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Feb2-14 02:25 PM SteamKing 

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Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Apr18-14 01:00 AM
477 111,539
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 16,534
Recently, I came across this review by Cosma Shalizi, a statistics professor at Carnegie Mellon (and who was trained...
Jan7-13 08:56 PM
3 2,838
I heard a report that says that the earth may have passed its carrying capacity. Which means the life systems of this...
Jan2-13 01:57 PM
John Creighto
74 13,195
I think it was back in high school when I read this but I remember seeing a statistic which strongly suggest that...
Dec8-12 12:23 AM
45 6,669
Hey can anyone provide any help with this economics problem? Thank you! Suppose there is a credit market...
Dec6-12 10:36 PM
1 2,396
Imagine a car. First, There is the boss who invest money in the project. Then here comes the pros. They will...
Dec4-12 01:50 AM
7 3,698
I keep confusing the Rosenthal Effect and Hawthorne Effect with one another. Does anyone know a good way to remember...
Dec3-12 06:53 AM
4 5,391
What do you think is worse for the nation? Do you think we're dragging out the suffering by not letting failed...
Nov24-12 06:56 AM
10 4,165
I found on the internet that there are 2 main multifactor productivity measures: 1) total output / (labour +...
Nov11-12 03:29 PM
5 2,603
I was speaking with a professional linguist the other day (PhD Harvard, which apparently isn't big in the linguistics...
Nov10-12 07:31 PM
3 2,964
I thought I would share some interesting theorems from economics. 1) Arrow's Impossibiliy Theorem: This theorem...
Nov8-12 04:08 PM
0 2,327
Hi everyone, I am having hardtime understanding this problem. I have two functions: QD = 5600 – 8P QS = 500 + 4P ...
Nov5-12 06:59 PM
4 2,890
So, possibly I'm looking for the explanation according to Richard Dawkins, but I'd welcome all points of view. Why do...
Nov4-12 08:03 AM
46 11,523
Hello all! I want to know the difference between growth rate and net growth rate(the context is broad-population or...
Nov3-12 11:56 PM
1 2,243
The only information my textbook gives me is this: We classify experimental manipulations into three broad...
Oct30-12 02:12 PM
0 5,256
Is there any proven validity to Herbert Spencer's theory of social Darwinism? Or is it purely theory and conjecture?
Oct27-12 08:07 PM
9 2,914
I understand the idea of the questio, but am perplexed as what to put in the equation to get it to equal $38906.20 ...
Oct27-12 10:13 AM
1 2,370
Here is a question we did in class...Why in the answer do we take the derivatve? How do we know to take the...
Oct22-12 10:59 PM
Simon Bridge
3 2,747
Hello , I'm sorry if this belongs more to some other subcategory but i will proceed. Looking from the point of theory...
Oct22-12 05:48 PM
8 2,156
It is said in microeconomics that if there is a drought and you're the only one with a few spare water bottles, and...
Oct22-12 11:05 AM
22 14,446
anthropologist have debated this for years.... is there such thing as "race" are people different races are...
Oct17-12 04:18 PM
28 6,349
Your coworkers are competitive people who like to gamble. They have set up a bet pool on the longest run of heads...
Oct15-12 04:53 PM
9 2,169
I've noticed an interesting observation about how the lives of all the people in my elementary AIG (academically...
Oct15-12 05:33 AM
21 4,922
It is my understanding that the subjective theory of value, has a long history before Adam Smith that can be traced...
Oct12-12 09:50 PM
0 1,606
I know if you have two bads the slope is negative and is curved, and the closer to 0 the better. But what if you...
Oct10-12 06:07 PM
1 1,993
Oct9-12 09:22 AM
7 2,891
Hello, I have a very brief conceptual question: Given two firms, let's say for instance that P = 200 - 10Q, where Q...
Oct1-12 09:23 PM
0 1,849
Can money exist without debt? Or is the whole point of money to put people into debt? For example, to my naive...
Sep28-12 11:02 AM
51 8,271
Is there a phonetic symbol that has the the three properties voiceless, glottal and fricative?
Sep25-12 02:56 AM
1 1,836
What is the sexism in physics field like? I heard there's a lot of sexism in the field.
Sep19-12 09:07 AM
27 8,137
Why does the EU Stability and Growth Pact sets the specific value of 3% of GDP for maximum budget deficit. Where does...
Sep18-12 11:21 AM
6 2,997
My question/topic of discussion is, "Economic Speculation and Hedging". For many people this is just a mysterious...
Sep17-12 08:34 PM
5 2,734
I read somewhere that the "path of history" measured in some way can be modeled as Brownian motion with a mean...
Sep17-12 06:07 PM
7 2,197
Two men recently met in the Fordham University library for a simple currency exchange: $3,300 for 4.7 billion...
Sep7-12 06:08 AM
4 2,554
Does affluence make people lazy and less motivated to strive for excellence in academics ? is there any correlation ?...
Sep6-12 06:46 PM
5 3,113
The recession put people out of work, but when the recession weakens, there will be a huge incentive to replace what...
Sep6-12 06:27 PM
49 15,548
Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the last bits of summer before the leaves start to fall and sweaters emerge from...
Sep5-12 11:40 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 1,468
Does anyone know of a psychological study done of the various people who take different positions in the debates about...
Sep5-12 11:08 PM
4 2,173
I post this here since this seems more about psychology profile, and IMO software tools that evaluate the person. The...
Aug16-12 11:29 PM
3 2,632
Is the white region a square or rectangle? See my post below for image
Aug11-12 11:22 PM
6 2,004
This week, Netflix chose to settle a pesky class action lawsuit alleging that it violated the Video Privacy Protection...
Aug4-12 05:13 PM
1 2,882

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