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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Sep11-14 12:05 AM
511 270,100
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 20,163
Hello all Here is an article about GDP and well-being: Well-being and GDP: why we need them both The general...
Mar11-13 10:54 PM
2 3,161
It is my understanding that the subjective theory of value, has a long history before Adam Smith that can be traced...
Oct12-12 09:50 PM
0 1,731
People have wondered why humans made those cave paintings tens of thousands of years ago. One thing I would think...
Jan18-07 08:25 AM
20 6,463
Despite what the supernatural religions say, humanity is not a static structure and neither is the universe. And...
Nov18-06 12:21 AM
0 1,596
I gradually built this set of comments up till I decided it was appropriate to post here! If this gets taken down and...
Apr15-07 05:46 AM
0 1,517
Ever 'notice' that the majority of people in a given country say they are whatever religion that is dominant in that...
May8-07 02:45 PM
3 1,549
How do I determine what work of fiction (a book) would a specific person like? For example lets say I see this person...
Jun8-05 01:38 AM
6 1,280
The oldest human found is 150,000 or 160,000 years old, if I recall correctly. It strikes me that "civilization"...
Jul7-07 05:58 PM
2 1,347
There are many knowledgable people out there. Even really smart ones. But how would you define a genius. It seems the...
May14-05 05:20 AM
35 5,347
Does agony expand ones natural ability to write creatively? If so, does the availabiltiy and frequency nowadays of...
Oct10-04 07:28 PM
8 2,854
Nazism was the first weapon of mass destruction and it was levelled against communism in Germany and Europe. When the...
Nov5-05 06:14 AM
8 2,118
Watching our black lab dreaming last night made me wonder was he "thinking".Made me question is there any real thought...
Sep17-08 11:30 AM
18 10,417
I'm having a doubt about the pronounciation of the "ch" in Polish. When it is followed by a vowell (like in the word...
May13-11 04:13 PM
5 3,179
Hi, I've seen "Już teraz", "teraz już" and "teraz". I understand that the order might not be important but I do not...
Jun1-11 03:54 PM
6 3,275
I've googled this question and saw some answers already, but they do not convinced me. What would happen in the...
Sep5-11 12:50 AM
35 9,162
I've heard of athletes who can make themselves feel cold/heat on command, or make themselves sweat on command, etc. I...
Aug27-04 11:33 AM
False Prophet
1 1,685 well so much for the capitalist theory that humans are...
Apr7-06 12:51 AM
14 2,158
no idea what could be on the final list when it's released. I wonder what people here think: ...
Apr16-10 04:22 PM
fourier jr
2 1,774
the government code of california (section 16649.80 (b)) defines business firm as "any foreign or domestic...
Mar21-06 11:34 PM
0 1,540
to make a profit means to sell goods at a price higher than what i pay to produce the goods. the provider of the...
May24-07 07:02 PM
17 2,264
I just read this and I wondered about it How are consciousness and energy related? We have three options: (1)...
Jun10-05 01:52 AM
5 1,838
They say it's cultural, I say it's genetic: Asians, Americans Show Perceptual Divide By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP...
Aug27-05 02:43 PM
Friendly Immigrant
0 1,719
Hello, nearly everyone in this forum likes to talk about IQ. They cite sources, books, theories, IQ maps and whatnot,...
Jan4-05 10:56 AM
46 3,256
I need to have some things cleared up about stock, dividends and earnings. What incentive is there for me to buy a...
Sep30-08 10:24 PM
15 4,281
This is a philosophical question. Try to answer the best you can. After I'll share my thoughts. Perhaps this thread...
Nov19-13 08:20 PM
2 5,734
My friend died recently. Its been a very traumatic experience. The whole community was shaken. At least 10 peers...
Jul16-04 11:17 PM
2 1,614
the f-ed up life, or the f-ed up person? i've been in and out of therapy since i was 6. now, this i find...
Jun12-05 10:16 AM
8 1,287
I am not sure of the political forum is appropriate, since I am interested in evolutionary reasons primarily. ...
Jan28-11 02:49 AM
21 4,687
Mar1-12 04:59 PM
23 3,732
I have never had a lucid dream yet (except for when I was 5), but I am going through training. I have a question...
Jan12-05 11:09 AM
17 4,722
Explain why, in a perfectly competitive labor market, the total net advantages of all occupations would be equalized....
Jun6-09 09:21 PM
4 5,686
Sociology of Modern Cosmology An amusing paper by Martın Lopez-Corredoira, a post-doc at the Instituto de...
Jan8-09 10:51 PM
Proton Soup
7 2,116
I understood the concept and definition of marginal rate of substitution , and also MRS = -(dy/dx) , but why is...
Oct13-08 07:38 AM
1 7,609
I thought about putting this in College Homework, but I felt that I could get more people that know about sociology in...
Sep26-05 03:40 PM
15 2,912
I've been on the web googling before evo's post and found some difficulty locating information I have been looking...
Sep22-05 09:27 PM
7 3,334
i think that the comunnism is the best what about you because we have all the same oportunity And they have good...
Nov8-04 08:33 AM
33 3,234
I was wondering why one hears so many stories about addictions (alcohol, drugs,...) and extraordinary behaviour from...
Sep6-08 10:21 AM
4 2,333
I've spoken to some hobby stock market "users" but none of them could convincingly explain the basic share system...
Nov5-08 08:09 PM
68 7,705
What theories do exist that predict compatibility between two people? Sometimes I talk to people and I think there is...
Aug22-09 11:47 PM
3 3,469
I've read an article (Scientific American, Ruffieux) that states that since they future value of a share is...
Oct6-09 10:22 AM
0 1,653

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