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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Jul27-14 02:35 PM
501 252,056
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 19,388
Here is a summary of the research published in the June 2005 issue of Psychology, Public Policy and Law, a journal of...
Jun3-05 09:04 PM
6 2,001
I don't really know where else to put this link but everyone needs to read it.It is hilarious. ...
Jun2-05 10:03 PM
5 1,748
Ignoring the if, when, and how of contact with an alien race, what would the social stigmata be of this event? ...
Jun2-05 09:23 PM
18 1,926
I just saw this reported on the local NBC news. Some study indicates that the more popular a middle-school aged...
Jun1-05 03:26 PM
17 5,547
I am now sad :mad:, so I read some books for fun and Canteburry Tales is what I would like to write an analysis...
Jun1-05 02:49 PM
4 1,397
This is so saddening: The game is to find a word that is not part of a logical fallacy: ...
May31-05 03:08 PM
0 1,136
Do animals have their own languages ?
May29-05 06:56 AM
7 2,874
I happened to catch part of a show on the History Channel proposing that some Ancient Greek myths were actually...
May26-05 11:21 PM
13 2,167
We thought some friends of ours were in trouble with business problems and we just came to see if we could be of any...
May24-05 10:14 PM
4 2,197
I occasionally have used natural psychedelic drugs for spiritual and scientific purposes (I do not abuse them and I...
May16-05 01:46 AM
33 7,538
Can you tell me how to know a person if he/she is a real racist or not ? Are there any articles in the papers or news...
May14-05 07:48 AM
1 1,132
There are many knowledgable people out there. Even really smart ones. But how would you define a genius. It seems the...
May14-05 05:20 AM
35 5,287
Can music help people's mind a lot ? In what way can it do that ? Another question I am wondering now is whether it...
May12-05 03:18 PM
7 1,171
Spiders. Under the biological group of Arachnia. Phobia meaning fear. Arachnaphobia - the fear of anything under the...
May12-05 02:58 PM
55 6,551
When was capitalism first introduced to communist china? I know that this was done by Deng in the 1970s, but i don't...
May12-05 10:58 AM
4 2,381
Do you know how long will it take a person to heal her or his broken relationship ?
May11-05 10:36 PM
7 1,162
I got this plz help! Scenario: You are a financial advisor employed by a well-respected firm of stockbrokers,...
May11-05 02:55 AM
9 1,363
May10-05 01:05 PM
Francis M
11 1,759
Far more specifically (title was just to get attention)... Why is it that people exhibit the following behavior... ...
May1-05 10:21 PM
8 7,512
What is the exchange rate for RMB to US $? i.e. 1 RMB = x US$.
May1-05 05:44 AM
1 1,007
How powerfull is the human mind, especially the sub-conscious? Getting up, out of ones chair and walking over to the...
Apr27-05 09:40 PM
Uno Lee
13 2,101
By way of the popular literature in recent years, my sister has always believed that most socialization and play is...
Apr27-05 05:17 AM
12 4,952
I was thinking maybe i should put this in the skepticism and debunking forum as currently the only explanation in my...
Apr26-05 08:28 PM
25 3,066
Would you please tell me where do cutures come from ? Does culture origin have anything relating to genetics ? ...
Apr26-05 04:09 PM
3 1,442 an ...
Apr21-05 07:27 PM
1 2,635
I don't even know if this is in the right forum but: Is there really ANY good reasons FOR, incoporating corporal...
Apr20-05 01:04 PM
18 6,457
There are people in this world who are afraid of certain things: like germs. Now not everybody likes germs, especially...
Apr20-05 05:40 AM
1 2,342
By personal observation it seems possible that some significant percentage of the population is happier if they have...
Apr19-05 07:12 PM
Ivan Seeking
48 4,344
Does anyone know of any comprehesive sites featuring ALL of the following: the Keynesian theory, Monetarist theory,...
Apr18-05 05:44 PM
4 4,790
Since the evolution of homo sapiens it appears that there have been some shifts in human consciousness. There have...
Apr17-05 05:48 PM
22 3,948
Is anybody here familiar with his works (The wretched of the earth, A Dying colonialism, Black skin, white masks).. I...
Apr17-05 05:32 PM
5 1,535
Would bystanders get better grades if bullying did not happen in the classroom any longer? Why?
Apr16-05 11:40 PM
3 1,696
I read on a site once that higher IQ is found amongst Atheists, and I also heard that SAT scores were also correlated...
Apr14-05 08:51 PM
97 5,880
Hello.. I just want a help for a "list". Is autism a type of psychological disorder? What I only know of...
Apr14-05 10:49 AM
2 4,906
I am looking for a definition. I know the word but I forgot it. This topic came up when a friend of mine were talking...
Apr13-05 08:38 PM
2 1,114
Adding a $2-4 federal tax to the price of a cigarette pack is a form of A. life-cycle cost pricing B....
Apr8-05 09:02 PM
Mental Gridlock
3 3,696
Hi all, I'm writing an essay regarding education and i am wondering if you all have links to any good resources...
Apr6-05 07:08 AM
0 991
Which of the following countries is not one of the major exporters of food? 1. Japan 2. USA 3. Australia 4....
Apr6-05 03:32 AM
10 7,585
I have no background in economics or anything, but I was wondering how severe the economic/social impacts would be if...
Apr4-05 08:08 PM
15 2,449
So after reading an article on slashdot about World of Warcraft (WOW) and how people are mining gold in the game then...
Apr3-05 09:13 PM
3 1,260

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