to buy imported foreign goods?...
Dec3-13 09:24 PM
13 4,457
People choose to smoke, regardless of the social stigma about smoking, so why do people use the social stigma argument...
Nov26-13 03:13 PM
Simon Bridge
21 10,576
This is a philosophical question. Try to answer the best you can. After I'll share my thoughts. Perhaps this thread...
Nov19-13 08:20 PM
2 4,498
Nov12-13 11:07 AM
26 9,737
A big government (characterized by a significant spending as % of GDP, like the European governments, US, Canada,...
Nov5-13 08:47 AM
5 4,288
I would like to know which strategies survive iterative deletion of strictly dominated strategies D E F A 0, 1 0,...
Nov4-13 12:11 AM
1 4,443
What is the evolutionary explanation for altruism to unrelated persons when social recognition is not expected? ...
Oct19-13 03:40 PM
10 5,791
The most recent world population doubling has occurred in about 40 years. Suppose that the next doubling also occurs...
Oct8-13 08:59 PM
1 7,393

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