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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Jul27-14 02:35 PM
501 254,524
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 19,445
Do we really know what cruel and unusual actually is? I don't think so. Assume for a moment that if we took a...
Oct7-13 09:03 AM
14 9,363 War, space, and the evolution of Old World complex societies...
Sep26-13 03:47 AM
1 6,814
A bank's basic function is to "borrow short and lend long". In other words, it borrows money from depositors over the...
Sep24-13 10:28 PM
32 14,122
Fanelli D (2010) “Positive” Results Increase Down the Hierarchy of the Sciences. PLoS ONE 5(4): e10068....
Sep24-13 05:19 AM
17 11,165
It's clear that both ends of the economic spectrum feel a sense of entitlement. ...
Sep10-13 03:27 AM
13 6,875
I want to find a book about economics (especially that focus on economic growth) that is objective as possible. I...
Sep4-13 06:59 AM
3 4,808
Please watch from 0:00 to 1:23 Goal: Complete a short essay on my...
Sep2-13 09:12 AM
1 4,028
I have couple of questions regarding human speech 1) Whatever sound we make, there is always sound of a vowel. Why is...
Sep1-13 08:40 PM
Nick O
20 9,979
Hi. Let me preface this by saying that I know nothing about economics. However, I learned a little bit about the...
Aug28-13 12:48 AM
3 4,234
Can you really do two things at once or is it an illusion? There have been many contradictory opinions on this...
Aug22-13 06:17 PM
47 15,419
Actually, I wanted to ask "At what point a promising young female student would be discouraged from pursuing further...
Aug22-13 06:14 PM
81 21,885
This is not about counting change for point-of-sale transactions; how does retail use Mathematics beyond intermediate...
Aug22-13 06:10 PM
2 3,345
Neandertals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe (abstract)...
Aug22-13 05:28 PM
4 3,524
Why do people believe what they believe? Can anyone direct me to studies of this? I'm not interested in Kant or...
Jul25-13 10:12 AM
18 10,172
English has the letter 'e' with most frequency. Other language also have some of their alphabets appearing more...
Jul16-13 02:45 AM
5 4,859
Or, "not another morality thread!" Sorry... but there's no harm in asking, right? :P People perceive actions as...
Jul11-13 01:21 PM
2 4,268
A former classmate of mine had a senior management position with one of the Fortune 100 companies, but he left it for...
Jul8-13 09:05 AM
8 6,816
Most of the words I see originate from Latin and Greek. I suppose that is because they are the oldest languages and...
Jul5-13 05:21 AM
19 9,180
I know that this is a physics forum and that a physics forum might not be the best place to find linguistics...
Jun30-13 02:37 PM
9 5,127
Thought this was an interesting piece on 60 minutes last night:
Jun20-13 05:28 PM
14 6,882
Pierce et al 2013 compare numerous skulls of the Neanderthal with modern man and note much larger 'visual systems' and...
Jun7-13 01:34 AM
Simon Bridge
4 4,675
Sad sad sad
May25-13 09:27 PM
5 4,472
Here is the latest report of the archaeologists who have examined the recently discovered skeleton in Leicester, which...
May24-13 11:40 AM
1 3,759
The formula for producer surplus is: Income - expenses = P*Q - ∫M(Q)dQ However, shouldn't it be P*Q - (∫M(Q)dQ +...
May15-13 01:54 PM
1 3,897
When deriving the natural level of output i am confused as to how the leap is made in the last two lines. P =...
May15-13 07:43 AM
7 3,530
Why doesn't the government employee in USA have the right to strike when other employees in the usa have the right?
May13-13 03:59 PM
11 4,637
Similar to this one, but for Economics where you can get help with Homework, assignments, theories you don't...
May11-13 07:33 AM
3 4,592
I have a twist for politics, and I wanted to explore some numerical simulations to compare government types and...
May10-13 09:11 PM
2 3,749
So a homework question so just hints would be appreciated. we have each persons utility function as Ui = AaiBi ...
May6-13 01:29 PM
3 3,365
Hello there, it's quite a longtime since last time I pose my question here. ---------------------- '90% of...
May1-13 12:17 PM
55 19,645
I recently heard about bitcoin, but don't know that much about it. I read the Wikipedia article, but it wasn't...
Apr27-13 01:04 PM
28 10,283
How would you assess a scientific method? Foe example: How can you assess the scientific method with respect to the...
Apr17-13 03:57 PM
4 3,540
Does economic freedom = deregulation?
Apr15-13 07:15 PM
99 30,390
i think a few are 1. of course gay marriage why shouldnt everyone have the right to marry who they love there is...
Apr14-13 02:44 PM
jac0b 740m920n
3 3,787
Although it's not my area of expertise I sometimes like to delve into a bit of Psychology. I came across the...
Apr10-13 11:27 PM
3 4,294
This link really ticked me off ...
Apr10-13 07:28 AM
11 3,299
I'm trying to program a simple game with a handful of fictious companies on a virtual stock exchange that is semi...
Mar29-13 03:39 AM
8 3,814
I'm planning on doing a BSc in applied physics next year, but my real passion has always been history and archeology....
Mar19-13 07:25 AM
2 3,241
Economics is definitely not my thing. Unfortunately, I have to give an intriguing presentation that would raise...
Mar18-13 07:17 AM
3 5,806
In a LP (limited partnership), at least one partner must be a general partner (having unlimited personal liablity for...
Mar17-13 09:37 PM
4 3,413

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