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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 20,146
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Sep11-14 12:05 AM
511 270,001
What do we associate with masculinity? What is masculinity?
May25-04 01:05 PM
2 1,634
Economics is also a social sciences branch. So, I post this here but if moderators find that my question is not...
Jun1-04 02:28 PM
2 1,313
I just watched a show called The Merchants Of Cool, about turning American kids into a source of profit, to the extent...
Jun15-04 02:04 AM
8 2,602
I'm sure all of us already know that the vast majority of scientists do not profess a belief in a god. Here are...
Jun15-04 02:10 AM
38 1,702
Any ideas on the potential overpopulation of the planet? How close are we? Solutions?
Jun16-04 03:11 PM
18 1,352
I'm looking for a book or website that is basically a dictionary of symbols or symbolism. It would have an entry for,...
Jun19-04 10:50 AM
9 6,889
Does anyone know what Freud's most recognized accomplishments or benefits to Psychology were? I'm trying to find it...
Jun25-04 01:23 PM
28 9,202
What factors should be considered if we want to make an eloquent speech ? Thanks
Jun28-04 07:06 PM
14 8,473
Preface to the First Paperback Edition of The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in...
Jun30-04 08:53 AM
25 2,153
I've been going over Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence which is the last one to have any credibility among...
Jun30-04 04:32 PM
6 11,913
Wouldn't it be interesting to include a test for musicality into general IQ tests? There's a well established...
Jul2-04 08:33 AM
19 3,315
Hi, Recently I read "Race, Evolution and Behavior" by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, 3rd Ed., see...
Jul4-04 11:12 AM
48 1,824
My friend died recently. Its been a very traumatic experience. The whole community was shaken. At least 10 peers...
Jul16-04 11:17 PM
2 1,612
Goleman describes emotional intelligence (EQ) as including self-awareness, self-control, persistence, zeal, and...
Jul17-04 04:10 AM
the number 42
36 5,699
US Population by Race: 1970: White 82.9% Hispanic 5.2% Black 11.1% Asian 0.7% 1980: White 79.8%
Jul20-04 06:28 PM
133 6,489
Simple explanation of why Lewontin's overlap argument to argue against genetic differences of populations missed the...
Jul21-04 08:17 AM
0 1,580
With all the talk of wind, solar power, the hydrogen economy, nuclear power and efficiency as ways of averting global...
Jul21-04 06:52 PM
5 1,286
Hey........i am 10 years old and have an IQ of 153. Is that good or bad for my age? please tell me. what are...
Jul24-04 10:14 PM
Math Is Hard
115 7,651
Frankly it absolutely sickens me that lower qualified candidates are always selected over higher qualified candidates...
Jul24-04 10:24 PM
91 4,391
***moderator's note: the content of this post is based on a mis-understanding, the issue is rectified in the...
Jul25-04 06:40 PM
3 2,580
*moderator comment:* Before reading this post, please take note of shonagon53's statement from furtherdown this...
Jul25-04 09:49 PM
34 1,454
...not so sure if this is the right place to post this topic, and yet history is a branch of social science... i...
Jul26-04 09:29 PM
9 2,805
I've seen in a previous post that there are some people here who praise America's number of Nobel prize winners. They...
Jul27-04 03:03 PM
10 2,354
The following is a discussion paper I wrote some time ago. It suggests a change in attitude to the treatment and...
Jul27-04 07:17 PM
Scott Sieger
9 2,090
First ---- Rape is a crime and one that commits such an act against another person should be punished – no doubt. ...
Jul28-04 02:31 PM
11 5,143
I haven't read anything particularly recent on this topic, so I have some questions: 1) Does it actually exist,...
Jul28-04 10:15 PM
9 2,971
Is this the Forum for talking about history?
Jul31-04 01:00 PM
3 1,930
what do you think is the strongest human emotion? post another if i've left something important out.
Aug5-04 03:04 PM
19 8,003
can the human mind invent a new primary colour that is only in their minds, but they can actually picture it and...
Aug5-04 04:16 PM
32 1,674
Click here for graph Homicide Offense Rate by Race (1976-2000): White 5.1 per 100,000 Blacks 39.3 per...
Aug6-04 07:01 AM
252 23,801
There have been quite a few threads here in Social Sciences that would benefit from the inputs from sociology; for...
Aug7-04 08:54 AM
1 1,126
what if i were to conqure the minsicule amount of life in siberia and called it Alison's Wonderland? creat a new...
Aug8-04 08:51 AM
15 1,572
Looks like my abstracts will be deleted even though they are abstracts of clinical studies and not copyrighted...
Aug8-04 09:29 PM
10 1,293
Hello, I was reading a thread that was locked, so I wasn't able to respond, but I wanted to present some...
Aug9-04 12:41 PM
25 4,195
Plato's narritives about Atlantis, the "Critias" and the "Timaeus," are equally as famous as they are controversial. ...
Aug10-04 04:21 PM
13 4,438
it seems to me that in economics there are a huge number of possibly factors but a small number of results so how are...
Aug11-04 10:21 AM
6 1,552
Let me state emphatically that none of my best friends are white. However, some of the nicest and “got your back...
Aug14-04 11:12 AM
318 7,774
Personally, I think that the Japanese should have the right to let whoever they want into their country. If this means...
Aug15-04 06:56 AM
43 2,113
A good discussion here on regression to the mean and the mistakes people make concerning it (especially economists). ...
Aug17-04 07:38 AM
0 3,450
It's bewildering. I earned a Masters degree in physics in 1986, long after scoring an 800 on my Math SATs in high...
Aug17-04 11:07 AM
Loren Booda
2 1,364

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